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Sid: Well my guest is red hot for the Messiah; his name is James Goll. He’s been a guest previously and James I am pretty amazed at your background. I didn’t know a lot of these things and maybe I’ll find out a few more things. When you were born you were an answer to prayer, explain that.

James: Yeah that’s really true. I grew up in Rome, Missouri and my mother was a real prayer warrior. So there’s a little small town in Rome, Missouri a little bitty town called Calgel 259 people. On July 3rd 1951 my mother was expecting a little boy and she was 5 months along pregnant. Her and my dad already had two daughters, then on that day July 3, 1951 so I’m giving you how old I am I’m 61 be 62 here in July. My mother had a miscarriage and she lost the little boy and that day she prayed and she said “Lord, if you’ll give me another son I’ll dedicate him to Christ service.” So one year to the very date July 3rd 1952 my mother’s name was actually Amanda Elizabeth like John the Baptist, my mother’s name was Elizabeth, and Elizabeth means consecrated one. So exactly one year later to the very day boy I kind of humorously say it is I came out my momma’s womb, I waved my hand and I said “Hallelujah!” And so Jesus is actually all I’ve ever known and I came forth from again a consecrated one, and I was an answer to prayer.

Sid: But at age 20 from what I understand from the prophetic gift erupted; what triggered that?

James: Yeah, that’s exactly right. Well there’s a couple of things; we all have our pilgrimages, you know our walks with God and as a kid you know I would just go walking out in the country and the railroad tracks and whatever and I’d just talk to God and God would talk back to me. And I thought that was normal Christianity. And I still believe it’s normal Christianity but so I grew up in a conversational communion with the Lord. But in 1972 when I’m 20 years old I actually attended Expo-72 in Dallas, Texas at the Cotton Bowl. At the end of the fifth day Dr. Billy Graham spoke and he had you to stand to dedicate your life to fulltime Christian Service. So this is one of the big Jesus people events, this is my first time to run into the Jesus People. So I stood to my feet along with 70 – 80,000 other new believers I dedicated my life to full-time Christian service. Then it was that fall that I go back to college and I ran into the Jesus people on our college campus and they started like talking to me about being filled with the Holy Spirit and baptism of the Holy Spirit, stuff like that. And then I was like “This was interesting, I’ve been prayed for a whole year every day to be filled with the Holy Spirit but the way that these guys are talking about it’s a little bit different from what I know. And so I know then that I yielded in and I was getting more hungry for God; so it was Thanksgiving break while I was in college. I kept praying to be filled with the Holy Spirit and then it happened. When it happened it happened a little bit different way than what I was expecting because the first thing that started happening I started prophesying.

Sid: Do you remember what you prophesied?

James:   Yeah, it’s really amazing Sid I’d been prophesying for 40 years now, 42 years. And the very first prophesy I ever heard was one that came out of my own mouth and it went like this “As it was in the last week of the earthly ministry of Jesus and He came to the Father’s House and He cleansed it and He declared ‘My Father’s House is to be called a House of Prayer for all of the Nations.’ And he turned over the money changers tables; he went over to the cage where the ceremonial dove was held, he loosed it and the dove was set free; and the children began to praise the Lord and healing became the children’s bread. So will it be in the last week of the last days in Jesus’ ministry by the Spirit in the earth realm. He will come once again to visit the Father’s House and the zeal of the Lord of Hosts will consume Him and He once again will make a declaration in the last week of the last days. And He will say ‘My House shall be called a House of Prayer for all of the nations and healing once again will be the children’s bread and praise will break out amongst the children as it was in the last week of the last days of the earthly ministry of Jesus; so will it be in the last week of the last days of His ministry by the Spirit in the earth realm.’” It was really amazing.

Sid: Well that begs the question, “How close are we to that coming to pass right now?”

James: Oh, well listen if we really dial in and kind of like even historically and like this that prophesy was going to be the greatest global prayer movement; that’s where we’re at right now. Today we have like in Nigeria they have 1,000,000 people that pray all Friday night through the night. Seoul Korea I’ve been to…

Sid: Could you… wait a second, could you imagine what would happen to the United States of America if there were 1,000,000 Christians praying through the night. I mean, throw out all of those bad prophesies I’m hearing about, the future of America. They’ll just disintegrate.

James: Well I totally agree and that is… this is a big issue. And so the Lord has a great promises for us and He wants us to become consumed with His presence and He wants us to be the House of Prayer for all nations. So globally we do have today the largest global prayer movement that there’s ever been. We have today all of these houses of prayer that are emerging all over the place. Then the prayer networks and all of this and so yep I see difficult things. I see some real difficult things happening right now but I also see the beginning of the 3rd great awakening and so… Yeah and so that’s the first prophesy that I ever heard was one that came out of my own mouth.

Sid:     Now the devil tried to take you out with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and why do you think? What do you see that you’re supposed to be doing that caused the devil to try to take you out?

James: You know that’s fascinating Sid that you asked that question; I do get asked that by a lot of people over the years, so let me give a little background. I did go through 8 years, 8 ½ years of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer, but I’ve made it and I’ve been cancer free for 4 ½ years and I’m never going to come back again. In fact Oral Roberts prayed for me in his home in Orange County in September before he had passed away in that December. And I actually flew in a plane, went out to his house, had little white mask on me because my white blood count was so low. I’m in his house and I just had this knowing on the inside of me that I was probably going to be the last person Oral Roberts was going to pray for and it was going to be confirmed healed of cancer. So when he prays for me he puts his hand on my head and shakes me around a little bit and he says “I eradicate every cancer cell in your body and I commend it never to come back again.” Now I’ll tell you what it was like lightning bolt went through me and supercharge of God’s presence and it’s not going to come back; it will never come back and I just declare that right now. But you know…

Sid: Well I know that it’s not going to come back but do you know the reason that I know that it’s not going to come back absolute know it? Because I know a prophesy that you journaled when you were 48 years of age and it had something to do with what you’re going to see when you’re 70 years of age. And as you just said you’re 61 now so I know that it’s never going to come back but… we’re out of time James. I’m going to have you share some of the prophecies that you’ve seen that are going to happen shortly.


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