Sid: I’ve got a man that’s red hot for the Messiah because to him who has been forgiven much they love much. I’m speaking to Keith Clark in Tampa Florida. He is prayer director for “Set Free Ministries.” My friend Molly D’Andrea said it up… true accounts of those that have been liberated from pornography, sexual addiction, masturbation, rape, molestation, incest, lesbianism, homosexuality. And you say “Sid why would a Christian want to be set free from these things?” Well the question is “Are they a Christian really or are they just attending church.” And number two “Jesus came to set the captives free.” Now Keith so we can have a little bit of your background, when you were raised you were a practicing homosexual and up until say maybe junior high school you didn’t think anything was wrong about that.

Keith: That’s right I thought it was normal and I thought that nothing was wrong with it at all until one day I heard my mother talk about gay people and describe what they were and what they did and how sick they were. Then I realized that I was a pretty sick weird person.

Sid: Did you hate yourself?

Keith: I had hated myself from the beginning because of the molestation that was done to me as a child. I did not know exactly what it was, didn’t like it but yet there was part of me that did like it. And there was fulfillment there because it was love from a man that I did not receive from an abusive alcoholic father.

Sid: And in high school, or actually junior high school, you got into drugs and you were actually kicked out of school in the 8th grade. Did you… we’re you able to go back?

Keith: No, they actually kicked me out of all public schools and told me I was no longer fit to be teachable or could no longer attend any of the Michigan schools. I was able to go back when they open up a school of choice which was for people with problems and I was able to go back there but that was a drug infested place too. So I really didn’t learn too much.

Sid: Now as a young child you accepted the Lord but when did you first find out that it was a deep sin that you could go to hell for by being homosexual?

Keith: Well I accepted Jesus Christ at 7 years old and He became my best friend and I started praying to Him from that time forth. My parents did have an experience with God and we did learn a lot about God within a few years. There was something inside of me that kept telling me that there was something wrong with the activity that I was pursuing. So I did go an speak to whom I thought was a man of God that was a pastor he was a Baptist pastor and told him what my problem was. Told him what had happened to me and he basically told me that there was no hope for me, that I would die and go to hell and that there was no redemption or repentance for people like me.

Sid: Well when you heard that what did you do?

Keith:   At that time I proceeded to hate myself, I proceeded to realize that I was a failure in life because homosexuality was not accepted at all in them days. I also realized that I was not accepted in the Kingdom of God so there was no acceptance for me, so I was a misfit.

Sid: Well there are such things as gay or homosexual churches and I’ve met people that go to these churches and they think that they’re okay. Did you go to them?

Keith: Yes, I most certainly did. I had a friend that went to one and that friend also went to a gay bar. And that friend introduced me to both of those places and when I first went it was like a born again experience because I was amongst my kind so I thought. Then was taught that homosexuality was a chosen life, it was a life given by God that we were chosen special people and that we really had a call on our life and that we had a way to God that no one else had. Then I proceeded to study that and realized though at the same time in my heart that this just did not make sense, that this just did not feel comfortable. Getting involved with the Gay coalition and things like that and starting to come out of my shell and accepting the fact that I was a homosexual. Then all of a sudden I read the word of God. And I read in Romans where it said that such were and in Corinthians where it says “And such were some of you that you’ve been washed, you’ve been cleansed.” And I realized if such as some of you then what is going on here, I’d been told it was a wonderful thing and that God loved us then why was God condemning it. Why was God saying that any of these people who practice such sins shall not inherit the Kingdom of God? Which brought me into a mass of confusion.

Sid: Now let me ask you something, “Did you actually think you were a woman in a man’s body?

Keith: Not at first, at first I thought I had met a cousin’s friend of mine who was a man who was proceeding to have surgery to become a woman. I knew that I like the sexual activity and I was confused totally about that. But as the perversion got stronger and stronger the feminality part of me came out more and more and overtook the masculinity, and I became more under the influence and deception that maybe I was a woman trapped in a man’s body.

Sid: Now you were actually a drag queen and you went into male prostitution but you must have been the most miserable of people realizing that God forbid homosexuality and you loved God. And so what did you do about it?

Keith: Well I did a lot of crying, I did a lot of drugs. Drugs was my escape, I got to the point where I was doing somewhere from 3 to $400 of cocaine mainlining it every day. Selling my body to pay for the drugs, doing drag shows and everything I could in order to have money for drugs. At the same time falling on my knees on the corner as a male prostitute screaming out “Jesus, please if You’re there, if You’re there send somebody to please help me.”

Sid: Now why didn’t you just go to a church and have a pastor pray for your deliverance and get set free?

Keith: I had gone 2 or 3 times and I was told different stories that I could accept it in and not be in the activity and I would by okay. I was also told, like I said earlier, that there was no way for me to find redemption or salvation and I was just not accepted into the churches. As soon as someone found out that I was gay I was treated as someone who had a disease.

Sid: Hmm. So you got to the point where you tried to commit suicide with PCP drugs.

Keith: Right, I had taken 105 hits of PCP and went into a coma, lapsed into a coma, was in the coma for over 24 hours. They told my parents that I would be a vegetable for the rest of my life if I did come back. I did come back, did not know anything had to be retaught how to feed myself, didn’t know my name, didn’t know anybody. And God just seemed to have a plan when I was in the coma and dying and going to hell I had a vision of that experience and a vision of hell and God spoke out…

Sid: Let me ask you “What did… can recall what hell looked like in a vision?”

Keith: The only thing that I’d seen, it was not so much what I’d seen as what I felt. I felt total separation and darkness, coldness, total separation, nobody, nobody there. I would scream out and there would be nobody there. I could hear the word of God though, I could always hear the word of God and all it did was bring me nothing but torment. All I kept doing was falling and falling. It seems like I could never reach the bottom and if you’ve ever experienced any kind of falling it’s pretty tormenting when you can’t reach the bottom. It was such an indescribable word… English words cannot explain the feelings of loneliness for mankind and life. I heard a voice and the voice said to me “Do you really want to die?” And I said “No, I really don’t want to die but I just don’t want to be gay.” And at that moment I then proceeded to stop falling and started going upward to a light that was tremendous light and the peace of God that I felt and the love and the joy and the acceptance I felt on the way to this light was as the same as the way to hell. There’s no English words to describe it, and I got to a place where that light was and an angel spoke to me because of time I won’t go into that detail but an angel spoke to me…

Sid: No, you got to tell me.

Keith:   Okay, I’ll tell you. Is what happened was an angel came in, this was a male angel they had a British accent which I thought was very peculiar. That angel spoke to me and asked me who I was when I go there and asked me where I lived. I told him that and he asked me again “Do you really want to live?” And I said “Yes.” And he said “I’ve brought a message to you and this message is that you have been spared for a reason and I will let you live but if you ever try to do this again you shall surely make your bed in hell; and you have a job to do and I will open the job for you to do and you will not die at this time.” That’s when I came out of the coma and I said “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus” three times.

Sid: And your deliverance was sensational but we’re out of time we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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