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Sid: My guest Judy Jacobs. I’m sure you’ve seen her on TBN television; you’ve seen her as a Psalmist but you don’t know what God has put into this woman. And she’s going to change your destiny as you listen to her this week. Judy you had a good job; you’re in the banking industry; you’re a Bank Manager but you’re called to go to Bible College. Called to study voice, and as a matter of fact you heard the audible voice of God. What exactly did He tell you?

Judy: God spoke to me and said “I want you to go to Lee College and study voice and ministry; I have an anointing on your life and I want to use you for My glory and for My Kingdom.”

Sid: And you know it was a struggle for you as I understand to be able to pay your tuition and your way, but you knew that God called you so you pushed. But just before your mother died you’re pondering should you go back to school or not you have an open vision.

Judy: What I saw was people chained around their neck, chained around their arms, their legs, their ankles, body chains. And as I saw this I was so grieved in my spirit and I said to God I said “God what can I do; what can I do?” And He said “Speak My Son’s name; speak His name.” And so I begin to say Jesus sets you free; Jesus sets you free.” And as I said that Sid immediately chains begin to pop, pop, pop I saw them pop off of peoples neck; pop off of their bodies from every tribe; every nation I saw this. And it seems like every time God gives me a vision I always see nations. And so God begin to show me that and then I was so overtaken then, now I began crying. And the vision, I’m coming out of the vision and God is telling me “I’m sending you to the nations, I’m sending you to the nations.” And so I’m overcome so much so I can’t get off the floor. So I managed to get to the phone and I call a friend. A friend comes helps me up off the floor, gets me in the car, takes me 2 miles to my home. My mom comes running out of the house unbeknowning to her what has just happened and she knew the struggle that I was having about going back to school and finishing my degree and going on with the things that God had put in my heart or staying with her. And she comes out of the house and she is screaming; she is praising God and she’s saying “You’ve got to go back to school, God is showing me He is sending you to the nations; you’ve got to go baby; you’ve got to go!” And I begin to weep, we both fell into each other’s arms beginning to weep knowing what was happening and knowing what really was coming next.

Sid: Now you were actually recruiting people for your college, Lee College. People saw you and started inviting you to their congregations and I understand a lot of miracles and manifestations of God occurred.

Judy: I’m seeing people healed, I’m seeing people delivered, demons are coming out of people; I’m seeing people set free; I’m seeing marriages restored. I’m seeing people saved filled with the Spirit. And so now I’m in a predicament because I have made a commitment to this group and yet I’m having all of these phone calls of these peoples and pastors and nations calling me “Come over here, come over here.” And so I just started turning them down and I said “No, I’ve made this commitment and so I’m very strong when it comes to commitments that’s how I was raised. And then the Holy Spirit speaks to me and God says to me “Who are you to refuse the doors that I have opened? Whenever I open a door no man can shut it not even you!” And so as the Holy Spirit begins to deal with me now I know that I have a decision that I have to make and that is when I made the decision to go as a soloist which was the next phase of my life.

Sid: Judy I’m going to take you to 2004 you’re speaking at a woman’s retreat and God said something to you; what did you say to the women then?

Judy: He says, “Tell these women I’m about to show up in My glory.” I knew what the glory meant; it’s the heaviness of the glory of God; it’s the kabod you know. And so I told these ladies I said “Get your hands up God just told me He’s about to show up in His glory.” Well everybody’s got their hands up they’ve closed their eyes; they begin to worship. Well I wasn’t about to close my eyes I thinking “God, if You’re going to show up in Your glory I’m going to see this.” And so as I’m standing there worshiping just like everybody else is worshiping all of a sudden from my right to my left people starting falling like dominoes and what was so beautiful was how they begin to fall so succinctly. It’s like someone is breathing on them; like someone is like blowing breath on them and as their blowing the breath I know that it’s the breath of the Holy Spirit they begin to fall so beautifully all over that auditorium and it’s going around in a circle. And it’s circling the whole auditorium and as I’m watching this I’m saying to the Holy Spirit “Holy Spirit don’t miss me; don’t forget about me.” And so as He’s coming around I feel the heaviness begin to come on me and as it does we are all slain in the Spirit. I would say it was 45 minutes. There’s women out groaning and moaning and including me. After about 30 – 45 minutes I start hearing people start to scream “Oh, my God it’s gone, oh Jesus, thank you; I mean people were like can I use the word freaking out?” They were freaking out all over the room. There was one lady there who had a tumor on the side of her head and it’s the size like a tennis… a table tennis ball; like a table tennis ball the little round white little balls. She has had this over 20 years, she’s a lawyer. She had her hair all the way back pulled back on the side of her head screaming, “It’s gone, it’s gone; it’s gone!” She comes comes up on the stage and she say’s “Look at my head.” And her head I mean it was normal, I mean I didn’t know what she was talking about but it was totally normal. She said “I had this growth” and she showed me the size like a little white tennis ball and she says “It’s gone it’s been on my head for the last 20 years now it’s gone.” Supernaturally miracles were happening all over the room.

Sid: Was this the first time that something so major occurred in your ministry; so many people getting healed; such a move of God’s Spirit or had that been going on before?

Judy: It had been going on but I had never… now I didn’t see that happen Sid really because I was on the floor but never in that magnitude, never in that magnitude. I had seen people get out of wheelchairs; I have seen people get out of wheelchairs and run around the building; I’ve seen those kind of things. But I didn’t see this woman’s tumor disappear; everybody around her was screaming and losing their mind because they knew the woman and they were rejoicing with her. But you know what I was talking earlier about the levels of the anointing.

Sid: Yes.

Judy: So this was another level of the anointing that I was experiencing.

Sid: Okay, let’s take the person that’s listening to us right now as they read about what you did and how you went from glory to glory, or level of anointing to level of anointing. Are you getting feedback that that’s the keys that are causing these people that read your book to do the same?

Judy: The feedback that I’m getting is that people are talking about how they’re walking in more boldness, confidence, and authority than they’ve ever walked in their life. A lady walked up to me this morning and she’s said “I started reading your book last night.” I’m here at a conference here and she said “I’ve started reading your book last night.” She says, “I was up early in the morning and she’s standing there crying” and she says “My life will never be the same again; I have never felt so much glory on my life as I do right now.” That’s what I’m hearing; I’m hearing people talk about the anointing and the glory and the power and the authority of God that they are experiencing since reading this book. The anointing to pray, the anointing to worship; the determination the audacity if you will; the boldness and the authority that has risen up in them since reading this book. Because the anointing will do that; the anointing will take you from where you are and take you to a level you’ve never been before. God never wants us to stay in kindergarten; I never want to stay in kindergarten I want to go from kindergarten I want to go to first grade; I want t graduate with my Doctorate degree. Glory to glory, to glory, to glory I don’t want to stay the same way that I was last week. I want to grow in God every single day, every single week of my life. I want more, and more and more of His presence and glory and anointing in my life Sid.

Sid: Judy, I believe that when people….

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