Sid: Now what is more red hot for the Messiah than one Jewish Believer in the Messiah? How about 2 Jewish Believers in the Messiah. Whart I believe is when you get one Jewish Believer in the Messiah together with one Gentile Believer in the Messiah and the two come together there is a chemistry, a chemical explosion that occurs in the Spirit realm. Now we’re talking this week about the Biblical Festivals because this Friday night begins Rosh Hashanah, Feast of Trumpets. And by the way on the Shabbat broadcast on Friday’s broadcast we’re going to blow the shofar, and there’s such an anointing on it. And my guest is Michael Lane who I’ve know for over 25 years he’s a Jewish Believer in the Messiah, he’s a tremendous Bible Teacher specialty in the Biblical Festivals. And people say “Yeah but that’s the Old Covenant we don’t want to fool with the Old Covenant.” The truth of the matter is that I think some the names are misnomers Michael in the Old Covenant, New Covenant. I think it’s all one book, and there’s no way that you can understand the Old Covenant without the New and there’s no way that you can understand the New without the Old. And it’s sort of like the One New Man Michael where you need the Jewish Believer and the Gentile Believer need each other. And somehow many Jewish Believers think that we’re going to lead the next revival. And then many Christians don’t even see a place for the Jewish Believer and no, no, no you’re all wrong we’re not going to have the next revival until we get together. What do you think about that Michael?

Michael: Yes when this one new man comes together this one new man of Ephesians 2 they’ll be energized by the Lord and understand the appreciate…understand and appreciate the spiritual blessings symbolized by the Feasts in Psalm 89:15 speaks of that in the Amplified of course. But it says “Blessed and happy and fortunate to be envied are the people who know the joyful sound of the Shofar (And this Friday night coming up is the Feast of Trumpets) who understand and appreciate the spiritual blessings symbolized by the Feasts; they walk oh Lord in the light and favor of Thy Countenance” And yes there’s a progression of redemption that somehow the Jew and the Gentile are going to come together in this last days and celebrate the Feasts. And Paul says “Celebrate the Feasts of Unleavened Bread in Corinthians in sincerity and truth.” It’s not necessarily doing this, it’s not necessarily dancing a Horah or what we eat it’s something spiritual it says “Understand and appreciate the spiritual blessing symbolized by the Feast.” We’re looking at the Lord’s first coming at Passover time and the Lord’s second coming at Tabernacles Time which is encumbrance with Atonement and Feast of Trumpets. The middle Feast Pentecost, the giving of the law, which represents the Church Age we’re in now. And we’re coming up to the time prophetically where we see that the Lord is starting to gather His people together and blowing the trumpets we’re starting to see things that He spoke about in scriptures starting to happen in light of His second coming coming soon!

Sid: Now Rosh Hashanah, which is as you said starts this Friday evening, has a lot of different names another name for Rosh Hashanah is the Feast of Trumpets when the shofar is blown. What is your understanding of the shofar? I know you blow the shofar and in fact there’s a funny story about the shofar Mishpochah because Michael and I went to Siberia a place called Magadan. I remember we were leaving leaving Siberia and I went on ahead of Michael and I hear Michael screaming Sid come back, come back! What was going on Michael?

Michael: Well they were trying to confiscate my shofar and they were saying… I don’t remember what they were saying they were partly speaking in Russian. But that I wasn’t allowed to take it out of the country because I probably had something to do with it there in the country and I wasn’t allowed to take it out because I guess I didn’t sign for it going in. Now they don’t have shofars I don’t think antelopes or rams horns in Russia but they wanted to keep that shofar.

Sid: And so I remember I said “Tell them it’s a musical instrument, no better yet blow the shofar, so what happened?”

Michael: Well prove that it’s a musical instrument, they didn’t know what it was really and they said “Well, play it then.” And in the airport it’s very ? And so I blew that shofar and they said “Okay stop.” And I just kept blowing it like yes, it was good.

Sid: Tell me a bit about what you know about the shofar since this is the Feast of Trumpets coming up Friday.

Michael: Well the shofar… there’s 2 kinds of trumpets in scriptures one’s the ram’s horn which is off a bullock or a ram. And the other is a slivery trumpet that maybe we’re building a Tabernacle of old we had to give ½ shekel the redemption of our soul which was used for ransom money or some of these trumpets were made of that. Trumpet wise in Numbers I think it’s Numbers 10 where you see there’s a whole list the first 9 or 10 verses of why the trumpet was blown in Israel. And this is an interesting study just in itself. In itself because the calling of the Assemblies was one when the 12 Tribes need to be gathered together as one nation the Lord blew… He has somebody blow the trumpet. And obviously at the coming of the Lord the Messiah the trumpet’s going to sound and the gather to the elect in the 4 corners of the earth. For us now prophetically the Lord is blowing trumpets, He’s gathering His people there have been unity meetings, people have been coming together, there’s been fires of revival around the world in different places. And for the first time in many years this is starting to happen. And then there was the calling of the princes where the leaders would come together. And for the first time in centuries you see denominational people coming together for prayer meetings and reconciliation meetings it’s getting there we’re not there yet the calling of the princes. Then one of the main things the trumpets were blown for in those days was alarms where we talk about in Joel where it says “Blow a trumpet in Zion and sound an alarm in My holy mountain.” In Nehemiah’s time we want to blow the trumpet so that God will come and fight for us was an amazing thing in those days they blew the trumpet and God would come and fight for us. Now the enemy knows that he knows the scriptures and he knows that the Lord’s going to come with a shout, an arch angel and the sound of the trumpet. And so whenever we blow the trumpet it seems to bring an anointing in meetings lately the last bunch of years. But when God heard the trumpet He would come to fight for His people and you know Gideon used it he just had 300 men but they each had a trumpet in their hand.

Sid: Now I’m reminded of an ancient rabbinical story and it goes like this “That whenever you blow the rams horn, or the shofar, it drives the devil nuts.”

Michael: Right.

Sid: What do you think about that?

Michael: Well I just said that, I think that because he know when the Lord’s going to come that there’s going to be a trumpet sound. And when he hears that he doesn’t know the scriptures maybe that well. I’ll say he probably wouldn’t have allowed the Lord to be killed.   But he probably thinks “Maybe this is the time the Lord’s coming back and so he’s petrified!

Sid: I got it so if everyone in their home blows the shofar…

Michael: (Laughing)

Sid: The demons they’ll think “Ah this is it we go to the lake of fire!”

Michael: Right!

Sid: Well my goodness I’ll tell you what we have it cranked up for Friday but Bob can you crank that shofar up right now? (Shofar blast!) let’s see if we can drive a few demons nuts!

Michael: Isaiah 58 says “Cry aloud do not hold back. Raise your voice.” (We have to raise our voices like the shofar like the trumpet) and declare to My people there transgressions and to Jacob their sins.” Like John the Baptist was out there crying in the wilderness “Prepare the way of the Lord, this is kind of our prophetic calling in these last days.” The voice of the Lord is also seen in Revelation it says… John turned around it was almost like the voice of the trumpet and all of the different churches that were written to there we are to have love and patience and peace in the light of persecution and things like that. Aaron and his sons were the ones responsible to blow the trumpet in Numbers 10. And if you look at the 5 fold ministry of Ephesians 4 this is very interesting that I learned a couple of years ago that Aaron and his 4 sons kind of represents the 5 fold ministry. The word Aaron the name Aaron means enlightened he’s the apostle. Nadab means liberty freely given is the evangelist. Avihu, he is my father he is the prophet. Elieazer God is my helper, he’s the pastor. And Ithimar is the teacher it’s a habitual desirable spot of polishing. Very interesting because everything because everything in the Old Covenant has everything you mentioned in the New Covanent.

Sid: Now why in your opinion should a Gentile Believer that loves the Lord but doesn’t know the Old Covenant that well and doesn’t know didly about the Biblical Fetivals why should they learn this?

Michael: I think because if the Lord came exactly on Passover and when that first Passover lamb was supposed to be… I was going to say crucified, slain, that we might have what you mentioned in the beginning the family redemption. We will understand more about what Passover and unleavened bread really is and the Feasts of First Fruits and the spout that comes up in His resurrection the Gentile Believers will understand their redemption and how our redemption is progressive. Because it goes from Passover to unleavened bread to First Fruits just in a nutshell real quick if we have time Passover the Lamb was shed but unleavened Bread what does that mean to us? There was the leaven of the Pharisees that say and do not, there was the leaven of the Sadducees. And how many times in our lives do we not believe in the supernatural or the Spirit or resurrection or the leaven of Herod because he was sensual and full of anger and murderous. How many times were we angry with someone? And the leaven of Galatia where we mix the Spirit with the flesh and we become Pharisees; so we look at these things and I’m seeing in my life that I’m just trying to fulfill Passover and Unleavened Bread.

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