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Sid: We want everyone everywhere to be able to walk in their inheritance. You see there’s a fight going on and it’s a fight for the supernatural. Because the reason the church must move in the supernatural is to win the Jew. Why? The Jew requires a sign. Well why must the church win the Jew? Well among other things Jesus said “He would not even return in Matthew 23:39 He said “You shall see Me no more until you say ‘Blessed is the he who comes in the Name of the Lord.’” But there’s either a greater reason; you see when you win the Jew, and this is why in Roman’s 11:11 Paul distinctly says “The call for the Gentile believer is to win the Jew; salvation has come to the Gentile to provoke the Jew to jealousy.” Now the fight is over the supernatural to win the Jew, not just for the return of Jesus, but that’s true and that would have been enough but it’s the battle for the salvation of the world. Because when the Jew comes into the church the middle wall of separation comes down between Jew and Gentile once and for all. And One New Man is formed and Jesus puts it this way in John 17th chapter the 21st verse it said “I pray that they might be one.” There are only two people groups at the time He prayed Jew and Gentile; Christian’s weren’t here. I pray that they might be one and when Jew and Gentile are one what would happen; the next verse. “So that the world will believe.” And then the next verse is “When Jew and Gentile are one the world will believe because the same glory that is on Me” Jesus says “Will be on them.” Do you want to see a release of God’s glory on the church? Do you want to see the church become the glorious church? Do you want to see… well you see when the Jewish person comes into the church it says “We owe a debt of gratitude to the Jewish people.” That’s why the salvation has come to the Gentile to provoke the Jew to jealousy. Why do we owe and debt of gratitude because the Jew preached the gospel to the first Gentiles, now the Gentiles must preach the gospel to the Jew so we both are grateful to each other. That’s the Sh’ma that’s Deuteronomy 6:4 in which Jesus said “If you’ll do this you’ll fulfill all of the Torah, all of the law.” And what is Deuteronomy 6:4? “That you shall love God with all of your heart, with all of your mind, and with all of your strength and all of your being; and that you should love your neighbor with all of yourself.” And when the two come together Jew and Gentile you’ll so bless the heart of God that just as He promises during the Biblical festivals or the Biblical God appointments. He says “These feasts are Mine; He’ll show up.”

We’ve been speaking this week about the Biblical Festival of Shavuot or Pentecost. And I said this is one of my favorites because at Pentecost or Shavuot the priest would hold 2 loaves of unleavened bread up to God and he would be worshiping God and he would then wave them to God as an offering. And it was like the firstfruits of the harvest because a great greater harvest was coming. And the true meaning of Shavuot is when we reach out to the Jew first a greater harvest is coming. Now how do you reach the Jew? With the supernatural. But there is another supernatural dimension and it’s called the greatest gift of all. And you know what that is? Love, and the most love starved people on the face of this earth might surprise you because we have a nice façade, nice exterior. But the most loved starved people on the face of this earth are Jewish people. But this is what Isaiah tells us in the 49th Chapter of verse 22 and 23 the key to the heart to the Jew. It says “Thus says the Lord God behold I will lift my hand in an oath to the nations and set my standard for the peoples.” In other words nations are about to do something; this is what they’re about to do or the Gentiles; “They shall bring your sons, (That’s the Jewish sons in their arms and carry your daughters) that’s the Jewish daughters shall be carried on your shoulders; kings shall be the Jewish people’s foster father, and queens their nursing mothers.” We that know the Messiah are kings and queens in God’s Kingdom. “They shall bow down to you,” (That’s the Gentile Christian) “With their faces to the earth and lick up the dust of your feet.” I mean we Jewish people have been separated from God because our sins separate us from our God for 2000 years. We’re the most love starved people on the face of this earth. And I tell you when you walk in supernatural love to the Jewish people it says “Then they will know that I AM.” That’s another name for God, “Then they will know that I AM the Lord!”

We’re coming into a very amazing time in the history of planet earth. In the Biblical festival of Shavuot or Pentecost we read many sections; another section we read is in the Torah is Habakkuk 3:2 “In wrath, remember mercy.” Why will there be wrath? Because we’re going to have a judgment. Why will we have judgment? Because of our sins. What’s sins? How about the sin of homosexuality; how about the sin of adultery? How about the sin of abortion? How about the sin of abortion? How about the sin of New Age? How about the sin of anti-Semitism? How about the sin God says in the Living Bible in Zachariah “He that touches Israel pokes their finger in God’s eye?” How about the sin of being against the Jewish people having been given the Covenant land of Israel unconditionally forever?

You know I am so grateful that we have a man of God in the White House, and I say this because I believe it. I believe that President Bush is a man of God and he is making many decisions that are godly decisions but there is one decision that will be the Achilles-heal of his administration if he doesn’t repent, and that is involving dividing up the land of Israel. Joel the 3rd Chapter says that “It will be judgment in the last days and it will be for only one sin and it’s won’t be for homosexuality; or adultery, or abortion, or New Age although those are major sins. But this is but the area of sin will be in the last days that judgment will fall that you have divided up My land! It couldn’t be any clearer. But I believe in the midst of the judgment that is coming there will be mercy; that’s what Habakkuk tells us in 3:2. “In wrath remember mercy.”   And the mercy will be revival; there is a major, major, major and I mean this week we’re talking about Pentecost and Shavuot, a major outpouring of God’s Spirit. Remember the story about the 10 Virgins; never forget that; a virgin is a type of believer. “Five were wise, five were foolish; five were hungry for the Holy Spirit; five were hungry for things of the world.” The ones hungry for the Holy Spirit walked into the Wedding Supper of the Lamb. The ones that were interested in other things said “Give us some of your oil.” But they said “No.” You know why? You have to get your own oil; you have to reach out for God. You have to worship God; you have to tell God how much you love Him.

And this is the season, this Shavuot, this Pentecost; that whosoever calls upon the Name of the Lord will be saved and filled, filled to overflowing with the Spirit of the Living God. Yes revival is coming; yes there is a great harvest and the question is not whether revival is coming; the question is not whether or not there will be a great harvest. The question is the same question that Elijah asked in 1st Kings the 18th chapter 21st verse “How long will you falter between two opinions; if the Lord is God follow Him but if Baal follow him.” Remember Elijah and Elisha? Elisha had to stay close to Elijah or he would have missed the rapture of Elijah. A lot of people say “Is there a pre-tribulation rapture, is it mid, is it post, what is it?” The issue is not when does the rapture take place, the issue is will you be raptured; will you be caught up in the air? Well, you have to stay as close to Messiah as Elisha stayed to Elijah. And Elijah was caught up in a whirlwind, do you remember that? And what happened at Pentecost? A whirlwind came upon us with fire. And a whirlwind of God’s fire is about ready to come upon you if you hunger and thirst for righteousness God’s promise is “You will be filled.” Our time is up today but I have something so important to tell you some truths for the last days involving the United States of America on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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