SID: Hello. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. Just breathe in that rarified air of Heaven. Well there’s a problem going on today and the problem in a word is there’s hopelessness in one or more areas of most people’s lives, and it’s almost epidemic. My guest comes from a hopeless background and he has supernaturally found how you can get rid of hopelessness in every area of your life. And he heard from God and He said—this is what God said to him: “Your season of hopelessness is over.” You want that? I do. Get a little excited at home, too. You know, so they’re predicting bad things for the United States, bad things for the world that—there is a breath of fresh air coming from Dutch Sheets. Dutch, just about six months ago, God spoke to you audibly and what did He say?

DUTCH: He told me we would see a billion souls saved in the next 10 years.

SID: Now is this going to start 10 years from now or when is this going to start?

DUTCH: You know, I believe we’ve already moved into the greatest awakening the world has ever seen. I believe God is so passionate about people. You know, sometimes we think we want somebody to be saved. We don’t realize God wants to save them more than we do. He has saved the best for last, Sid, and He’s about to send a wave of revival that is unprecedented.

SID: Okay. The third great awakening, it is so— Dutch had two visions that were so clear as to what it’s going to look like, and I’ll have him share that in just a little bit. Your background in a way provokes me to jealousy. You were raised in a church where your dad was a pastor and miracles were common. Tell me a couple things you saw with your eyes as a youngster.

DUTCH: Oh I saw so much. I remember a lady with stomach cancer. And you know, God healed her. He could have dissolved it, but He wanted to perform a sign of wonder and I literally saw this woman vomit up this cancer before my very eyes.

Woman: I receive this healing in Jesus’ name.

DUTCH: And she went back to the doctor and was completely, pronounced completely cancer free.

Man: There’s no cancer.

Woman: Thank you Jesus.

DUTCH: I saw a young boy with braces who had never walked. I saw him prayed for. I heard the bones begin to pop in his legs. I saw this kid begin to run for the first time around the room. When you see something like that with your very own eyes, you know it can’t be fake. You know no one could fabricate this. You’re just never the same.

SID: So his father was his hero and he was actually participating and praying just as a youngster for these miracles. And at 17, his heart was broken. There was a church split. His father ran off with the secretary, and what happened to you, Dutch?

DUTCH: You know, I have, had a great relationship with my dad at the time he died and I like to honor him with that. He did have a great turnaround. But I tell you, my world fell apart, Sid. I did not know how to reconcile what I had heard all these years from him and what he did. I didn’t know how to cope with the pain. I didn’t know how to deal with the confusion. I didn’t know how to deal with my mother, who sobbed in my arms for two hours and said, I don’t want to live. And as a 17-year-old kid I became angry and bitter. I became cynical. I began to doubt everything. How could God allow this to happen to me? We were serving Him. We were faithful. We made sacrifices for Him. How could God allow this to happen? And I went through this horrible season of rebellion looking through drugs, alcohol, the party scene.

SID: Speaking of alcohol, he was in a bar just feeling sorry for himself. That’s what people do in bars and then they take alcohol to just numb the pain, and he hears a voice. What did you hear?

DUTCH: You know, it couldn’t have been any more shocking to me. This place I was in, I heard God very clearly say, “What are you doing here?” God often gets our attention with a question. And my first response was I looked around. It was so clear to me this was God talking to me. I said, “What are you doing here?” And He said, “I’m here for you and you know this is not who you are and this will never be who you are.” And I was instantly sober. I walked outside and spent about an hour just talking with the Lord, and He started going deep in my heart. And I talked to Him about the pain, and I talked to Him about the confusion. I said, “I don’t understand.” But I knew that I still loved Him and I knew that He was right. This is not who I am. And it began a two-month process of the Lord and I having a lot of conversations. I didn’t repent immediately. I didn’t turn back to God immediately. The process began.

SID: And you know what? You had let your father’s failure define who you were. Now who’s defining who you are? We’ll be right back.

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