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Sid: Well I have a guest that has the most amazing testimony about what happened when she watched It’s Supernatural Television. And she’s been a guest previously her name is LaDonna Taylor but because of what she went through the healing anointing, which is always been on her violin playing. It’s always been I think that LaDonna that you told me that since you went full time that you haven’t had a meeting where there wasn’t a miracle as a result of the anointing on your music, is that right?

LaDonna: That is the truth.

Sid: However, for those that did not hear our previous interview; you were raised in a Christian home and one of my heroes in your story, and it must be your hero too, is your grandmother. Did she actually pray for dead people that came back to life?

LaDonna: She did, I know of 3 times specifically when my Nana raised the dead in her church services.

Sid: And as a young younger, really young child you would have visions of Jesus and worship Him for hours. That sounds so wonderful to me; I wasn’t saved until I was 30. God wasn’t even in my mind to speak of. But God was important to you your whole life.

LaDonna: My whole life He was important to me. I would see Him on the cross and I would bend over in a little fetal position even as a toddler and worship Him for a long time.

Sid: When you say you would see Him on the cross would this be a cross at home, a picture or in your mind?

LaDonna: In my mind.

Sid: And would you make that happen or would it just happen, I’m just curious.

LaDonna: No Sid I would make it happen, sometimes I’d be playing, sometimes I would just get up in the morning or before I would go to bed at night and I would see Him and I would just… needed to worship Him.

Sid: Now, when you say worship; you know if I can find out how a little child worships Jesus I can find out the way we’re all supposed to. How did you do it as a child?

LaDonna: I just remember every time getting on my knees and bowing down. Sometimes my little hands would reach up and I’d feel like I could touch the cross and I would just say “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus I love You, I love You.” I truly remember doing that.

Sid: What about the blood of Jesus? Did you have much teaching on that as a child?

LaDonna:   I had more demonstration on that as a child…

Sid: What do you mean by demonstration?

LaDonna: I mean in the church services I would have the demonstration of healing and I could see the people in the church as people would come to the altar and people would say “I plead the blood of Jesus, in the Name of Jesus there is power in the blood.” I would hear that in altar services as a child.

Sid: Would you see miracles happen when they would plead the blood of Jesus?

LaDonna: I saw miracles, I saw demon’s leave people, I saw deliverances.

Sid: What does it mean to you pleading the blood of Jesus, what is your meaning, understanding of that?

LaDonna: The way I always understood it was that the people that were saying this were realizing that there was power in that blood that was shed in the cross.

Sid: You know what I imagine; when I say “I plead the blood of Jesus and sometimes I’ll go into a hotel room and just sprinkle with my words, “I sprinkle the blood of Jesus.” I see every demon in hell taking a step back that is watching what’s going on every time I say the blood of Jesus. That’s what I believe.

LaDonna: Absolutely, even this moment for everyone within the sound of our voices I plead the blood of Jesus and demons will step back now and quit tormenting and quit completing any assignments against the people of God. In Jesus name it’s done.

Sid: Now is this the type of thing that goes on inside of you when you play the song
“Nothing but the Blood” is this what you’re feeling when you’re playing your violin?

LaDonna: Every time I play my violin I look into the eyes of God. It’s my connection to heaven and many times the Lord shows me when I play songs about the blood. The Lord shows me what He’s doing, what He’s accomplishing through the music. I see many deliverances and healings during this music.

Sid: Well, I think that we’ve got to hear that song “Nothing But the Blood” LaDonna Taylor.

Excerpt “Nothing But the Blood”.

Sid: You can see why the anointing is sky high on her music for healing and for emotional problems and any problem anyone has. I mean where that anointing is it’s a demon free zone, that’s for certain. LaDonna tell me one person that got healed that was either at a concert or listened to these CD’s.

LaDonna: I was in Branson, Missouri and I had been playing some music on my violin. And I knew the Lord was healing pain. And I asked someone to stand up that had pain in their body and a lady named Donna stood up. And I said “Where’s the pain” and she said “It’s in my knee.” And I said “What’s causing the pain?” And she said “There’s a cyst on the back of my leg.” And as soon as she said it I knew that the cyst was gone. And I said “Check your leg right now.” And the pain was gone. And I said “See if you can find the cyst.” She couldn’t find it.

Sid: Let me ask you this “I believe that the anointing has gotten so strong on you but I believe that it’s such a progressive thing that every time you minister it will get stronger, talk to that.

LaDonna: I absolutely love that; I cannot tell you the desire of my life to go from glory to glory to glory. Everyday all I want to do is touch Him, “God let it get stronger in the Name of Jesus.”

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