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Sid: Getting ready Mishpochah to literally be shook with such power of the Holy Spirit that you will never be the same. And I think that some of you are saying “Amen, I want it; send that fire Lord.” I have on the telephone Fred Stone, I’m speaking to him in a hotel room because he’s ministering in a church in North Carolina. And Fred is the father of Perry Stone and we’ll be offering Perry Stone’s book all this week called. “Unlocking Secrets in the Second Coming Scrolls.” And there is such revelation in this book that’s so few people; so few Christians understand their Jewish roots. And you can’t understand the return of Messiah. And you can’t understand the whole deal about rapture. You can’t understand the timing of events without understanding your Jewish roots. And here let me just read this from the book….Perry Says “Before Messiah’s first appearance anointed prophets searched the scrolls to determine the manner of Messiah’s appearance. In this book I will follow an ancient tradition and use the Biblical text along with history; present day events; Jewish roots to search for the time of Messiah’s second coming. And there are facts int his book; there are keys and codes that he’s found; ancient prophecies that he’s found; information that so few Christians have ever seen. I don’t know how he put all of this together. How one man could have all of this information. This book is suitable for a believer for a Bible study and even a non-believer….It’s called “Unlocking Secrets in the Second Coming Scrolls. Now I have on the telephone Fred Stone. On yesterday’s broadcast we found out about his notorious Uncle Rufus. Uncle Rufus was a heaven, he was a moonshiner as I understand it. And one day he got sick and he was examined and he was going to die; there was no hope for him or just literally be a vegetable. And he went out in the cornfield and he said “God, I’m not read to die; God if you’re really there heal me and I’ll serve you for ever. And all of a sudden the power of God came on him and Fred you take the story from there.

Fred: While he was laying on his back there in the potato field he began to speak in other tongues and God told him “I’ve given you the gift of divers tongues and from hence forth you’ll be able to speak to all men. Well, Grandma Dumford and my mother was in the group and two of the other women and of course Rueford known for a lot and they rushed down to the coalfield. And Grandma Dumford heard him; they had never heard this in their entire life. They heard him laying on his back speaking in supernatural tongues and Grandma said to one of the women, run and get the men the tumor has bursted on his brain and poor Uncle Rufus is trying to talk to us and he can’t. So that’s what they thought was going on; so they ran out one of the ladies to the men yelling for them to come. And when the men got there of course the Spirit of God began to lift off. And when Rufus got on his feet he began to testify and to tell them that how the Spirit and power of God to come on him and he asked Mimi to get the Bible and he quoted the entire 16 chapters St. Mark. And said “Is that in the Bible and she said “Well, I read it somewhere.” So she went to the house and searched the Bible and found it and that was they say every time he preached just about he’d take a scripture out of Mark 16. But Sid, the man was mightily used of God; it is unreal. He would just touch people hands with warts all over them or their face and they literally dropped off under his fingers. He would pray for crippled people and the Spirit of God would bring miracles. Just straighten legs up and straighten feet up; it was amazing. The man had the most marvelous faith in praying for the sick that I have ever seen in my life.

Sid: God said that he was going to give him diverse tongues and of course I’m sure Uncle Rufus didn’t even know what divers tongues meant. And there are probably people listening to us right now; what does diverse tongues mean?

Fred: What is Sid it is a gift above and beyond the infilling; or the indwelling of the initial baptism of the Holy Ghost Everybody will speak in a heavenly language when they’re filled with the Holy Spirit of the Holy Ghost. But the gift of divers kinds of tongues is one of the nine spiritual gifts over above and beyond the receiving of the Holy Ghost. It is a supernatural manifestation where that any language known on the face of the earth can be spoken by that spirit filled believer if God puts them in position or around a foreigner or a person from another nation and He wants to witness to him. They probably don’t understand English. God can anoint that person and they can speak in that language known of that person.

Sid: How many different languages did Uncle Rufus speak. And this is a man that went to maybe a maximum of the 3rd grade. How many different languages did he speak?

Fred: I don’t know of the number brother; for instance I been with him when he spoke to Germans. Three doctors when he was in a dying condition testified that he was spoke brilliant Latin. They were making notes when his wife walked in the hospital room. And they wanted to know said your husband is well educated and said “We were surprised that he speaks better Latin than we do.” And she told them, “Oh no, my husband don’t hardly have any education. So they told them they said “He speaks real fluent Latin.” And she explained to them that that was a gift of the Holy Ghost that the Almighty God gave him when he was converted. Of course they were amazed at it because they had never heard of any thing like that.

Sid: Tell me something you witnessed with your own eyes when Uncle Rufus was ministering.

Fred: Alright let’s take the gift of divers kinds of tongues. I was traveling with him; we were driving through the city of Northern Virginia and he pulled up and he was like he was meditating. He pulled up and stopped in front of a coin meter and right there was a German name with a Shoe-shop. And he said “Son, put a nickle in that; I’m going in there there’s a German I got to witness to.” I said “Well, brother have you been here before?” He said “No.” And I said “How do you know that there’s a German in there?” He said “The Holy Ghost just told me.” So I put a nickle in the meter and we walked in. He tipped his hat toward the man and in German Sid he said “Good morning Sir, how are you this fine morning? Well, the German thinking I guess he was a German greeted him back in German and he begin to witness to him in German. He talked about the virgin birth of Christ, the Son of God coming to the earth and giving his life ad dying. And to show you how supernatural this was the man, the German, the shoe cobbler said “Let me ask you are you a Jewish Rabbi” Dumford said “No.” “Are you a Catholic Priest?” And Dumford said “No, I’m not.” And he said “Well, if you’re not a Rabbi, and you’re not a Priest and he cursed and said he said “You must be an old Holy Roller.” So evidently this German knew that a Rabbi could speak in German, and a Jewish Rabbi could do and probably a Catholic Priest would have that kind of knowledge. But he had some knowledge of the Pentecostal People in that area to know that the Pentecostal People could speak in German. I don’t understand; he must have been some contact with them.

Sid: Out of curiosity did Uncle Rufus know what he was saying when he spoke in diverse tongues?

Fred: He told me he did, yes he said “I always know what I’m saying.”

Sid: That’s got to be such a wonderful gift!

Fred: Yes, he knew exactly the scripture he was quoting and everything that he was saying. And Sid the marvelous thing was here’s a boy about 18 myself was filled with the Holy Ghost and he was speaking through the Holy Ghost. I had the gift of the Holy Ghost and I understood. I told him when we left what he was telling the German in his language.

Sid: What was he telling this German man?

Fred: Oh, he was witnessing; he said “I was driving through town and the Lord had me to stop and said I want you to go in and witness to the man and to tell him that I love him; tell him that I died for him and so on. And this was the purpose of it Brother.

Sid: And he did this all in German?

Fred: Yes.

Sid: A man with a 3rd grade education.

Fred:   Yes.

Sid: And he speaks Latin because the doctor said “How do you speak better Latin than we do? I mean this is…I was talking to your son because he knew Uncle Rufus too and he said that he spoke in at least 7 or 8 different languages fluently. I mean a 3rd grade education Mishpochah. But go ahead.

Fred:   Now basically Sid in the coalfields immigrants from Germany, Poland, Yugoslavia; Hungary all of hose Italy, they would come over here and get a job in the coal field. Most of them could speak very little English just barely enough to get by. So God knew that nobody could preach to them in English where they’d understand it good. So he gave this man the gift of divers kinds of tongues to be able to witness to these foreigners that was over here in the United States.

Sid: Now did Uncle Rufus pray for you? But you started moving in some of these gifts too. Do you think that there was a transfer of gifting from him to you?

Fred: Yes I do Sid. I believe that there is a transfer of a power of God; it can come by associating with somebody. By being with them when they pray; by working with them like like going up when a pastor’s praying for people and standing with the pastor praying with him; his anointing can come on you. The anointing of an evangelist can come on you and yes that can happen; the Spirit of God flows from one breast to the other; form one soul to the other. And this is one way that power is conferred. I believe that’s one reason that I have a boldness in praying for the sick because Dumford never hesitated. It didn’t matter what sickness or disease.

Sid: Did you see him fail a lot when he prayed for people? He prayed for people and they would not be healed?

Fred: The only case that I know of is a man that was crippled in a wheelchair and he prayed and prayed and told him “Fred, I don’t understand this man has stood up and everything but he will never walk.” One day Brother Dumford was driving through a town and I won’t mention because of what I’m going to say. But across this crippled man was sitting; he had a van fixed up for a cripple person could drive; operated with his hands not his feet. And Dumford stopped and greeted him and invited him to church. And the man he said “So and so said I don’t understand why that you’ve never been healed; I felt the power of God strike you and all.” And he glanced to left Brother and there was a house of prostitution in this little coal mining town. And young woman of all ages was out on the porch and men coming and going. And he pointed to that he said “Rufus, maybe one reason I’ve never been healed he said right there is my weakness and if I was healed I’d probably be in that place right over there.” And Rufus said “Fred, now I know why that man was never healed.”

Sid: Fred, we’re out of time! Oh Mishpochah he has got stories of things that he has seen that’s going to happen in the future; come on back tomorrow.

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