SID: Hello. Welcome. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest is so accurate in his predictions that he has direct access to top U.S. government officials to give warnings of what he sees happening. How would you like to find out what he sees happening in the near future to the United States of America, the former Soviet Union and Israel. Are you interested? I absolutely love the gift of prophecy. I’m reminded of Samuel. It says, “Not one of his words fell to the ground,” meaning they were right a hundred percent of the time. Now Larry, when did you first realize you had a gift that you knew things that you had no business knowing?

LARRY: Probably four or five years old. And that was my first exposure to me bringing the gift. My father had an incredible gift. So I was raised in that environment, so you know, was brought up and taught.

SID: You know, you were raised in poverty.


SID: You’ve had, as a young kid, panic attacks.


SID: No friends, low self-esteem.


SID: And then at 13, he runs away from home. And I guess it’s a good thing you didn’t find the guy that Elvis Presley found, with the big cigar. He’s playing in night clubs.


SID: And he’s doing his own thing. But you knew better. Why did you do your own thing?

LARRY: I did my own thing because I was raised in a church. It was a wonderful church with gifts. It was sort of steeped in kind of, you know, tradition. And there was something in me that said there was more out there. There’s nothing wrong with what I got, but there’s something creative in me. There’s something out of the box in me. There’s something I want to do that’s different from the same old, same old of yesterday’s thing. I’m a Renaissance man. I’m from [unintelligible]. And I didn’t know what that was except my expression was sort of, I thought was in music, I’ll find that expression in music. So I ran away. I was running away from the legalism, and the boundaries that locked me in, to a small band with expression in my life.

SID: Okay. In his early 20s, God did not forget about him. What happened, Larry?

LARRY: My early 20s, I decided I was a legend in my own mind as far as a musician. And so, and God began to deal with me. I gave my heart back to God because I was new to the Lord since as a little boy, a minister in the church since a little boy. So I gave my heart back to God and I took a job as a staff minister at a church in my early 20s. And long story short, and this was one of my first encounters with the Lord. It set the stage for everything that I am today. I was going to sleep one night and I had been praying for a long time about the Lord to visit me, to help me find, you know, what’s my destiny, you know. Because it’s destiny by design. We just don’t have a chance. It’s destiny by design. I thought, what’s the design for my life? Why am I here? Who am I? What am I doing on Planet Earth? What’s my call, etc., etc. I was drifting off to sleep, a late Octoberish, fall night in Arkansas, and the leaves were on the ground. The leaves had fallen from the tree, and so you could hear the sound of any crunch as you walked on the leaves. I heard the sound of leaves crunching under feet in the front of the house. And I immediately thought, you know, maybe there’s a burglar in the area, because there had been reports of burglars. So immediately, I was gripped with fear. And I thought, should I call the police, you know, what should I do? Of course, at that time I lived in backwoods Arkansas. You would stick your head out the window and yell, “Police!” But so I didn’t have a phone and I thought, how will I get the police? And so I’m laying in my bed with the bedroom window six inches from my face catching the wonderful Autumn breeze. And as the footsteps turned the corner of the house, I knew it was coming to my window. And at that moment, things changed, the atmosphere changed and the Spirit of God fell on me. It was the most amazing, anointing [unintelligible] that I had ever experienced. And I knew that I had a visitation from God. I knew that wherever Heaven was at, somebody came down from there to visit there. And as it turned up to the corner, I realized and recognized the presence of Jesus. I recognized the presence of that overwhelming love for me, and etc., etc. As he came to my window, it was a figure, but I couldn’t see the definition of his face because it was, he was so clouded in glory and actually love, love like I couldn’t see through the veil of love. So what happened is everything turned red, a most beautiful living red, became, it was no longer a color, it was a living thing. And that red was the agape love of Jesus. And it hung like a cloud over my bedroom. It came through his face, his body, into the screen window to the top, and it hung thick, and it began to fall on me like a mist. It was a liquid red cloud, and I realized it was liquid agape. It was liquid love. And as I began to breathe it in, as I breathed it in, everything unclean and everything not right disappeared and the Glory of God began to fill my soul. And I realized at that moment that experiencing, Paul says “the incomprehendable love of God, neither death or nothing can, things to come, things, to pass, demons, angels, nothing can separate me from the agape love of God.” So it was my first encounter with someone that I thought loved me unconditionally.

SID: Tell me what that change, what was it, the contrast?

LARRY: There were two things that happened at this intersection that became a tipping point for the rest of my life. And the two things, Sid, were, one, was I was aware of one thing. I was aware that in my life, I would make some major mistakes, and we all do. And I was aware of that. But I was aware that no matter what I did, no matter what my mistakes were, no matter how I stumble, Jesus loved me unconditionally. And no matter what happened in my life, he had already paid the price for it down the road. So as long as lived, I was covered in an unconditional love by that. So that set right something in my spirit about being unloved and rejected. And so I was thinking, wow, unconditional, there’s no condition. This man loves me beyond imagination. It was amazing. Then for the first time He said something to me. He had never spoken. He had said to this, “Larry, look at your hands.” And He said, “Why did I put your hands on your arms?” And thought immediately, I thought, to feed myself, to play guitar, to preach. And I said, “Lord, I don’t know.” He said, “I put my hands on your arms because human hands are an extension of my heart. They’re an extension of heaven.” And He taught me how to use my hands and lay hands upon him. He said, “Now I’ll show you something about who you are. This is what you do. Your hands are never to hit, never to smite, never hit anyone with my hands. I don’t shove with my hands. He said, “Have an open hand, not a closed fist.” He said, “Live a life with an open hand. You’re to affirm with your hands. You’re to love with your hands, touch with your hands. You’re to bless with your hands.” He taught me about how he used his hands to heal people. And then he said this to me, “Look at your fingertips.” And I looked at my fingertips and He said to me, “Does anyone else have the fingerprint that you do?” And I said, “No, I’m the only one.” And I remember He distinctly said it with Scripture of the psalm, “You are fearfully and awesomely made.” I knew that also meant distinctly, uniquely made.

SID: You are fearfully and wonderfully, and uniquely made, and God has a destiny for you. And I’m going to believe as we continue with Larry, it’s going to unfold. We’ll be right back.

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