SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest guarantees, that’s right, you heard me correct, guarantees you will be healed and the proof is this. He gets more people healed than anyone that I know. I want to find out what he’s doing. Are you interested? Well, have you ever heard of people that live to be 120 or 130, or, you know, these ridiculous lengths of time? And you kind of want to find out, what did they do to live so long? Well, my guest provokes me to jealousy and that’s the call of the Gentile, to provoke the Jew to jealousy, you know, Romans 11. But Thurman, 35 years of not being sick?

THURMAN: Yes. Thirty-five years without one single sickness or no problems at all.

SID: Are you special or do you think that everyone could be that way.

THURMAN: Well of course I’ve known that nobody is special with God, that everybody could do this. I learned it reading the Word of God.

SID: Okay. Now get this. He’s a Southern Baptist Sunday school teacher. He’s about ready to get a hold of, I wasn’t Baptist, The Southern Baptist Quarterly, I guess that’s what all the Sunday school teachers teach through, and God speaks to him. You’ve heard God’s audible voice, what maybe 50 times?

THURMAN: At least.

SID: I’d protest, too. I mean, 50 times, I mean, not just intuitively knowing God’s voice, but the audible voice of God. I’ve only heard His audible voice a couple of times, and I have to tell you, it was life-saving. How about in your case?

THURMAN: Amen. It’s what gave me the faith that I have today, Sid, that alone with the written Word of God.

SID: Okay. So you’re going to teach this Sunday school class and you’re going to do exactly what that Quarterly tells you to do. But God speaks to you. What does he say?

THURMAN: The Lord spoke to me. I was preparing for a Sunday school lesson and he told he, he said, “Son, I want you to lay down your Southern Baptist information and I want you to start teaching just my Word in your church.” When he said that, I said, “Lord, with the revelations you’ve been giving me as I’ve studied your Word, if I start doing that,” I said, “the people are really going to think there’s something wrong with me.” And I said, “You’re going to have to confirm what I teach with signs and miracles, and healings, or something to prove that I’m doing, I’m telling the truth, because…

SID: And the Southern Baptist Church, you’re not only going to get off the program, now you’re going to say miracles are going to, well, you are really something.

THURMAN: I would have to say our God is really something.

SID: Okay. Number one, did you do what God said, and number two, did miracles happen?

THURMAN: Yes. I absolutely did what God said. Anytime you hear God speak to you, you better do what he says, you know. So it’s really, really beneficial for your health.

SID: They say that about medicine.

THURMAN: So yes, I started teaching His Word. And in fact, I went to the pastor and told him I was going to do this, and he, that I was going to teach a special lesson on just the Word of God. And so he said, okay. He didn’t have a problem with that. And so he made an announcement in church that I was going to start a special Sunday school class and I was just going to teach the Word of God, and anybody who wanted could come.

SID: Isn’t that unique.

THURMAN: It was very unique.

SID: So okay. You say you’re teaching. Did God do that second request?

THURMAN: Yes He did. I started teaching these things and the people in the class were just amazed, you know, at the promises that are in God’s Word that we never heard as Southern Baptists. And they said, surely these things don’t work. And I said, well yes, they do work, they’re in God’s Word. And so I used one example, like Matthew 18:19, you know, where the Lord says, “Again, I tell you that if two of you on Earth agree about anything and you ask me for it, it shall be done for you by my Father in Heaven.” And so one of the girls, after the lesson, after two or three lessons, she came up and she said, “My mother has got ulcers real bad and we’re going in this week, Thursday, she has an appointment, they’re going to run a scope down her to see how bad they are so they’ll know what kind of surgery they’re going to have to do. I believe,” she said, “if you would agree with me in prayer that God, according to these promises, would heal my mother.” And so I told her, “Well that’s what He says.” And so we repented of our sins and our unbelief, and everything, and we prayed the prayer of faith around Matthew 19, and then of course, I said, “Now we have to believe with no doubt in our hearts because that’s written in James 1:6-7, ‘You got to believe with no doubt in your heart.'” And so we did and I told her, I said, “Now go home and tell your mother she’s healed.” And I said—she said—”What?” I said, “If you can’t do that then you didn’t believe.” And she said, “Wow, okay, I’ll go tell her.” Well the next Sunday, the next Sunday morning, that mother was there in the Bible study class with her daughter and she said, “I want to meet you.” And I said, “Well who are you?” And she told me, “I’m so-and-so’s mother.” And I said, “Oh, you’re the lady we prayed for last week.” She said, “Yes. Last Sunday you all prayed for me.” And she said, “I went to the doctor Thursday to have this test done and when they run the scope down in me, my stomach looked like a brand new one. There was not a single thing wrong with my stomach at all.”

SID: Let me tell you something. If that was the only prayer from just teaching pure Word of God, it would have been enough. But you had miracles erupting in this Baptist Sunday school class. Well how did the pastor and the others react?

THURMAN: They didn’t know how to receive me. You know, I was kind of an outcast, you know, because nobody saw miracles, at least not in the Baptist church I was in. And all of a sudden, I’m seeing them and people are coming to me for prayer, and I’m praying for people. And I mean, it just begins to explode in the Baptist church. Virtually everybody I prayed for got healed.

SID: You know, there’s such a presence of God on Thurman right at this moment. I am hearing what are known as words of knowledge. I have heard that someone’s neck has been healed. I have heard that people with skeletal problems, the pain is gone anywhere in your bones. When we come back, Thurman walks in to the greatest test of his life. Let me tell you something. No human should face what he had to face and God showed up. We’ll be right back.


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