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Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Pastor Henry Wright. I’m speaking to him from his office in Thomaston, Georgia where he’s pastor of Pleasant Valley Church. Henry we have been talking about a subject that has been foundational for your teaching. For those that aren’t aware of his teaching he has been able to identify the door if you will the specific door for 100’s of specific diseases. And once you can close that door, and the door by the way, and that’s a polite name, but the real Biblical name is sin. And it’s so fascinating to me Henry that there are specific sins that open doors for specific diseases and when you get rid of the specific sin then what the Bible talks about the healing is manifest in the body. Now on yesterday’s broadcast we were talking about where it all began where someone who Luke calls the son of God and his name is Adam; why don’t we start there today.

Henry: Well let’s begin again again when Adam and Eve were in the garden they were just 2 humans and there was none others. In the Garden invisible in what we call the second heaven was an entire kingdom found in Ephesians chapter 6 and Satan with them that had to be cast out of creation, and had been judged, and we’re disembodied. They were looking for a way back in because they were in what’s called the dry place the second heaven. And every urge of their particular fallen nation and no way to manifest or be fulfilled in it and here’s this protected couple down there and all they have is this one scripture and that scripture was a statement by Elohim to Adam. And that was “You cannot eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” Interesting enough over in Hebrews chapter 5 verse 14 today a sign of maturity are “Those that are able to handle strongly by reason of exercising their senses now are able to discern both good and evil.” And so part of maturity is being able to know what is good and what is evil. And that’s the wonderful thing about the Bible and the teachings of Christ that He came and not only showed us that kingdom but He also showed us that we had power over it. But that kingdom was there wanting to get in and as you know in the first case of channeling an invisible being access the serpent which was a created animal and using it’s vocal chords began to speak to Eve and tempt her. And so in that she partook and when she partook she saw that it was good to eat she took it to Adam and he partook of it also. In verse 7 of Genesis chapter 3 “The eyes of both of them were opened.” That has to be spiritual eyes because they couldn’t have taken care of the Garden and all of the animals there if they were blind physically. So these were physical eyes then they were opened; what were their eyes open to? What evil was and they knew that they were naked. And I like to help people understand this because in verse 8 “They heard the voice of the Lord God walk in the garden in the cool of the day and they hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God amongst the trees of the Garden.” See it was… what came in Adam and Eve when they participated with sin is their eyes were open to what sin was by its fallen nature. Instantly they were afraid of Elohim, they were afraid of God? Why would they be afraid of God? He would walk with Him in the cool of the evening as was his custom, could be afraid of somebody that was your buddy. They had not only served God they were ashamed of their nakedness, they had shame, they had guilt, they had fear. And they knew that it was time for God’s presence to come as it says here and walk with them and have fellowship and they went and hid. So I like to help people have a little fun like this and I’m just going to do a skit here and I’m going to act like I’m God. Okay here I go “Adam where are you?” Silence. “Anybody seen Adam? Adam” after some of that this voice comes out of the buses and says “Here we are Lord. Where you at Adam? Hiding in the bushes Lord, why are you hiding in the bushes Adam, because we’re naked Lord.” Listen to the scriptures in Genesis  chapter 3 verse 11. “And He, the Lord God, said ‘Who told you that you were naked?’” Wait a minute there was nobody there in the physical dimension, they had thoughts that formed on the inside of them as if it were their own psychology and they had fear, they had shame and they had guilt. They became one with it in spirit, they became one with it in soul, instantly they followed the thoughts and they became separated from God. But the key to understanding separation is that something accessed them invisibly at the spirit level. And that’s why the word of God is able to separate itself from the spirit and give us understanding and show us that our battle is not with flesh and blood. See Adam and Eve didn’t understand this, their battle was not with fear of God their battle was not with themselves it was not with the fear of God, it was with guilt, it was with shame and they didn’t understand it. And then time from that day has listened to the voices of his kingdom and followed it as if it were them and 80% of incurable diseases from participation with sin. Let me say this bluntly if I may “consider sin to be a being not just an esoteric existence.” And let me just challenge your audience here listening at your program Sid is that since sin manifest as temptation, and it manifest to humans at the form of thought, feelings and impressions that I want to say this clearly that thought cannot exist and does not exist on the ethereal plane. You cannot have thought unless there is a visible or invisible being that has intellect that is rational that thinks. And what Christianity has done it has made what’s called the flesh, the old man, the cardinal nature, the Adamic nature they’ve made it esoteric as if it were not a literal invisible disembodied kingdom. And that is the absolute deception of Satan to bind us while we think that we don’t have a problem.

Sid: But many would say “Adam fell in the Garden, he has a fallen nature, we have a fallen nature, it’s not an invisible being called a demon, it’s the flesh.”  

Henry: Well, let me just ask you… let’s just go here in this conversation. When Adam and Eve when that kingdom accessed them by the fallen nature. How did it transfer into Adam’s sons? How does it access into our lives?

Sid: Learned behavior.

Henry: No, a child is… rebellion is bound up in the heart of the child he’s not learned it. Let’s go back and talk about something, let’s talk about the original sin. There is no such thing as the original sin. See sin did not begin with Adam and the Christian church as made what’s called the original sin the Adamic nature. When you say “That’s just my Adamic nature.” Then what you’re saying is that God created Adam evil. No the Adamic nature is something that joined itself to Adam that made him do evil things. Romans 5:12 really says it clearly “By one man sin entered into the world.” The word world is the Greek word cosmos meaning mankind. By one man Adam sin entered into mankind. Well then sin must have existed outside of Adam and Eve in a different dimension as a thinking rational kingdom of disembodied beings. It existed outside, man through disobedience opened up the spiritual realm for that kingdom to join that spirituality man become one with it in his soul or in his intellect and the body of course is just the vehicle that lines up with how we thing spiritually and psychologically. In fact, here’s where I’m at with this by years of ministry and dealing with people and the word of God. Is I consider sin to be a being by a fallen nature. It existed outside the garden as the rational thinking invisible kingdom. Paul identifies that in Ephesians chapter 6 very clearly. Now that when I participate or I serve sin so we can get into that tomorrow out of Romans 7 Romans 6. But when I begin to serve sin and I begin to follow those feelings and those thoughts and emotions, then I become a sinful being myself and I have established it on the planet and that is my sin and I need to repent. Now if you have sin and sin and sins, then you have iniquities. Iniquities is a transference of that kingdom. That would be called the flesh, the Adamic nature, the old man, the carnal nature is actually the transference of the kingdom of powers, spiritual wickedness in high places that found in Ephesians chapter 6 and follows family trees. That’s why God said “The iniquities of the fathers shall be passed on to the 3rd and the 4th generation.”

Sid: You know it’s amazing Henry the number of people that end up in prison that had a father or a mother that were in prison. I mean this goes on just not one generation sometimes you can trace this back 2 or 3 or even 4.

Henry: We know that certain types of iniquities follow specific types of family trees, criminologist know, there are molesters in the family tree. Just a couple of years ago that guy up there that killed those 2 girls and buried one in concrete under his back slab. The Atlanta newspaper said that his father did the very same thing to a woman and buried her in concrete in his backyard 20 years before. In fact, the Atlanta paper said “He committed the sins of his father.”

Sid: Hm.

Henry: Now that shows you what’s transferring in the iniquity of the generations. So the word iniquity indicates the transference of thought. How can thought transfer? Thought doesn’t transfer esoterically thought transfers because of the kingdom that is running and it’s accessing mankind by it’s fallen nature. And no one is immune to that kingdom accessing it. That’s why we’re not to be ignorant of Satan’s devices. That’s why we’re to gird ourselves up, that’s why we’re to…

Sid: Henry, you are just bringing too many concepts too fast…

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