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Sid: Now I’m going to ask you a question maybe you have observed this and maybe you haven’t. When I go to a church and I say “I want everyone to be really honest with me raise your hand if you’re believing God to be physically healed.” Do you know if they’re really honest with me I will have over 90% of the people raise their hands. I’m not discounting the miracles that happen in those churches. But I’m saying what’s the problem? And there is a problem and I believe that as my guest explains her walk and what she’s been taught by the Holy Spirit you will understand why this should not be and will not be. And perhaps the missing ingredient in you walking out what has already been granted you. Because your healing occurred over 2000 years ago will be what Katherine Ruonala will teach. Now Katherine is from Brisbane, Australia; she corrected me I said that she was from Brisbain. And Katherine said “No, it’s Brisbine,” and now I’m going to be okay in Australia. Or I’d have all of my Australian friends upset with me. Katherine just to kinda whet the appetite tell me about the time you were in Augusta, Georgia. You had a word of knowledge about a deaf ear.

Katherine: Well Sid we have seen so many people being healed of deafness and had deaf ears open. And I was doing a meeting and the Lord gave me a word of knowledge; it’s the word that I had for the evening that there was someone there with a deaf ear that needed their hearing restored. And a lady come forward but she actually had no ear she had had an operation to have her ear drum cut and her ear removed because of a cancerous tumor. I felt so intimidated when I looked and I saw the place where her ear use to be and her beautiful face shining and expecting God to give her hearing that I thought “Oh Lord what are You doing, I was…”

Sid: You didn’t show that to anyone I don’t think (Laughing) but the Lord knew.

Katherine: That’s right. So I went to pray for her and as I laid my hand on her ear, well the place where ear used to be, I felt the Lord say “Ask her if she can hear?” And I was saying to myself “Lord I have faith to believe that maybe You can grow an eardrum overnight,” but I really didn’t feel like I had a lot of faith to see such a major miracle. I’ve always learned that God smarter than I am and that His ways are higher and obedience brings blessing. So I went to pray for her and then I whispered into her ear I said “Can you hear me?” And she swung her head around and said “Yes!” And I said “Really?!” I was so surprised her hearing had been completely restored. And then suddenly in the room faith just rose up in the people, we started to have people come forward who had cataracts and they would just disappear in front of us. They got their eyesight restore. They had a man with crippled fingers had with arthritic fingers all curled up on top of each other, they had their fingers to straighten out and he plays the guitar now and the glory of God just came. You know God is so much more willing to heal then we are to see Him move. You give Him an opportunity and He takes full advantage when others come to Him for help.

Sid: Okay, I just wanted to give you a taste of what’s God’s doing with Katherine. But I’m going to take you back to age 12 you’re at a youth camp and you’re kind of struggling, what were you struggling with?

Katherine: Well I was brought up in Sunday School and I believed that God existed. I knew that He was real but I just got real with God; everybody was lifting their hands and worshiping and singing and I just began to speak to God and say “Lord I believe in You but I can’t see You and I don’t know You and it’s really hard to worship somebody I can’t see and don’t know.” Because I thought I can do what I know that I should but without a connection it just didn’t… it didn’t feel real to me. And so I cried out “Lord help!” You know help is still my very best prayer.

Sid: Hmm, and by the way that’s how I got saved my prayer was not a typical prayer; my prayer was a 2 word prayer “Jesus help.” (Laughing) That’s how I got saved.

Katherine: God loves to do that, in fact that’s who He is He always manifests Himself as the answer to anyone who comes and asks. And right there in the middle of worship the Lord just made himself real to me. I had a vision and the only way that I can really describe it is that I was blind but now I see. It was a supernatural revelation of God and knew who I was worshiping. I wasn’t worshiping somebody I had a concept about, I was worshiping somebody I knew and it was a supernatural thing. I believe what God wants to do for everyone that will ask Him.

Sid: Now everyone would think that you lived happily ever after but you had been abused and you had to leave your home shortly thereafter. And you were dealing with most of your life with insecurity, shame, fear, rejection. And one day you take a job teaching in a Christian school, they have orientation week, I guess and they gave you an assignment. What was that assignment?

Katherine: Well they said go away for 15 minutes and write down what the Lord says to you. And so I went away and I was talking to the Lord “Well what do you want to change, what do you want to fix.” And I heard Him speak to me so clearly He said, “I love you.” And I argued with God I said “Lord, everybody knows that even the “Beatles” wrote a song about Jesus loving you.”

Sid: (Laughing)

Katherine:   But come on God I’m serious here tell me tell me what You want changed, tell me what you need to fix in me. And for 15 minutes He said 3 words over and over again.   I felt embarrassed going back into the room thinking well for the last 15 minutes all I’ve got is 3 words. But you know they were the 3 words that I needed to know more than anything. I was so full of fear, I was so full of rejection that the perfect love of God is what casts out fear and God was trying to say to me “I want you to know that I’m for you, that I love you that I’m not looking to be harsh on you; I want you to come close to Me and know that I’ve got the answer to all of your insecurities, all of your fears and I want my perfect love to just heal you and cast out all of your fears.” You know that’s what the scriptures says “I sought the Lord and He heard me and delivered me from all of my fears,” and so that was a beginning of a journey for me into knowing the love of God.

Sid: And so you get married to prince charming; you’re a young mother but all of that rejection; all of that fear; all of that shame it was still trapped inside of you. And one day you decide to ask God 3 questions; what were the 3 questions?

Katherine: Well I was driving to the meeting and I’d been reading about the Holy Spirit being my helper, my teacher, and so I thought “Well if You’re my teacher and Your my helper surely I must be able to ask You some questions.” You see ever since I had been saved I really knew that God helped me when I got real with Him, when I didn’t play religious games but talked to Him as my friend.   So I said “Holy Spirit would you teach me about this falling down business.” I’d seen people in meetings fall down when people prayed for them and I didn’t know what that was whether they were courtesy drops or whether it was the power of God or whether they were pushed. I just sincerely wanted to know and it was a funny little question and I said to him “And Lord I got this gangrene tumor on my wrist and it was benign it didn’t have any danger but it was uncomfortable and I asked the Lord to heal me that night. Then I said this I said “Lord would you set me free from the fear that my husband would die.” Because I met this beautiful man who had signed a piece of paper that said that He would love me until he died. And naturally for somebody so needy for love my next thought was “What well what happens if he does die?” I just was plagued with this fear but actually it was a tip of a huge iceberg and that iceberg was based in all of that shame and the abandonment and the rejection that I had experienced.

Sid: So someone could look at you on the outside and said “Boy that Katherine Ruonala has it all together, wonderful husband, wonderful mother.” But on the inside you knew that something was wrong hold those thoughts. …. You’re going to stop struggling for the miraculous in your life; you’re going to learn to be a gateway that God can step right through. You will believe so completely in God’s love for you that you’ll be amazed if a miracle doesn’t happen. And you’re going to let God flow through you like never before it won’t be you healing someone because the truth is you can’t heal anyone….

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