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SID: You know, I’m reminded of the scripture, “This is eternal life that you might have experiential knowledge with Him.” That’s in the Wuest translation. Jane, how can we stop what’s going on with these young kids that either go to college or they’re that age. They’re raised as Christians, but they never, they were much like you. They just had the head knowledge. They believe because their parents told them to believe. The minute they get to college or they get among peers who make fun of them, they drop their faith. How can we make a difference as we raise them?

JANE: Well I did have that same experience because all of my knowledge about the Lord was head knowledge. And I walked away from my faith in college and recommitted my life to Christ right as I was applying to medical school. And I have such a passion to teach children and young adults to experience God’s presence, to experience these personalized answers to prayer. Because once you experience hearing God or see supernatural answers to your prayer, you can’t deny that God exists and you start to see how much He loves you, because He shows you how He cares about the smallest details in your life, and then your faith builds.

SID: My favorite story about your daughter is a birthday party and she got an unusual gift, a sock. But it wasn’t just a sock. It was a sock that had been used with a hole in it. Tell me about that.

JANE: Yes. My daughter received a gift. It was a special pair of multi-colored socks and she was so excited. It was from her best friend. When she opened the gift and she tried them on at home, there was a hole in the sock. So she came to me absolutely upset and very angry because she felt like the friend had played a trick on her, was doing something mean. Well I said to her, you know, let’s ask God what his truth is about this. So we sat and listened and God was showing me that the child couldn’t afford to give her a gift, but wanted to. And so this was the only thing she could do was to give her a pair of her own socks. But I didn’t want to tell my daughter that. I wanted her to hear that from God herself, and God showed her that. And all of a sudden, her countenance changed and her anger disappears, and she starts to have compassion. She said, “Mom, God just showed me that she really wanted to give me a present, but she couldn’t afford it.” And then she felt sorry that she had gotten mad, and she had compassion for this little girl.

SID: What a life lesson. But what about adults that never had that good a training. They didn’t have an apprentice-of-prayer mother. How do we hear God?

JANE: Well I teach people that you need to be in a quiet place because you don’t want to be thinking about distractions, your cell phone, your to-do list, what you’re going to have for supper. You also need to learn how to quiet your mind. Now many people are talking in their head while they’re praying, and what they’re usually doing is analyzing the problem and coming up with solutions, not listening to God.

SID: So they’re doing a God bypass and they don’t even realize it.

JANE: That’s right.

SID: And they don’t even realize it.

JANE: That’s right. They don’t. And I used to do this myself because in high school I was the queen of pros and cons lists, and I have a very linear, logical way of thinking.

SID: I see that.

JANE: Right. So.

SID: You know why I see it?

JANE: Why?

SID: So do I.

JANE: Which is great for medicine.

SID: Right.

JANE: But it doesn’t work for prayer because, again, you’re relying on your human logic and reasoning, and that will filter out God’s best solution for you. So I had to learn to get rid of the pros and cons lists, because Romans 8:6 says that, “The mind of the flesh is sense and reason without the Holy Spirit.” And that convicted me that I was using my sense and reason to solve my problems. I really wasn’t listening for God’s answer. And so then I began to quiet my mind. I began to relax and focus on hearing and expecting to hear an answer from Him.

SID: Now that’s key, not just hearing, but there’s a faith dimension. Did you catch it? Expecting, expectancy. I am going to hear from God. When we come back, Jane was mentored by the Holy Spirit on power prayer, and I want her to share one of the supernatural secrets. Don’t go away.

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