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Sid: Sometimes my conversations with my guest are better before I go on the air than after. So I want you to enjoy a little bit of the conversation I’ve been having with Dr. Paul L. Cox from Apple Valley, California with the Aslan’s Place Ministry. On yesterday’s broadcast you found out that Dr. Cox was a nice American Baptist Pastor, he got into the deliverance ministry. He found out that God gave him a supernatural gift of discernment that was transferable. He found out things, keys if you will, about people where he would be just praying with them and people would be in therapy for years and never get to the roots of their problem. And immediately the Holy Spirit would show these people, I mean 2 years old a woman was abused and she knew it. I mean without the supernatural help of God she’d be in therapy the rest of her life and never be set free. But instantly she would be set free. So we were talking before we went on the air and Dr. Cox explained to me about the Sabbath and I’m the Messianic Jew and he was explaining to me about the Sabbath. And he says there is a rest. There is a Sabbath rest and the book of Hebrews talks about this that he has entered into and it’s been corporate where members of his entire congregation have entered into this rest. That is beyond anything that most traditional Jews have ever even thought about let alone done. Or most traditional Charismatics have even thought about rather than even done. As a matter of fact Paul this is the way I see it. I am… I wrote a book before I became a believer, I’m sorry it was a song before I became a believer in the Messiah and then it became a book. And the songs title is “There Must Be Something More.” And when I found the Messiah 30 years ago and I found that something more. And there’s nothing more than the Messiah. But there must be something more to walking in the Spirit than what we have. There must be something more than the traditional church services that we have, there must be something more. And you told me that you’re walking into that something more, tell me again what goes on with this Sabbath rest that hits your congregation.

Dr. Paul L. Cox: What I did not tell you is that the first time this happened I was in a church of a good friend in San Jose area. And there were 5 of us and we were doing deliverance. And out of my mouth came these words, “Lord take us to the 4th dimension to do this deliverance.” And immediately all 5 of us felt like we were on an elevator and we were going up. And I was reminded then of that passage in Revelations 4 where the Lord said to John, “Come up here.” And he saw a door open and we literally started going up. And I had been in a very difficult time in my life and we had been very anxious about many things. And I felt like I was supposed to ask the question “How many of us can’t worry right now?” And we all agreed that it was absolutely impossible to have any anxious thought, we tried. I tried as hard as I could to be anxious and I could not be anxious. And we remained there for about an hour. Since then I realized that the Lord is inviting us to enter into the Shabbat, the Sabbath rest. And in Hebrews 4 it says “For you have not yet entered into My rest but there is a rest for the people of God.” And we have that now on several occasions in churches where I’ve spoken at the end of the sermon when we talk about the glory of God I’ve just asked the Lord to take us into the rest. And we will all feel like we’re going up. And the most amazing thing is the first time this happened people started laying down in the aisles everywhere. And for many minutes in fact throughout the service they’d lay on the floor totally at rest in the peace of God.

Sid: Now I have to understand what you’re saying here, I know about things like “Laughing in the Spirit.” And when people laugh in the Spirit many times they get physically healed, but it seems to me resting in the Spirit has got to be the most wonderful thing for the physical body that God’s given us.

Dr. Paul L. Cox: Yes. It is very very wonderful. It was interesting too that one national prophet said “The year 2002 would be a time of people entering into the rest of the Lord.”   And it was in December of last year was the first time that we noticed this, it was 2001 December, the first time we experienced this in our congregation. And I feel like this is a year of people entering into rest, completely reliant upon the Lord, resting in Him. Not struggling but just in a sense resting in His bosom as we used to sing in the hymns.

Sid: Now, you know what I would like you to do on Friday’s show because that’s our Shabbat show, could we pray and experiment that we could all corporately as a radio Mishpochah move into this Shabbat rest?

Dr. Paul L. Cox:   That would be an interesting experiment.

Sid: I’m looking forward to it. In the mean time you understand things about discernment, how important is discernment in the last days we’re living in?

Dr. Paul L. Cox: Well our Lord told us in the Olivet Discourse that if possible even the elect would be deceived. Also in the letters Paul talked to us about what will happen in the last days and how people would come in very deceptive ways. And I believe it’s important that we move in area of understanding knowing whether or not that something is really of God or if it’s of the enemy.   I might add here that I feel like in the Pentecost and Charismatic Movement the Lord did many, many wonderful things. But perhaps the there was not a whole lot of discernment so error came in and the enemy intruded into what the Lord was doing. And since there was not discernment it was not easy to tell whether or not it was God. So I believe what the Lord is doing before the next, what I think is a great revival coming is that He’s releasing discernment so that we’d be able to discern whether something’s really are of God or not.

Sid: And I believe it’s going to be different, God will come in a different package so to speak that any of us have ever experienced so that therefore without discernment there is no way to tell is it God or is it not.

Dr. Paul L. Cox: Exactly, I really believe that. It’s interesting that a new move of God is really is a new move. And we tend to think that the new moves are going to be the same as the old moves but it usually is not.

Sid: Do you have any prophetic insight into what this next move will be like? What it will accomplish, how it will be different than what we’ve had previously?

Dr. Paul L. Cox: The only sense I have is that it will come very strongly on the youth, I think those that are maybe college age or below. This is going to be an amazing outpouring of the Spirit that’s going to be very shocking to the church. And these kids are going to become so radical that even adults maybe come offended.

Sid: Well hopefully some of the adults will become radical too, I mean there’s got to be some Joshua’s and Caleb’s.

Dr. Paul L. Cox:   I keep on telling the lord “I want to be Joshua to help go into the land with the youth.”

Sid: Now you had a youth meeting I was told that you sort of get certain feelings before the meeting, tell me about it.

Dr. Paul L. Cox:   Well we have what are called “Young Warrior Meetings.” And during these meetings even though we have a lot of notes and things to study, generally we don’t get to any of them because before each meeting the Lord comes and does something different. And generally just leads us in the direction that He wants to go.

Sid: Give me an actual example.

Dr. Paul L. Cox:   Well there was one time when we were in Germany outside of Munich and I could feel the manifest presence of the Lord in a cloud. We have actually been able to discern the cloud of His glory coming, for me it feels very cold. As you know from the last part of Exodus that the fire is in the cloud.

Sid: So why would it be cold, it should be hot?

Dr. Paul L. Cox: The fires hot but the cloud is cold.

Sid: Huh.

Dr. Paul L. Cox:   And so we felt the cloud inside of the room and so I asked a young German teenager I believe he’s 14 to come and stand right in the fire. And so he stood there and he started trembling and shaking. There were about 60 of us in a circle around where the cloud of His glory was. And he started weeping. And so I said to him “What is going on, what’s happening? He said “The Lord is telling me to repent for my sins.” What I did not know is that he had been a very rebellious teenager the last few weeks before our meeting. His parents had tricked him into coming to the meeting. He had not been in church and had not wanted to go to church. Well the Lord came with such power and dealt with him that he actually started repenting, even though we had not talked about repentance. And then under the power of God he fell to the floor and we for several minutes watched this all going on. Then he stood up and I have to add he was radically changed.

Sid: If he wasn’t radically changed and it was just an experience so what, that’s the way I feel. But if he’s radically changed if there’s fruit, that’s what I want to see.

Dr. Paul L. Cox: And I believe this is what the Lord is doing today is that because of the nature of the church the kids want to see the reality of an experience with God.

Sid: There used to be a hamburger chain and they had a commercial “Where’s the beef?”

Dr. Paul L. Cox: That’s right.

Sid: And that’s what the teens and that’s what Joshua and Caleb are saying, “Where’s the beef?”

Dr. Paul L. Cox:   That’s right. What I have found is that these kids not only are changed but the reports I continue to back is, is that they are different that their lifestyle is different.

Sid: Now why are people going to be offended over this? This sounds wonderful?

Dr. Paul L. Cox:   Unfortunately there’s still a lot of religion around and I have in this particular meeting there is a man sitting in the balcony and he was like the naysayer saying “Well I don’t believe this is true.” And Pharisees are not just in the Old Testament or the New Testament. There are still people that no matter what they see, what fruit they see still will not believe that God can do something like that.

Sid: We’re out of time….

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