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Sid: We want everyone everywhere to be red hot for Jesus; listen you would say “If you knew the problems that I had you wouldn’t be so happy Sid Roth.” Well listen it doesn’t matter whether I know them or not God knows them and it matters what is written. So don’t go so much by what’s happening on the outside you’re a child of God and whatever is going on on the the outside it’s subject to change it’s temporary. But God’s word is eternal; it’s permanent and I’m telling you rejoice; stand still and watch the salvation of God. Stop feeling sorry for yourself; be at shalom, be at peace, recognize who you belong to and whose running interference for your life. You were bought with a price; you have value. My guest does such a wonderful job in crushing curses with the word of God, and most believers I know have one or more areas of generational curses that have never really been dealt with. And we have wonderful books, we’ve interviewed wonderful men of God who have written books on curses and blessings, but I have to tell you this is the most practical of all of them. Because what Lori does is she identifies the curse and the Holy Spirit told her there were 20 big ones that must be identified and she identifies them. Then she says “Well God really doesn’t want the curse and the poverty and the health, and your marriage and your children, and your finances, your addictions, lack of faith or any of these areas. God really and truly want you to be blessed and here are the blessings and she states scriptures and then she writes out a prayer to break these generational strongholds. You don’t even have to know whether you have it or not you know with many of them; like you’ll go through the book and say “Oh, that ones bother me, or that one’s bothering me.” But the truth is there may be vestiges that many of these things that are affecting you and you don’t know what it’s like to be free until your free. And so I have on the telephone the author of the book Lori Strong, another Jewish person that’s red hot for Jesus. And let’s deal with the big one that’s on most of our listeners right now; the big one is curses having to do with marriage. And you start out with one that most people would not ever think would be a curse but it’s obviously a biggy. And that’s lack of communication in a marriage; explain.

Lori: Well I believe lack of communication probably is the most common problem in marriage is one you know that end up in divorce and also the ones that are continuing to stay together. But lack of communication is a curse that I believe has affected so many including my own marriage at times because you know you have two totally different people coming together and usually two different communications styles.   Not only because of the way that they were raised but also because man and woman are two different people and the genders are different even in the way the communicate. And often times it gets misinterpreted, and I believe God wants us to have great relationship with excellent communication and also the ability to express our feelings in a positive way.

Sid: Give me an example of someone that had a problem like that and was set free.

Lori: Well we have some good friends that are very close to our heart and when I was writing the book I was doing some interviewing of some people besides the people we’ve ministered to. But he was sharing how when he was growing up in his home his dad was very very controlling and so you couldn’t express your feelings if you did you would get a spanking or get sent to your room. And so he just learned to shutdown when he was feeling angry or any other feeling rather than happy so he brought that into his marriage which also people do bring those things.

Sid: And I wonder what the wife thinks when the husband just shuts down; what’ going on with her?

Lori: Very frustrating because she expressive and she cries easily but she like to express her feelings and talk. And he would just shut down and leave and that is not only does that bring on the curse of communication it also brings on the curse of rejection because she doesn’t know what she did wrong but he walked away instead of talking about it. And so they got a hold of the fact that he needed, well he really needed to break the curse that was in his family by not having to being in control of everything. And by knowing that Jesus is; or the Lord is supposed to be in control of everything. And so he has learned to let go of his control to let God control their marriage; which is ultimately what God wants for all of our marriages to be the center of our marriage. And that we can go to him when we’re feeling angry or upset and he will always lead us back to our spouse so we can communicate with them in a healthy way and resolve the issues. It doesn’t say “Don’t get angry,” it’s what do you do with your anger that’s important.

Sid: Lori, just so that our listeners can understand how simple your book is I’m looking at the chapter called “Problems in Marriage” and you state the curse “Lack of communication” and what would be the blessing, this is what God wants; He wants the blessing great relationships with excellent communication and ability to express feelings. And then a scripture Proverbs 3:27 and 28 “Do not with hold good from those to whom it is due when it is in the power of your hand to do so; do not say to your neighbor to go and come back and tomorrow I’ll give it when you have it with you.” And then you have a prayer “Father, in the Name of Your Son Jesus I bind the curse of lack of communication from the generations before me; I will not withhold my feelings in the relationships in my family; I will have excellent communication with my family and I will express my feelings appropriately so conflicts will not build up in my home; thank You for giving me the ability to show my feeling at appropriate times, not too late, not too early; Amen.” Now you know this seems so simple but it seems so Biblical and you know what Lori I believe the most profound things in the Bible are not complex they are simple. Let’s talk about lack of affection in a marriage.

Lori: Well the Bible commands us “Commands the husband to render to his wife the affection due to her and likewise the wife to her husband,” that’s in 1st Corinthians 7:3 When I got a hold of that scripture I used it even in my own marriage and I don’t know if my husband’s going to be thrilled about me talking about this but it’s true I often bring the word back to him and say “Well the Bible says that your supposed to be affectionate to me.” And you know the thing that a lot of people don’t understand and I’ve had to understand myself is that everybody has a different way of communicating their affection to their spouse. But that’s where communication ties into. See again those two curses are really tied together.

Sid: What about something deeper; what if a man or woman were abused as a child and so it’s something even deeper than that that would be a curse I imagine.

Lori: It is and we usually have friends that have gone through that and they’ve just had to really pray through that and again that lack of communication I think is the root of a lot of these curses is that if you can talk about it with your spouse because these friends of ours as a matter of fact she was unable to tell him until just recently that she was abused as a child so even hugging to her is sometimes uneasy.

Sid: If you want to get even more diabolical what about the woman that is so blocked or the man so blocked it from their memory that they don’t even if you discuss it with them they don’t even remember it.

Lori: Which is why we should pray these anyway. And because we might not remember everything in our lives that happened as children, and that’s okay I don’t believe that God wants us to go back and just sit in our past. Because He says “Press forward toward the mark” He doesn’t say look back. And so we need to press forward and to really move forward in faith we need to pray these scriptures over these curses that may have occurred and then we can move forward without a doubt because nothing will hold us back. I think of the analogy of you know chains because when we’re in bondage we’re in chains we might be in spiritual chains. But if you think about chains around your feet and somebody pulling on those backwards and so you have to fall back. And how about if we use God’s words to pull us forward and His word is so strong and if we make it strong in our lives and we make it evident in our lives. Let the word of God pull you forward and break those chains of bondage that are trying to pull you backward into what has happened in your childhood or even before that.

Sid: What about and you know it’s almost shocking to make such a statement for Christians; but what about Christians that are involved in adultery it’s got to be demonic.

Lori: It is demonic and it’s also a very hard thing for people to understand that, you know “Love covers a multitude of sin.” And a lot of people use the word of God for their own benefit; they’ll say “Well God says that if there’s adultery then I have the right to get divorced.” But again we have some very close friends that went through that and in the process he got saved so it was an awesome thing. Now she did commit adultery and he was very aware of that but he knew what God said about divorce and he said “You know God hates divorce; he doesn’t say that I should get divorced from her.” You know “Love covers a multitude of sin” and I love her and God loves her and so I’m going to pray for her. And she got delivered from that adultery and today they have one of the best marriages I have ever seen. And they’ve also been able to minister to others but they had to use the word of God and they had to pray that word back and say, obviously you first have to repent because it is a sin but it happens in the Body of Christ. It happens all over but it also happens in the Body of Christ. But I believe that there is so much shame that the Church and others have brought to people that have committed adultery that sometimes they can’t even share that it has even happened that they can’t even get delivered because no one is there to stand by their side and support them in prayer. They just figure they’re a lost cause because they already gone that far deep into that hole.

Sid: And all of us have noticed Lori of divorces run in generations, the parents had divorce; the children have divorce their children have divorce. Some one somewhere has got to stop that.

Lori: Yes, yes, yes!

Sid: I’m preaching to the choir I get the feeling. (Laughing)

Lori:   You do have to stop it you do have to take authority over that. You know I’ll share something very intimate there and I didn’t know if I’d share this but God.

Sid: Well you’re not going to but you will on tomorrow’s broadcast because we’re out ot time.

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