SID: Hello. My name is Sid Roth and welcome. I said welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest had a download from Heaven for this generation of what you need to do, what you need to do to call forth your destiny, to be in sync with what God has called you to be, to call your family to be in sync with what God has called your family to be, to cause your nation to be in sync with what God has called your nation to be, and he’s going to share the words from Heaven that will cause you to be a world changer. I tell you, Pat, your father, and I have to use this to describe him, he was quite a thug. Now of course, his father was Jewish. He was probably, would you say he was an atheist?

PAT: You know, they had bought into Catholicism, had become Catholics and, but they weren’t practicing. And you know, I was talking to my dad about that the other day, somewhere along the way, God left our home. God was pushed out. And so it wasn’t until I was five years old that my dad had a radical encounter with God, and he worked for the Mafia in Detroit with drug dealers. But it was one night, no one could ever save their family. And my mom got—two weeks before at a southern gospel concert, came home, and the anointing was so strong on her [that] he got miserable and angry. And one night he said, “God, if you’re real,” and had an encounter. And at that moment when he got on his knees and decided to come over [unintelligible]. It changed our family. The family lineage was changed at that exact moment. And since that moment, out of our family has come 130 Christians. Within three months, he walked away from the Mafia. Within five months, he was in Bible college, and he got filled with that spirit thing that messed everything up.

SID: So but, you know, as you were raised you saw miracles. You saw angelic provision. Tell me two, real quick.

PAT: One time, my parents were very poor, my dad had moved to, we moved to Alabama and he’s pastoring. He started pastoring in these churches that I always said were good for one thing, the making and breaking of a man of God. Everybody’s got to put their tithe in. But we were very poor and we would sit at the table, nothing on our plates, no food, and he began to pray. And he’d say, “Holy Spirit, bring someone to the house.” But one night, they, mom and dad loaded up. We lived in an old church. Mom and dad loaded up and went to a meeting somewhere. My sister and I were home, and my brother. We lived on the freeway. You couldn’t see anywhere for a mile, any direction, in an old church, double doors, old building. A man knocks on the door and said, “Is the master home?” I figured he was talking about dad, although we didn’t call him that. And he said, “Give him this.” And we shut the door. It was an opened envelope. The man looked like what I believe Jesus probably looks like, and there were seven one-hundred dollar bills in there. I yanked the door open and he was gone. My parents came in and they were pastoring this church. We were living in an old church, it was very poor. They had prayed, “God, we need $700 if we’re going to make it,” while they were gone. When we opened the door, he was gone. So an angel of the Lord had come. It was an angel. Over and over we had experiences—

SID: But Pat, according to my notes, at age 16, you weren’t filled with religion.

PAT: Right.

SID: You had back-slidden, you were drinking, you were in trouble with the law, you were out with some buddies doing no good.

PAT: Right.

SID: And what happened to you?

PAT: I saw what a lot of people had seen. And there’s people that are watching this right now, and you need to understand. The Holy Spirit is going to invade where you’re sitting. You’re going to feel the breath of God on your face as you’re sitting there and you’re going to feel the Glory of the Lord. And I need to warn you, if you’re cut, your scars are going to disappear. We’ll go into that in a minute. But I often had encounters with God, but I saw the opposite of encounters many times in religion, in the church. And I just began to believe that it wasn’t. We’re driving down the road late one night, my friend and I, and we had been drinking, 16 years old. And we’re driving down a steep hill. The car was blinking 85 and even in my drunken stupor, I would get a conviction. I’d start weeping. And I could be in a service and just begin to weep before God. Anyway, we’re riding down the road, and Sid, a car came towards us, and my friend was really, really drunk, and wasn’t a believer. And we were in the wrong lane. And I began to scream, “Move in the other lane! Move in the other lane!” At the moment, this car came head on with us, I screamed, “Jesus!” My mother would always say things to me like, “I pray the blood of Jesus over you.” We’d walk out of the house in a frenzy. My friends would say, “What did she say?” I’d say, “She’s not right and don’t worry about it, dude.” I’d walk out of school with Crisco. We couldn’t afford olive oil. There would be Crisco oil all over my car and my mom, she’d come by and anoint it. And I’d say, “Mom, what are you doing?” And she goes…. I’d say, “You’re ruining my paint job.” She’d say, “You’re alive, ain’t you boy?” And I’ll never forget because she was always anointing us. I would wake up with anointing oil. But I’ll never forget, that night, that car, when I screamed, “Jesus!” That car went through us. And my friend—

SID: Wait a second. Now you were drinking, so maybe you didn’t see that.

PAT: Here’s the thing. It was so real that it sobered us both up. I pulled off the road. It was two weeks later where I heard the Lord whisper to me, “If you don’t give your heart to me, if you don’t cry out to me, your time will be limited.” And I knew because [unintelligible], I knew he was calling to me. I knew. And I had encounters and I even knew I was called to the ministry. The best to know you’re called to the ministry is you wake up thinking about it and you go to bed thinking about it. Everything that happens will be a great sermon illustration. If that happens to you, you’re called. And I’ll never forget, because I pulled over, we pulled off the road and my friend was crying. And he said, “Did you see what just happened?” I said, “That car just went through us.” And it was two weeks later, Sid, that I was, I crawled out of bed late one night and I said, “God,” because I had seen my dad pray like that many nights, “if you’re real,” and I share this all over the world with teenagers and adults. “If you’re real, I need you to prove it.” So I got on the floor because that’s how I had seen my dad pray, and I don’t know if I was asleep or it was a vision, but he walked in my room. And I was so wounded by church. I had seen so many things. People, you know, sheep bite, and I’ll never forget, because all of a sudden, God walked into my room, and I said, “If you’re real, you need to come in or I’m never serving you.” I had planned on going into the Air Force Academy and all this crazy stuff. And the Lord walked in and he said, “Son.” First thing he said to me, he says, “I want you to follow.” And I said, “I’m sorry my pride has hurt you.” And I’m laying on the floor weeping, and I gave him my heart, instantly filled with the Holy Ghost, instantly began to pray in tongues. And that was the radical revolution. By 17 years old, a year later, I was a youth pastor.

SID: Okay. I want you to hold that thought because after he gave his heart to God, he began to hear words, one in particular that’s in the Bible a lot, the word, “remnant.” We’ll talk about it when we come back.

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