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Sid: And my guest you listen to him long enough he’ll make you red hot for the Messiah. All of this week we’ve been talking about the statistics of so many men and women of God have gotten themselves into a funk and they’ve gotten into hopelessness. And unbelief and their vision has died. And their but… there is a supernatural substance that God calls hope. It’s a brand new beginning for you and the reason you need this is because the greatest move of God’s Spirit this planet has ever known, you are prepared for; you have a destiny for, you are going to have a vision for; you have a purpose for. So forget that junk that the devil is throwing in your face, it’s time for you to make a choice. The tools you need to make the choice are in Dutch Sheets brand new book….I’m going to tell you something I tell you you’re going to be the happiest person on earth. Why? Your season is changing. My guest Dutch Sheets had two visions because of time I want you to merge them into one Dutch and tell us what God showed you.

Dutch:   You know my hopelessness for America this nation and many nations, really the earth started changing radically in ’91. I was teaching just absolutely just a normal basic teaching, and all of a sudden I had the first open vision I ever had. I was not seeing the people in front of me with my eyes wide open I was seeing something else. It shocked me I started looking around turning my head; all I could see was this vision. People knew something was happening they didn’t know what. And what I saw was this huge stadium like a big football stadium maybe 50,000 capacity filled with young people. High School/college age, 20 something radically passionately worshiping crying out to God asking Him for revival “Save this nation. Save the nations.” Just unlike anything I had ever seen. And as I watched this meeting ended; they went to the parking lot and from the parking lot as they got into their vehicles they were transformed into balls of fire and were transported back to their home cities. And everywhere they went the fires of revival began to spring up. And I watched this and then I came back to be able to see, I shared it with the people and I heard the Lord say to me “Next month when you’re in Washington, DC I’m going to confirm to you that this is me that I’m going to send a third great awakening that begins with young people and I’m going to transform them. I went back to DC a month later for the National Day of Prayer. I was part of something called the Biblethon where the Bible is read 24-7 to the Capital building. A person signed me up for 2:00 AM that was all that was left.

Sid: (Laughing)

Dutch: We figured you’d want to read the Bible to this nation prophetically there on the Capitol steps no matter what time it was. And the Lord said “This is where I will confirm to you that this is Me, this vision.” And I said “God, the only way I would know that this is You based on the scriptures you give me to read because of what You’ve been saying to me I’d have to read Haggai or Habakkuk.” And you don’t choose where you read you just read wherever they are they start at Genesis and they go to Revelation and then they go back to Genesis all week 24 hours a day. You don’t choose what you read; what are the odds of reading Haggai that’s 2 chapters and Habakkuk 3 chapters. What are the odds that you’re going to get to read it? I said “I’m sorry Lord, this is what I’d have to read to know that this is You talking to me. When I arrived the lady looked at me 2 minutes before my time shot; they weren’t anywhere near Haggai or Habakkuk. She looked at me and said “Mr. Sheets, you have your choice; you can either read the book of Haggai or the Book of Habakkuk.” I just about fell over on the steps. I don’t even know what she was saying. God sovereignly took over her mind and mouth and I realized this is God and He’s going to come to this nation with a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Well that was ’91 I thought it would happen the next week. But it was really to start me on a journey of prayer and intercession to become a prophetic voice for this nation. You know the next one the next phase of this hit me at all times the week of 9/11 2001. I went to preach a conference in the northwest again and I tell you it was Friday night of that week, it was like trying to preach at a funeral. The oppression that week was so thick over this nation. They were still digging through the rubble that everyone was in shock. And I was up to give them hope and I got up and I didn’t even know what I was saying but I had another open vision on the back wall. There must have been 1500 people there; on the back wall which I was facing as I was speaking. It was like an invisible hand begin to write and when it was finished it was literally to me like a neon light, I saw it. It was as real as a neon sign and it said “Acts 3:19” and as I watched it it began to flash at me on and off Acts 3:19. Well I knew what it said “Repent and return to Me.” Is what it’s implying in order that your sins be wiped away and times of refreshing will come from the presence of the Lord.” And I started preaching and declaring that verse, I knew what it said. So I started preaching this. “Times of refreshing there”   The word refreshing doesn’t mean refreshing like we think of it; it means literally anasuta is the word. It means the blowing of breath or wind again intensely. God said “If you repent I’m going to send another wind which will blow intensely in this nation and bring life.” And then I closed my eyes and began to pray and it was like I was watching a movie. I began to see what was coming to America. And for 30 minutes I narrated the scene to the people and the leaders. Sid I saw the Spirit of God coming to this nation with strength and power. He started visiting High Schools, Junior High Schools, colleges, and universities. There was no place the nation that was immune to it. He came with life, He came powerfully, I started seeing signs and wonders, miracles. I started seeing young people delivered; now this is not just for young people it’s coming for everyone but I knew it would begin there. I saw mass deliverance. I didn’t have theology for what I was seeing. I saw large groups of young people all over the room they would begin to shout; Jesus just delivered me. They would come; they would lay down paraphernalia, drugs, transformed. Someone else would jump up and say “Jesus just healed me!” These were kids that didn’t know the Bible some of them didn’t know anything about scripture. They had no reference for what was happening, they were saved by the 1000’s. Listen it hit all over this nation; the fires of revival. I saw college campuses this was so radical and so strong sporting events were canceled, not that sports is bad the people didn’t want to go, they just wanted to go worship or pray or talk about what God was doing. I saw days and nights when there were no classes on secular compasses. Administrators would try to go stop this to get them to go to class. They would walk in the room and they’d be overcome by the power of God and couldn’t even talk. This went on and on and until the fires of revival was sweeping this nation. And listen it’s not just for America it’s for the nations! I’ve seen, I turned at one point to the leaders as I was watching this and I said “I’ve never seen anything like what is coming.” It will be greater than the first great awakening, and the second great awakening; we’ve never seen anything like it. And then I looked at the leaders and I said “This is going to be very difficult to steward because there was no religious box you could put it in, there was no denomination that could hold it. We couldn’t turn them into churchy religious people; they just loved Yeshua and were passionate for Him. And it is coming.

Sid: I have to tell you parents that are listening right now they see what the institutions are doing to their children; they see how bankrupt their kids are because they’re being taught there is no God; they’re being taught there is no morality. They’re being taught the opposite of God’s word and you have just with that vision injected supernatural hope into those parents right now. But it’s not just parents and children it’s every problem that you have; every problem that’s bogged you down, every bit of heaviness, everything. Your season is ready to change and the thing that’s going to do is when you are supernaturally injected with supernatural hope when you have the practical steps to move forward….

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