Sid: Hello Sid Roth back with Lisa Bevere and we’re talking about “Lioness Arising.” Lisa the thing that I found out during our break was that you would get up and share 5 minutes when your husband John Bevere would speak but you had never written a book. You saw yourself really in the background of the ministry almost of helps. Then after you had that vision of a lioness something happened inside of you and suddenly you’re speaking all over the world. But then in 2007 God spoke to your spirit about writing a book what did He say?

Lisa: You know it was so funny Sid just like you said I was terrified of speaking. There would be a number of reasons for that. Number One I had lost an eye to cancer so I didn’t want to get up in front of people. Number Two I really did love being a support to my husband. When he was traveling and speaking I was home with the boys and one of the things I didn’t have an opportunity to tell you but I actually had the vision of the Lioness while I was editing John’s book “The Bait of Satan.” And so I would go to bed every night at about 2:00 AM and get up at 6:00 and I was in that time period of editing his book when God began to awaken me. So it was crazy and so yes my world began to be enlarged; I began to be obedient. I said “God I don’t want to travel and speak, I don’t want to go out there.” And God said “I have woman out there who need you and this is no longer about you.” I wrote my first book “Out of Control and Loving It” while I was nursing my son Arden who was the one I was pregnant with when I had the vision and the invitations came and I would say “No, no I don’t want to go.” And John would just say to me “Lisa you are not your own you were bought with a price; you need to be faithful to steward whatever God has for you.” So I would travel with Arden at first or go out on Friday and come back on Saturday, but in 2007 I found myself down in New Zealand with Darlene Zschech and Bobby Houston at a conference hosted by Marie DeYoung.   And I was kind of coming to this place Sid where I thought “You know what it’s all happened I’m not scared anymore I’m a Lioness.” And I was back in my hotel room and God said to me “I said with the birth of your son you would awaken a lioness; not that you are a lioness.” He said “Jesus is a Lion of the Tribe of Judah and at this time His Bride awakened a Lioness.” So Sid for the next 2 years I studied lions and let me just tell you something just as there is a no creature that makes a man prouder to be a male than the lion. There is no creature than makes me prouder to be a female than the lioness. They hunt together, they’re strategic, they actually greet and groom one another. What that actually means for us in the Body of Christ is that you looking bad doesn’t make me look good; you looking bad is because I have not groomed you. When lions meet each other they actually make face to face contact. And when they make that face to face contact it actually releases a fragrance of the pride. And they look at one another and they say “You belong to me; I belong to you. Come into the area of our family into our pride,” which is what they call their family and discover their strengths. They also understand their individual strengths are for service and not for status. And each lioness plans conception so that they conceive and give birth at the same time. They do that because why want their cubs to have an equal chance to survive but they don’t stop with just survival they want to see their cubs flourish. So they actually nurse and train one when in those young. And I love this part “Lions live in the light but they hunt in the dark.” It’s time in the church begins to live openly and live lightly and live in the light of all that God has called us to do. But we must begin to hunt in the dark and stop hiding from the dark. When Jesus calls us to light the darkness He calls us “The light of the world.” He calls us to go out to those placed that are darkened. And the reason why lions can actually hunt in the dark is, Sid this is amazing, they have the ability to interpret any light in their environment to vision. Their eyes are actually lit from within; they have the ability to reflect moonlight, starlight, car lights, that’s why cats look like they their eyes glow. It’s not that they can see in utter darkness it’s actually that they can interpret light into vision. And we the church need to be able to do that. Each lion and lioness discovers what their one strength is and they hone it to perfection it is something called prowess. Now Sid this is something really funny after my book was out and it was already in 5 languages I was driving in my car one day and I said “God I need a conformation you know is this okay that I wrote this as a book I know that I supposed to preach it as a message but I need to know if it’s okay that I wrote it as a book?” And that night you know I live in Colorado we are in the middle of a blizzard 8:00 my youngest son comes to me and says “Mom I just remembered I have a school project due tomorrow.” So I go down to my basement I tear about the older boys school projects I bring him the poster board he said “No this isn’t going to work.” So I brave a blizzard to out to get the poster board that I need but before I left Sid I paid my other 3 boys money to cut out pictures I’ve got all spread out on the table when John calls me he is in North Carolina an he’s got this cute but sometimes annoying habit of calling me and putting me on the phone with strangers but he says “Oh no, no you want to talk to this guy.” And I gave him your cellphone Lisa he’s going to be calling you in 15 minutes I said “I can’t believe you’ve done this I’m in the middle of a school project with our son right now I can’t talk to somebody.” He said No, no, no you want to talk to this guy” and he hung up. So this guy calls me and I answered the phone and I tried to sound rally exhausted because I didn’t want him to take a lot of my time and he said to me “Lisa your husband held up your book tonight ‘Lioness Arising.’ He said ‘Lions are the best killers but lionesses are the best hunters.’” And I said “Of course he would say that’s all he knows he hasn’t read my book.” And he said “Well, I’m telling you why your book is important.” He said “You need to know what I do here at Fort Bragg.” He said “I’m in charge of setting up special operative teams that go into Afghanistan.” He said “Up until this point we had focused on only the men for the special operative teams” he said “But now we are also empowering women.” He said “They are going to go in and they’re going to tell the Afghan women they have voice and value; they’re going to tell the why democracy will serve their sons and daughters well; they’re going to take care of their minor medical needs and deliver their babies.” And he said “Do you want to know what the name of this group is?” And I said “Sure.” He said “Team Lioness.”

Sid: (Laughing)

Lisa: “About ready to be deployed, may I have a copy of your book for all of them?” So Sid I actually got to outfit Team Lioness going out of Fort Bragg. Then Team Lioness going out to Camp Lejeune and why am I telling you guy this is because if the US military understands without the involvement of women you will fight but you will not win; but it is time that we in the church understand that we are going to need the women to come along side of the men if we are going to begin to win and not just fight. See if you can’t speak to the women you can’t flip the culture whether that’s the culture in the country or a culture in the church. And Jesus is flipping the culture to go back to what He normally originally planned with one man and one woman both positioned in their strength with one voice to glorify God.

Sid: And the fact that society has relegated women to cooking (Laughing) and cleaning is actually preventing the whole, the man and woman, uniting and fulfilling the destiny of God’s kingdom the destiny of the church on this earth. Now is there Biblical precedence for the furiousness of a lioness?

Lisa: Absolutely, I love that God refers to Himself as a Lioness. You know He says like a momma bear robbed of her cubs like a lioness I’ll tear your heart out. There is something uniquely protected that is in the heart of God that He put into nurture, that He put into the maternal. The women have that strength it’s something that He seeded us with in our very Genesis. And you know what you just said I mean the truth is “In the beginning God said it wasn’t good for man to be alone.” He didn’t say “Man wasn’t good.” He said “Man alone is not good.” And God is the one that decided that Eve needed to come out and have her own voice, have her own expression. And I love how science confirms that even the function of Eve. Men are genetically chromosome X and Y. And women are X X which means you actually see what women do which is multiply in her chromosomes. You know when my husband and I got married his name Bevere was getting ready to die off he had just one and you know he’s the only boy and he has 5 sisters but he came into my world and I said “You give me your last name and I’ll give you 4 more sons with that last name.” I was doing what woman do we multiply but when woman are broken Sid they don’t multiply they divide. That is why Jesus is being so intentional to heal His women so that the women can begin to multiply the Church because both a wedding and a war are on the horizon for the Church of Jesus Christ. And that is something that the women need to get involved with which is adorning the Body as a Bride.

Sid: You know you talk about in your curriculum words of wisdom from history that have shaped women but you also talk about some very famous women in the Bible: Deborah, Esther, Yael. Tell me about one of them.

Lisa: Oh you know my favorite is probably Yael. I love that she was a woman whose husband was actually in allegiance you know allegiance with the enemy. But you know when God begins to do something God begins to stir the heart of the women. And so when Caesarea came into her tent and tried to find refuge and he said “I’m so thirsty give me water.” She said “No, no, no I’m going to give you milk.” But she didn’t just give him milt in a clay pot she gave it in a goblet fit for a king. So she disarmed him with honor she gave him milk. He fell asleep and then she took a tent peg and she killed him, which is crazy messy. But the truth is God is actually using her life as a principal for every single woman that God will actually anoint what is in your hands. What you have already been faithful with. She had been setting up tents for years. God said “You know what in this moment what is in your hand, what is in your hand if you give it to me with all of your life I’m going to anoint it and the common will become mighty.” And so I love how woman no matter where they are whether they’re in the tent or outside in the market place God has something He wants to anoint in their lives. And you just need to know when your season is and what you’ve been entrusted with to see God take what is in your life and make it mighty.

Sid: Now you talk about all of these characteristics that you studied of a lioness and we’re almost skipping by too quickly. You talked about the ability of a lioness to see in darkness and to catch the light of the moon to be able to see this. Now how does this apply to us?

Lisa: You know I believe that we are living in days like you said the last days, and in the last days things begin to shift. In the last days God begins to pour His Spirit out on all of His people; on His sons on His daughters on His maidservants, on His men servants, on His young and on His own and old. We begin to see visions and dreams reunited. I love how it opens up “In the last days I will pour out My Spirit on all people.” There is something that is happening on the earth right now… you know Sid when I look at all the entertainment industry you can see that they are hungry for God’s Spirit but it’s not just a spirit they have to have to have a sense that something is getting ready to happen but they don’t know how to explain it. Well we are supposed to people who can see; prophetic people are people who can see when everything is dark around us it doesn’t blind us because we’re lit from within. We’re seers we’re like Samuel we can see what God is doing and then we say what He is saying through what we see in our spirit. And that is not just something that is unique to ministers, that is something there for all of God’s children. But you know it’s like anything with the Kingdom of God you have to know that it’s available to you. I’m talking to people right now that there is something inside of your life, there is something yet unseen inside of you. You know that there is something more to you than what you’ve seen. You know there is something more to the church than what you have seen. And there is a stirring inside of you well God is wanting to wave a mystery and you can’t go back to get that map you’re going to have to lift your eyes and you’re going to have to say “God I want to see the way that You see things.” I love the prophetic ministry it gives us eyes to see, ears to hear, a voice to speak and a heart enlarged to believe. And that is why I thought if I could paint imagery of lions and lioness’s people’s heart would be enlarged again with strength and they’ll remember who they were created to be.

Sid: Okay you talk about the characteristics of a lioness and one you talk about is “Rise up and Confront” comment on that.

Lisa: Well definitely confronting, there is a fierce awaking right now. I had a moment when I was actually writing this book Sid where I was talking about it in theory and I had to put it to practice. My youngest son was in High School and there was a book that was required reading for him that was absolutely horrific it combined pornography and masturbation and it was just… I couldn’t even believe that the school was asking 14, 15 year old boys to read this in their English curriculum. He came home and showed me the book and we were horrified by it. I talked to the teacher I said “This is not something my son wants to read it violates his conscience can he have another book?” And through a course of events she mishandled how she went about administering this and she shamed my son. When my son came back I woke up and I realized “Wait a minute why was I content for my son to be safe and not worried about the other boys in his class. The lioness woke up in me Sid, and I called the school and I said “I am so sorry that I made this only about my son because I need to actually use my influence to actually protect other boys.” Sid I wrote a blog and I excerpt this book and over the weekend there was 550 responses. And not only was my son delivered from having to be able to read this book but they pulled that book out of the entire school system in that district and they sent all of their teachers back through a course how to select curriculum. That is the kind of power when we wake-up, we wake-up and say “It’s not enough!” I’m not going to just say that this world is going to go down the drain and I hope I escape in the rapture but we understand that Christian actually means “Anointed one.” It doesn’t mean just nice person that passes out tracks occasionally but especially on Halloween instead of candy, it actually means that we are anointed by God’s Spirit. And we are anointed to brings the presence of God to even people that don’t even know they’re hungry for Him.

Sid: There are woman that are listening right now but you have found that men benefit just as much from this course. In fact, what a wonderful course for a couple to take together. How about the entire family taking this course together? The questions in this curriculum literally push people into their destiny; literally push people into their greatness. And then you have prayers of activation, after they have read and they’re going to become dangerous to the enemies schemes… When we come back Lisa… I’m amazed how God thrust you into parts of wild areas of the world walking around at night talking to woman that have sold themselves into prostitution, or their parents sold them into it. I mean I have to ask you where did you get the courage to do this? We’ll be right back.

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