Sid: Most believers’ potential in God has been limited because of problems in their soul. Most believers’ concentrate on their spirit, don’t pay attention to their soul and don’t realize that that’s retarding their growth in the Spirit. That they’re soul wounds are sabotaging them fulfilling their destiny; hearing God; having success. I have Dr. Cindy Trimm on the phone and we’re talking to her about her brand new book “Reclaiming Your Soul.” And her whole curriculum that is changing lives; people that have been believers for decades that don’t understand why they’re not walking into their destiny, why they don’t know their calling; why they’re not hearing God the way that others seem to be hearing God. It’s because they’ve been crippled in their soul. Let’s start out Dr. Trimm with… distinguish for me the difference between spirit, soul and body.

Cindy: Yes, and the Bible does make a distinction; one of the things that the book of Hebrews 4 and 12 says is that the word of God says is that “The word of God is quick and powerful; sharper than any two edged sword piercing even dividing asunder the soul and the spirit.”   So we can start there; we know that our body is different from our soul and our spirit. The soul makes you self-conscience; the spirit makes you God conscious and your body makes you world conscious and so that’s the basic difference there. Your soul gives you the ability to call yourself “I.” When I meet a person I might refer to them as you; or he or she. When I refer to myself I refer to myself as I. And the scripture says that when God created man and Genesis chapter 2 verse 7 “God breathed into him the breath of life and man became a living soul.” So then we created man spirit; gave him a body and breathed the soul into him. Your soul gives your body… it animates your body; and when you die we usually say “Dust to dust ashes to ashes from the earth you came from the earth you return” referring to the body. So your body is physical and it will disintegrate upon death; but your soul and your spirit is eternal.

Sid: Now I’ve talked with you and interviewed you before and you move amazingly accurately in gifts of the Spirit; you operate in the gifts and I would think someone like you would be concentrating on the spirit realm why are you doing this 40 days soul fast curriculum concentrating on the soul?

Cindy: Because the soul is important; it’s important to God and once we understand that your soul has to be healthy. David said “Thou restoreth my soul.” Scriptures also says something that is so important; it says “That we should lay apart all filthiness; superfluity; naughtiness and receive with meekness the engrafted word which able to say you souls.”   So I discovered just from studying the word of God that many times we don’t feel like ourselves; we become like the prodigal son. And in the book of Luke chapter 15 it says “When he came to himself he said to himself.” And many of us live disconnected from who we really are because of the contamination of our own soul. And the Bible says “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world to lose his soul or what will a man give in exchange for his soul.” And if the Bible has that value for the human soul and each human soul. And if the Bible says that the soul has so much worth that it compared it with all of the gold, all of the silver, all of the precious things in the earth realm the celestial value of heaven and earth. And if we can evaluate the value of all of the wealth in the natural world and all of the wealth the celestial world then we can see the value of each human soul.

Sid: Out of curiosity how did you originally get the concept of a 40 days soul fast?

Cindy: I actually was talking to a colleague, a friend of mine, and we talking about the number 40 and just going through the Bible noticing what God does in 40 day or 40 year segments. And so the concept of 40 came from you know God cleansing the earth for 40 days and 40 nights; Jesus fasting for 40 days and 40 nights. It was Elijah that had fasted and after 40 days he was able to run in a supernatural fashion. So as I was looking at what God did in 40 days to take an entire nation from total oppression as slavery and bring them into a promise land as royalty. I began to say “Well there’s something about 40 that we can use in order to help individuals to discover who they are in Christ Jesus and to live authentically; true to who God wanted them to be.” Forty day soul fast, it’s not about what you’re eating it’s about what’s eating you.      

Sid: Now you talk about there are road blocks within our soul that stop us from achieving the potential God has for us. What are some of those roadblocks; what’s causing them?

Cindy: Yeah, I found out that just reading scriptures that our soul can be afflicted and our soul can be anchored and sometime our souls that houses the mind, will, and emotion. So this soul fast is about the healing of our memories; the healing of our emotions; things that our soul has been anchored in and God can remove that so that our souls are anchored in the hope of Jesus Christ. I’ve discovered that when we anguish and we have pain in our souls our souls can actually anguish. I’ve even found that your soul can have an appetite you know. And so because we can have attachments at the level of our soul; what happens if those attachments are not healthy ones?   And that’s what we call a soul tie; there’s legitimate ones and there’s illegitimate ones where we’re attached to things, habits, addictions. If there’s going to be healing of an individual or healing of humanity it’s got to be at the level of our soul.

Sid: Give me some examples of people that have gone through the 40 day soul fast and what’s happened to them. And I repeat it’s not food; it’s fasting things that are getting in the way of you fulfilling your potential and hearing God’s voice.

Cindy: The story that comes to mind is a very provocative story of a women and she wrote in and said that all of our relationships were seemingly messed up. But she never pointed it towards her; and when she went of the soul fast she found out how depression had actually undermined how she lived but how she related to people. And after the fourth day of this soul fast the darkness lifted from off of her and at the end of the 40 day soul fast she reported that her relationship with her children; her relationship with her husband changed because she changed. And this is how powerful the 40 day soul fast is.

Sid: Well you know I love the quote that you used “It’s not about what you are eating; it’s about what’s eating you and keeping you from fulfilling what God wants you to be.” When you coach someone for 40 days as to what they should be doing and they go through the 40 days what are the types of things that will happen to people?

Cindy: Number one people will find out about their true identity; not from the perception of other people but how God defines who they are. That is one of the most profound occurrences that will happen with a person because a lot of times we try to fix things and people around us to bring us happiness not knowing that our outer world is a reflection of our inner realities. And as we allow the word of God to sink deep into our soul to deal even with repress emotions; things that come immediate to our mind. But I’m reminded that the Bible said that “The word of God is quick and powerful.” God can give us laser surgery as it were through the word of God and also He can heal the inner most parts of our beings and some areas that we may not even be able to recall ourselves. Because our memory houses just things that happen to us in the past. And I believe the 40 day soul fast is about inner healing.

Sid: Well I can’t wait for people to take this and I’m going to tell you why as Cindy says “It will be the best 40 days of your life.” Your soul wounds that are sabotaging your growth in the Spirit stopping you from fulfilling your destiny; stopping you from hearing God stopping you from moving in the gifts of the Spirit. These soulish problems are keeping you from fulfilling your potential; keeping you from walking in Divine health and peace and happiness. And it’s time you become who God designed you to be.

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