Sid: Sid Roth here with Rick Joyner and my mind is going in a million different directions with everything going on. The Lord told you how to bring heaven on earth. The Lord told you the key to joy and it’s different than most Christians believe, talk about that.

Rick: Well when I was in this last experience when I was in heaven that this part of heaven was a Mall as I shared. Hopefully in the last segment they connected, but it was more wonderful and different it wasn’t where you bought stuff it was far more wonderful than that. But it was a place of inner-change, and then at the end of the stream I ended up at the end of our Main Street over at Heritage you know where our shops and all are and it’s kind of like a mini Mall I ended up there and the Lord said “You’ve got to bring what you experienced here in heaven you’ve got to bring heaven to earth.” And then before this He had told me how to enter heaven. And I think that it’s a key understanding because you know the law first mentioned theological principle I’ll first mention. The first time something’s mentioned in scripture is usually a major revelation of its purpose.

Sid: Right.

Rick: Well the first time that it is even mentioned in scripture that God had a house is one of the most important revelations of what the house of God is supposed to be. And that’s when Jacob had his dream, and he saw heaven open; he was under an open heaven and he saw a ladder reaching into heaven and the angels of God or the messengers of God were ascending and descending upon that ladder. And he wakes up and says “Whoa I didn’t know I was in such an awesome place this is none other than the house of God.” So I believe the most basic revelation of what the house of God is supposed to be is the place of access to heaven where the messengers of God are sending into heaven and then descending with evidence of heaven’s reality. This is what I think the miracles are; this is what I think you know I think that Jesus demonstrated when He walked the earth. Now Jesus basically said when He spoke to Nathanael He is Jacob’s ladder. He said “You’ve going to see greater things than this word of knowledge I had about you being under the fig tree you’re going to see the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of man.” Now it’s through Jesus we enter He is Jacob’s ladder, but we’ve got to understand that we’re called to have access to heaven. We actually should be more at home in the heavenly realm than we are in the natural realm. With the newest creation is a new species that is supposed to be becoming more spiritual than it is natural. That’s what one of the ancients said I can’t remember if it was Brother Lawrence or somebody I read years ago said “We’re not called to be human beings who have occasional spiritual experiences we’re called the spiritual beings that have occasional human experiences.”

Sid: (Laughing)

Rick: (Laughing) And I think this is who we are called to be this place of access to heaven. So you know we’ve got take the kingdom of God we’re just coming into the kingdom and bring it here now. There’s the heavenly realm the heavenly authority. Well Jesus basically did when He healed the cripples was He said “You know in heaven we don’t have any cripples.” Well that’s what happens when the authority of heaven touches this cripple. You know in heaven we have no lack for anything. Watch what happened when heaven touches this little boy’s lunch. You know every time the windows of heaven in scripture are open there’s an overflow on the earth and it’s like too much comes out. We have 12 baskets full leftover, there is way too much wine made for those people at that wedding I mean it’s just if you open the windows of heaven if we open them even a little there will be overflow on the earth. So we’ve got to start climbing that ladder which I believe is the progressive revelation of who Jesus is. I believe the more we can see Him who He is and where He sits, the more we’re going to ascend into the heavenly realm and bring that authority to the earth which trumps any earthly condition even any earthly law. Even the law that we call the laws of nature are trumped by heavens laws. You can walk on the water, you can do many other things like fly you know…

Sid: Tell me what He told you about joy.

Rick: Well He said I’d entered that realm by using the key to eternal joy.

Sid: What is that?

Rick: That’s what I asked “What’d I do? He said “When I set my heart to every day do the things that bring Him pleasure.” Which I’d done been just trying to focus just every day on bringing the Lord pleasure and making Him happy. He says “It is the joy of the Lord not your joy that is your strength.” He said “When you set your heart to bring.” He said “When I set my heart to bring Him joy not just focusing on what brought me joy but bringing Him joy every day and that being my main thing, He said “That is the key to eternal joy.” He said “Everyone of His people have this key they can use it every day but very few of them even know it.”

Sid: So give me some practical things that you do to I mean I hope you’re catching this it’s not “God do this for me; do that for me.” No it’s “What can I do for You?” I mean what a different paradigm. So what do you do Rick to bring Him joy?

Rick: Well you know where it says in Psalms “The prayer of the upright is His delight.” Just praying brings the Lord joy, brings Him delight. So I don’t want to waste my mind in vain imaginations when I can be bringing God joy by praying just focusing on prayed, intercession is where I’m trying to take every thought captive to do this. There’s you know and I think that is some of the revelation of what brings Him joy is seeing it in His leaders like John the Apostle. I think he became very much like God he matured and he started out as son of thunder wanting to bring fire down but then his whole message becomes love and I mean he become like God in many ways and what we’re all supposed to be doing. But when He said “Nothing brings Him more joy than to see His children walking in truth.” You know it even says that “In the last days it’s not those who have truth who won’t be deceived the only ones that aren’t going to be deceived are those that have a love for the truth.” So to have a love for the truth we’ve got to walk in the truth. When Jesus prayed in John 17 that we would be sanctified in truth that’s more than knowing the truth it’s being changed by the truth. So I try every day I’m going to try walk in truth, be true, you know to be committed to truth to honesty to integrity to these things. But also walking in the truth of His word and His revelation.

Sid: What about some other practical things such as worship, witnessing, etcetera?

Rick: I think all that, all that’s certainly brings Him joy because Satan…

Sid: But what do you think brings Him the greatest joy?

Rick: Well one of them one sinner turning all of heaven rejoices which that includes God. So if you can get one person saved how much joy is that going to bring the Lord?

Sid: So you want to focus the rest of your life not on building a ministry but on bringing God joy is that proper? Is that correct?

Rick: Doing His will and bringing Him delight and joy well those are the main focus of my life yeah. And I am I…

Sid: Did you…you felt something when you were in heaven you felt the atmosphere of heaven. I’m just kind of curious now that you’re back with us…

Rick: Yeah. (Chuckle)

Sid: Did you feel that same atmosphere?

Rick: Sometimes. I get a sense of it it’s like a whiff you know. And of course I do believe that He wouldn’t have said that about bringing that here if we couldn’t do it. I believe that same atmosphere we touch maybe it will be multiplied many times over in heaven but we’ve got to bring that here and I believe that should be the house of God. I believe that every church should have such an atmosphere of heaven that people come from all over just to breathe that atmosphere.

Sid: You know on the previous segment you talked about the horrific things that you had insight into what’s coming to America. Will America turn around?

Rick: Yeah it will, yeah.

Sid: What do you envision happening?

Rick: I believe we’re headed for I believe we’re starting to see the first stages of the third Great Awakening. I believe there’s going to be an Awakening.

Sid: Describe what you see going to happen.

Rick: Well…

Sid: Well I hear the word Awakening what does that mean?

Rick: Well I think you saw it last week at our place.

Sid: I did. (Laughing)

Rick: There were actually more people there Thursday morning than Saturday night a lot of them were pastors and had to go home be Sunday. But you saw how crammed it was, packed. It was it was like we couldn’t get any more people in this building. There was a hunger and a fire and these people were absolutely focused from the get go. Most of our conferences in our first day is plowing, getting them you know.

Sid: Hm hm.

Rick: We didn’t…the first minute they were ready to go there was fire in their eyes they wanted God they wanted everything they were there for. I hadn’t seen that in many years.

Sid: Well you know what it reminds me of a friend of mine that had lunch with one of the great healing evangelist of our generation William Branham. And Branham described what you’re talking about right now and this is what Branham said in this last phrase which is what we’re entering in. “God is going to raise up true anointed Apostles and true prophets. They will have the divine mind of God and they will speak as the very oracle of God and whatever they say God will do it they won’t just prophesy about the future but they will know the mind of God; and whatever they say God will perform it and create the future into existence.” He said “Why the supernatural power of God will be so greatly manifested that eyeballs will be put in eye sockets, limbs created, hearts made new, even resurrections will be a daily occurrence and preachers won’t even have to pay for TV time as the miracles will be reported on the 6:00 news daily.” Finally Braham predicted that a revival of God’s glory will flood the nations and God will shake this world with His supernatural power like never before then Jesus will return to His church. And that He prophesied and that is beginning right now Rick and I want you to become a friend of God.

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