Sid: Well Pastor Kynan is red hot for the Messiah. On yesterday’s broadcast I apologize again and guess what according to the Bible you have to forgive me. I want you to tell me about the… we were talking about God began moving supernaturally in your life in dreams and visions and words. And He was talking to you about what’s coming, explain.

Kynan: Well I was sitting there and the Lord gave me a vision almost like an open vision where I was standing in the middle of a wheat field. This wheat field was so vast and so wide that you couldn’t see the end of it and I was right there in the center. I begin to ask God “What is this; what is this place this wheat field?” And God said “This is my abundant supply.” In fact, there is no shortage in the Kingdom of God despite what we hear on television about physical cliffs and about economic woes. In the Kingdom of God there is no shortage, there is no lack there is only surplus. And I believe Sid that this is the year of the Lord’s favor. I believe that this is the year of an open heaven where the Body of Christ is going to begin to experience the supernatural favor of God in a way that we have never seen before.

Sid: Well you know Kynan we here on It’s Supernatural Messianic Vision are making plans for great expansion and if defies logic. And sometimes I say to my brain “Brain, stay on tilt because it makes no sense.” I mean if there’s going to be a lack of jobs; if there’s going to be a depression how can we be expanding into the secular arena like we are? Well I believe I’m walking on more favor than what’s going on in the economy, I really do.

Kynan: In fact, you know in Genesis it talks about the land of Goshen. Now of course those that know about this Joseph was one of the patriarchs of the faith and he establishes the community in Goshen which become sort of a stall worth and it becomes a haven for the Israelites for over 430 years. Now even during the plagues of Egypt, Goshen was untouched. Now the Hebrew word Goshen is the word for “Draw near.” In other words the key to favor this year and as long until Jesus comes back I believe is intimacy with God.

Sid: How do you facilitate this? In other words those are easy words to roll off of your lips but teach us what you’re doing so we can do it to have that same intimacy with God.

Kynan: First of all you’d be surprised how few Christians actually read the Bible and mediate in God’s word. You’d be even more surprised by how many Christians spend time praying, how many believers spend time praying to God. And so what we’re going to have to do in this season is be in tensional. Sometimes it going to require you cutting off the television. I believe it’s going to require us maybe doing a little less social media that we’ve been used to and really getting before God and hearing God’s voice. Because it’s the voice of God the divine instruction of God that will place us where God has intended us to be. And it’s in that place; you know the Bible talks about in Deuteronomy receiving rain in our land in our season. That means that there’s a strategic location where the favor of God has already been reserved for you. As you go into that place of favor that’s where you’re going to see the blessing like never before.

Sid: Now I promised on yesterday’s broadcast we’d talk about favor with health; tell me what happened with your mom.

Kynan: Well when I was young I was… my mom was battling a lot of health problems and in this particular area of her health she had a blood clot in her lungs. We didn’t know what it was so she went into a coma. It started off as a partial coma; she couldn’t remember anybody except myself and my oldest brother. She couldn’t remember my sisters or my father; her own mother as she went in and out of consciousness And she went in and out of hospital and I didn’t know a lot about healing at the time but I did understand the power of God’s word; speaking the Word of God. Speaking the favor of God over my life; the Lord had taught me that a little bit previous to that. So we’re in the hospital and they said that my mother was going to possibly going to die. The blood clot was traveling to her lungs, she had been a coma, she was unable to communicate and all of a sudden I began to just declare that “Lord You are God Almighty. You are wonderful; Your word says that You are the God that heals us” and I begin to declare that over my mother. All of a sudden the Pastor of our church he walks in the room and as soon as he goes to the thrust hold of the door my Mother wakes out of the coma and says “El Shaddai.” I don’t know if you know what that means but that’s a Hebrew word which means “God Almighty or God who is more than enough.” And within minutes my mother was supernaturally healed and comes out of a coma and later is released from the hospital with no blood clot in her lungs.

Sid: Paint me a picture of what the people that get under your teaching and do it what they’re life could be like with what’s coming around the corner in America.

Kynan: Well first of all we’re talking about Divine protection; as we mentioned before with Goshen we’re not just dealing with financial things but we’re talking about protecting our families; we’re talking about protecting our jobs or businesses. To come under the canopy of blessing. So that’s number1 that they’re going to experience God’s Supernatural protection. The other thing that they’re going to experience is God’s supernatural acceleration. For example, there’s a young lady in our church that has a business, she’s a businesswoman and she began to get hold of this teaching which is fairly new for her. And she was operating her business and she was basically just surviving. And I spoke a prophetic word over her and I said “You are thinking too small. God says there’s more.” And so she takes that word and she’s starts thinking about what I was talking about that there’s more? And she looks at her finances; she looks at the books and she says “You know, okay God I’m believing You for this amount.” Well not only did she believe for that amount but what God did was 3 times that. He went over and above what she asked or thought about. The other thing is we’re teaching our church this principal you know many churches are scaling back; many churches they’re seeing their giving reduced. Since we’ve been teaching this message of favor giving in our church has tripled without asking for it. We don’t manipulate anybody; we don’t beg for money; we don’t take up 5 offering a service; and the giving has tripled. We have 100% tithing the 3 year olds are tithing in our ministry. And the church is growing people are being blessed. And I believe that’s what’s going to happen in the midst of this economic attack and the things going on in our society as we tap into this message of intimacy with God and we begin to release the favor of God we’re going to see the church rise in power and influence to be able to advance the Kingdom of God in these last days.

Sid: And you know what, the church will start doing what the government is trying to do and not very successful. They’re going to do it right, that’s the appointed agency that God chose. Tell me about the time God spoke to you about angels of provision.

Kynan: Oh, goodness (laughing). Well you know we were just starting out as a church at the time and really struggling financially. I mean we really didn’t have the giving and I was frustrated. I walked away from a corporate job so did my wife. And I heard a teaching one day or a message rather and it went like this “You’re congregation is not your source.” And I thought, “Yes they are, sure they are.” And God said “No, they’re not.”   And I said “You mean to tell me that the congregation is not my source.” And God said “Yes.” All of a sudden my paradigm started shifting; God started seeding this revelation in my spirit. And we began to do the craziest things Sid. We started to declare the angels of provision to go out and retrieve everything that God intended for us. I literally laid hands on my mailbox and I said “This mail box is a receptacle of God’s divine resources, I didn’t know what receptacle meant at the time. “This is a receptacle of Divine resources.” And all of a sudden immediately the same day there was a check in the mail for $500, the next day another check; the next day another check. Another member knocked on my door and sowed a seed of $1000 by the end of that week there were thousands of dollars in that mailbox. And God began to show me from that point on I don’t really ask for money anymore. I simply just release angels of provision to go and retrieve what God has already promised.

Sid: Tell me what reports you’re getting from people that are reading your book or sitting under your teaching.

Kynan: Well the first report we’re getting is people are changing their paradigms. They’re no longer looking for God to do something but there starting to recognize what God has already done. You know Ephesians chapter 1 says that “We are already blessed.” In fact (Laughing) one lady was; she had a dream about a lady that she deals with that the lady sold a house. She runs into the lady, she’s a realtor, and she said “I had a dream that you just sold a house today. And she says “You did what?” And she says “Yes, I had a dream; and she’s not a believer and she says “I had a dream that you sold your house.” She said “Today, I just closed on a multimillion dollar listing.” And she says “And now I know who I need to hire to stage my homes.” So you see from the favor of God, God is giving people ideas; we’re seeing ministries turnaround; we’re seeing families coming together; we’re seeing marriages restored; we’re seeing people being healed in their bodies. In fact we had a prayer call..

Sid: Oh, I’m sorry we’re out of time but Mishpochah you can see that you…it’s not automatic that you get this favor. You have to have knowledge and you have to act.

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