SID: Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. I just so love breathing in the rarified air of Heaven. You should try it. You’re going to like it. My guest is an award-winning medical doctor that was an atheist, went to Heaven and can’t keep quiet about Jesus now. But that’s not why I’m interviewing him. I’m interviewing him because he totally demystifies death. Now if you don’t know the Messiah, there should be fear of the unknown, death. But many Christians have fear of death. Trust me. You will be in a whole new realm after you hear this medical doctor. Now Dr. Reggie Anderson is a medical doctor in church every time the doors were open. But as a teenager, your best friends you spent summers with were involved in one of the most horrible mass murders in the history of Georgia. What happened to you, Reggie?

REGGIE: Like you said, I was raised in a church, went there every moment I got that the doors were open. Then when I was 15 Jimmy and Jerry, my best friends growing up, were murdered, all six of their family members, and I ran as fast and as far as I could [unintelligible]. And I could not believe that God that would allow something like this, so horrible, to even happen. And so I felt like at that time, that he must not exist because he didn’t help my friends stay out of that tragedy.

SID: You did a little more than that, Reggie. Did you take your fist? Tell me.

REGGIE: I really got angry. I ran as far as I could into the forest near my home, and I shouted angry thoughts at God. I mean, I hit my fist against the tree and I said, “God, you can’t be allowing this and you must not even be here on this planet, I mean, or not even exist.”

SID: So his new God became science and through science, he went to medical school and they just reaffirmed that he should be an atheist until he saw one of the most beautiful things on Earth. What was that?

REGGIE: It was the human body. I was sitting in a Gross Anatomy lab and I looked, and it was a piece of art. It was, I could not fathom that this order came out of chaos. Something so beautiful as the human body, I had no other explanation other than an artist, a creator. And so I started to think, there must be something else.

SID: How did this defy your scientific understanding?

REGGIE: Well I had been trained classically as a scientist in physics to realize that unless there is an outside force order goes to disorder, that’s physical law, and of course, the biologists kind of disagreed with that. They said that evolution explained everything, that we came out of disorder. So I could not really resolve that conflict in my mind as a scientist. So then I see the creation in front of me, the human body, and I realize the only way this could happen was with a creator. SID: But it still wasn’t enough because all that hurt inside of him, all that anger, all that rage, God, why did you do this. And some of you can relate to this. So God knew exactly what to do with Dr. Anderson. He saw the most beautiful woman at college and decided, I want to meet her. But there’s a problem. What was the problem, Reggie?

REGGIE: Well I asked her out on a date and we went, and on the way home, I was asking her for a second date. But she asked me a very important question: are you a Christian? And I said the only thing I could think of, “My parents are.”

SID: That must have helped a lot.

REGGIE: So in response to that she said, “I don’t think we should date because my life is dedicated to Jesus Christ and your life is going on a totally different path.”

SID: But he keeps pestering her and he overhears her saying to one of her girlfriends, “This Reggie, he’s an atheist and he’s kind of a stalker.” But that still didn’t stop you seeing her. And so finally, he goes off on a camping trip. He promises her that he’ll read a book. What happened?

REGGIE: Well she had given me a book a few weeks earlier, called “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis, and my mother had mailed a Bible to me. And I took those two books, and I sat down by the fireside, and I read straight through “Mere Christianity” and I read the Gospel of John, and then I fell asleep, and I started dreaming the most miraculous dream for an atheist, especially.

SID: What was it?

REGGIE: Well in that dream, Jesus came to me and he spoke these words, he said, “Reggie, why are you running from me? Your friends are here with me in paradise.” And I turned and I could clearly see Jimmy and Jerry, and all their family, and they were well and healthy, and I wanted to be there with them. I did not want to leave that space with them. And then Jesus said, “If you’ll stop running and listen to my words, I have a plan for the rest of your life.”

SID: I mean, it was such a plan. He found out what he was supposed to do the rest of his life in Heaven, in this dream. When we come back, you’re going to find out it was preposterous to him and surely preposterous to the woman he was kind of stalking. Be right back.

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