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Sid: Well are your young people red hot for the Messiah? Are you red hot for the Messiah? My guest Peggy Joyce Ruth has been challenged by God because she literally was entertaining a spirit of fear 25 years ago. And God said “All of the answers are found in Psalm 91.” So for the past 25 years she’s been studying Psalm 91. She wrote a book for the adults then she wrote the new one we’re talking about this week for children. I mean as young as 4 years old you can read it to them. I think that you can even it to children younger and the word of God will not return void but I believe that this can be even a Bible study for families or for house churches. When they hear the teaching this deep deep teaching on Psalm 91… Peggy you told me that every problem known to man is handled in Psalm 91?

Peggy Joyce: Yes.

Sid: And you also we were talking when we went on the air about your son had a disease and was it the same time that the Kennedy baby died of that same condition?

Peggy Joyce: Yes our son was born just a few months after the Kennedy baby had died and they both had the same membrane disease in their lungs and none of the hospital staff expected them to live and he was placed in an incubator for over a month. And this was just was when we were just first hearing this and getting a hold of it and to me it is so much fun to see how all the different ways which God works miraculously when you’re trusting in His word. When he had this disease the doctors… this doctor had only recently starting practicing medicine again because he had had 2 nephews that had died from this same disease, the doctor did. He had quit practicing medicine for awhile so that he could study and try to find a cure for it. Well, he had just come back to practice when Bill was born and so when he realized that Bill had the exact same disease that his nephews had he starting trying everything on Bill that he had read about during his studies. And miraculously Bill started responded to one of the methods it was as Epson salt enema if you can imagine.

Sid: Hm.

Peggy Joyce:   So any way Bill then was perfectly okay and I thought how wonderful it was that there were many babies who had famous doctors in large city hospitals and yet here was our son in just a little rural town and God had this doctor who had done all of this research until he found a cure for the very disease that Bill had. So what I wanted the young people to know is that God works sometimes through human hands but He’s still the one doing the miracle, He’s still the healer. And so that son has grown up and loves God and he’s the one that I used in the back of the book to illustrate. I always put in my books a plan of salvation so that they can know the scriptures of how to get saved.

Sid: But you know the way you did that is so wonderful. I can see these young people that go through this book not only walking without fear but being evangelists.

Peggy Joyce: Yes, and see that’s my vision, that’s my goal because we want them to know that there’s a physical protection but the most important protection is the eternal protection.   And I certainly don’t want to put a book out about physical protection and then leave off the eternal. And so these 3 pages of scripture on salvation and then a prayer and of course there’s no particular prayer that has to be prayed but you know it just gives them an idea of how they can pray and ask the Lord to come into their heart. And I didn’t want to just leave it that way since it’s a children’s book I gave them an example of how our son, when he was in the 4th grade, had marked all of these salvation scriptures in his Bible. And he later then had a friend, his best friend was Shane and Shane had come to spend the night and they wanted to put up their tent to sleep in the backyard and so just before bedtime Jack decided he would slip outside and just check on the boys and we half expected to find them asleep but when we got out there there was a light in the tent and we went over real quietly and there was Bill with his flashlight and his Bible and he was reading all of these salvation scriptures to his friend and telling him how to get saved. And we slipped back into the house and we had barely gotten in bed and we were just rejoicing on what was going on outside and the backdoor flew open and both of those boys just came flying into our bed and both of them saying “Dad wakeup we need to pray Shane wants to get saved.” And of course you know Bill could have led him in a prayer to receive Jesus but he had done the main part he had shown him the scriptures and he had shared the good news that God had made a way for everyone to come to Him. And so God not only wants all people to be saved He wants us to have a victorious life the years we’re living in this world too.

Sid: You know on forgetting children, adults when flu is going around everyone thinks “Oh, I’m going to get it.” But you deal with this for young people.

Peggy Joyce: Yes, what I believe Psalm 91 is I believe it’s a preventive covenant, a preventive prayer. You know once we’ve had the enemy come in and invade our body, or invade our mind and our thinking you know it’s a lot harder when the enemy’s already inside of the city to get the enemy out it’s better to keep them on the outside of the wall. And that’s what Psalm 91 is all about. It’s teaching children how to pray preventively where they realize okay that I don’t have to have what the world has and then get rid of it “I can stand and believe God and He’ll literally put me in another pathway put me out of these trials and temptations and put me in another pathway.”

Sid: Tell me about some young people that have been hearing this and what’s happened to them.

Peggy Joyce: Well, I have these friends especially in the church and their constantly coming to me now and they’ll stop me at the door to tell me, oh let me tell you how God protected me and let me tell you how I got through this.” They’re so excited they want me to know that it’s working for them too. And most of the letters and phone calls that I’ve gotten have been from you know mothers that have called to tell me. But what’s exciting in my church is these little kids that are coming to me and these teenagers that are coming to me and sharing their stories and telling me how they put it into practice. And I have a lot of little nieces and nephews and I know that when that phone rings and one of them is calling me I know the minute I hear their voice that they’ve got a miracle to tell me about. (Laughing)

Sid: Comment on Psalm 91 verse 14 “Because He has set His love upon me therefore I will deliver him, I will set him upon high because he has known My name.”

Peggy Joyce: What is exciting is right there at the end when he says that the last 3 verses says that “Because he has loved Me.” And then it’s almost like He’s gives us 7 bonus promises right at the end just reserved for the one who loves him. And so this is what I tell the children in the book I say “Do you love the Lord, do you really love Him because if you do then these next 7 promises are for you?” And then the book goes through the 7 promises; and I just think that it’s just unique that God says “If you love Me and if you know Me by name.” In other words if we know Him as our Jehovah Rapha our healer, if we know Him as our Jehovah Jireh our provider, and our Jehovah Nissi our protector. When we know Him by name and love Him then it’s just like He have bonus things for us.

Sid: I’m reminded in your book where you talked about “I will not fear destruction,” as age 4 Skylar stopped breathing because he fell over a cliff with his bicycle and the X-rays showed that there was a bad break and the first vertebrae of his neck.

Peggy Joyce: Yes.

Sid: But his mother new about Psalm 91 what happened?

Peggy Joyce: His mother and his aunt are members of our church and they’ve been taught about Psalm 91 we’ve been teaching to our congregation for a long time. I mean they didn’t turn loose, they kept putting words. They kept having what they called their both nurses and they were having to give him rescue breaths on the way because he would quit breathing. And the X-ray clearing showed the break and when it did well they immediately helicoptered him to the children’s hospital. And they said that they stayed outside just quoting that word and quoting Psalm 91 and they said that when the doctors came out after a long time they just came out puzzled and they said “We do not understand it.” And they showed 2 sets of X-rays the first X-ray was taken in Commanche clearly showing the break. The next set of X-rays that they had taken just hours later and there was no break in his neck and we’re talking miracles, we’re talking about instantaneous miracles.

Sid: I can’t wait to see your kids become super evangelists walking without fear, laying hands on the sick. And I believe that this is a Bible study for your entire family.

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