SID: You know, we’re living in such a selfish age, me first, self, self, self, self, me, me, me. Tell me about the grace of generosity as opposed to selfishness.

JIM: You know, that’s the phenomenal thing. See, we want our prosperity to be something that increases our life on every level, not just financially. And see, so many times when people begin to look at this prosperity thing, it’s all about getting more, it’s all about having more. And so Paul says, he says, just as you exceed in speech and spiritual gifts and all of these things, make sure that you excel in this grace. And he’s talking about this grace of giving. And as I began to look at the Word of God I discovered something so phenomenal. And see, here’s the thing about grace, God’s ability that works in us, that makes us strong. It’s the same thing, it’s a different terminology. It’s the same thing as saying the Holy Spirit working in me, you know, the same thing. But grace is like a two-sided coin. You can only get the grace, the capacity to receive what you get the capacity to give away. See, I’m never really, I wasn’t so interested in being wealthy. I was interested in taking care of my family, serving my family. I was interested in investing in the world, reaching the world of Jesus and giving to ministries, and helping other people. And so I was seeking God for this capacity to give things away. And what started happening is I started having this capacity to recognize and move in realms of success and prosperity that I had never moved in. I mean, God would show me things that in the past I would have withdrawn from. And I would, he would show them to me, I would step into them, bam, prosper.

SID: You stretched your boundaries.

JIM: That’s exactly what happened. Those boundaries, see, because, since grace works in my heart then it can only work if I’m believing the truth and that truth is going to always expand my boundaries.

SID: Now you learned a lesson the hard way that God is our source. Tell me about the time you were embezzled.

JIM: I came home from a mission trip to find out that that day my home, our ministry property was going to foreclosure. I had $36,000 in overdraft fees at the bank. Every bill that we had was probably 90 days old and I discovered that an accounting person had embezzled, while I was out of the country, every penny that we had. And in typical embezzlement situations, you never get any of it back because they’ve spent it, they’ve blown it on something. And so you know, we’re looking at this. This is tremendous, and particularly, this wasn’t that long ago. At my age, you know, you lose everything, you’re thinking, I’m starting all over again. Well you know something? My wife and I sat down and we just said, you know what, we can spend our life fretting over this. We can be angry over this. We can have all kinds of negative emotions or we can invest that same effort into just trusting and following God. The Lord is my shepherd. He leads away from lack, away from want. And we knew that if we would just follow God, the same God that got us there the first time would get us there again. And you know, my staff would come say, every day and they’d say, well Jim, what are we going to do today? I’d say, we’re going to serve people today. That’s what we’re here for. And we’re going to listen to God. And you know, there would be those days where there was like, if we don’t have $100,000 by noon, we’re gone. And we would just pray and they, we would just serve people like we always did. And we didn’t make it about trying to get it back. And you know the real truth is, in about nine months, we were caught up on everything.

SID: Nine months.

JIM: In about nine months.

SID: That’s good.

JIM: And about 18 months, we’re talking about $170,000 to the IRS besides what was stolen. But we’re talking about in 18 months, our income actually doubled.

SID: Okay. There are people watching us right now, you are, and you’re saying, I desperately need help. I want to ask Dr. James Richards to pray a supernatural prayer over you and you get open, open to receive.

JIM: Before I pray, I want to say one thing. Are you willing to give up all of your excuses? It doesn’t matter how you got there. It doesn’t matter if it’s your fault. It doesn’t matter if it’s somebody else’s fault. Are you willing to give up all those excuses and say, God is God. His promises are sure. Jesus was raised from the dead. He delivered me from the curse so I can make this journey. If you make that decision then you’re ready to receive. Father, in the name of Jesus I speak life, I speak blessing. Lord, I thank you that the hearts of these people that are hearing these words are going to start exploding with a new capacity, a new hope, a new outlook to believe you and to walk with you in this path of provision, in the name of Jesus.

SID: Something supernatural has just happened to you. I want you to study your Bible, of what God says, this is exactly what James did when he was challenged by his wife. You study what God has to say. You get it in your heart and then you do it. But make sure first of all that Jesus is your Messiah and Lord.

JIM: That’s right.

SID: Make sure that you’ve repented of your sins, you told him you’re sorry and believe the blood of Jesus washes you clean, and you have a fresh start, and you have no past, but you have that same old brain and that stinking thinking. So renew that brain to the word of the Living God and, devil watch out, you’re not going to have one of those people any more. If God is for you, who can be against you?

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