SID: So Lindell, John Kilpatrick, he’s not that kind of person. But the spirit of God came on him and he was literally, you saw it, immobile. I mean, they had to put his shoes on. Can you imagine? He couldn’t even dress himself in the morning. God was dealing with him. So he’s kind of watching all these things. This nice dignified pastor is now undignified. Six months going to the revival, and what happened to you?

LINDELL: For six months, I would finish the worship and the preaching would happen, and we’d go into prayer time, and I would just go in the choir loft, and I’d cry. It was six months of birthing. It was six months of restoration. It was where the Lord was literally talking to me every night about things in my life. He said, “You know, you pick this up here, you pick that up there, and you replace me.” And I said, “Lord, I want more of you. I want you to change me. I don’t feel like I’m worthy to be here. Why am I here? Lord, I shouldn’t even be here.” And going on six months, this went on. Sunday morning at church, six months into the revival, and I’m leading worship, I lost control of myself. Not in my fashion at all. Fell over the keyboard, landed on all the keys. And the ushers, by this time, they’re used to this, so they just come and pick me up and shovel me off to the corner and lay me on the floor, and another guy comes and finishes the service. For four hours that day, I laid there and wept for hours, four hours.

SID: What was going on?

LINDELL: The Lord was just saying, “You know what Lindell, I want to restore your innocence before any of this stuff that allowed to come into your life. I want to take you back to the little boy who used to love me with full abandon.” And when I got up out of that floor, Sid, I have never been the same person. I felt like I was 12 again. And it’s almost like the most enormous, I don’t care, that you could ever have, the cares of life. Most people are bowed down and weighed down with the cares of life. And it’s not that we’re careless as believers in Christ. It’s not that. We show up, we pay our bills. It’s not that. It’s the other things that we care about so much that cloud up our walk with the Lord. And the Lord just took that layer by layer with my permission. He would talk to me and say, “Today I want to take this away. Today I want to take it away.” And what He was doing is He was moving all the clutter out of my life and putting himself right back in the middle.” You know, a lot of times we ask the Lord to come in, but we’ve all got, we’ve got so much stuff in our house and we think the Lord is going to coexist with it. But He comes in the front door and He goes, “You know what? I don’t like the way you decorated here. Let’s remove this couch and that chair, and let’s get this out of here.” But I realized that I allowed the Lord in the front part of my house, but not the whole house. And He says, “If I’m not Lord of everything then I’m not Lord at all.” And when you’re in that presence of the Lord that’s why worship is so critical. In His presence, you lose the care. You realize there’s so much more of Him than you have and you want Him just to take over. And that’s what He did for me on that six-month Sundays, the Sunday of the six-month revival. Changed my life. I’ve never been the same person.

SID: How are you different right now as opposed to the way you were before that happened?

LINDELL: My love for the Lord has never waned. I would allow confusion at times to get in my mind. I would be uncertain of things. Now I’ve realized that God is a person and as such can be cultivated as a person. That means I can love on Him, I can minister to him, I can talk with Him, I can bless Him, and I can know Him. And now I have a relationship with Him, and it was changed. It was always, I love God with all my heart, but He was always somewhere out there. After that touch of the Lord that day and that surgery over six months, it’s now, what I am, I am because of Him, I do because of who I am in Him, not because I’m a minister, not because I’m a singer, not because I’m a preacher. I am a child of God. I’m a son of God who does these other things. So if you take away the music it’s fine, I’m still a son of God. If you take away the preaching, I’m still a son of God because I have a relationship with Him. I know Him. I really, Sid, know him. And every person watching, you can know God this way.

SID: This is eternal life.


SID: That you might know Him. Yes, you must be born from above, born again. But this is eternal life that you might know Him. And I believe that if you rededicate your life right now, you will get your innocence back or perhaps you have never dedicated your life to God. It’s a simple prayer, but it will change your life. Ask God to forgive you of all of your sins. Believe His death and resurrection paid it all for you. Say, I make you my Lord, with your mouth.


SID: And I want to return to my innocence. My favorite song from the revival, “I Need You Lord, I Need You More Lord.”

LINDELL [music, singing]: I need you Lord more than yesterday. I need you Lord more than words can say. I need you more than ever for I need you Lord. I need you Lord. I need you Lord more than yesterday. I need you Lord more than words can say. I need you, I need you more than ever before. I need Lord, I need you Lord. More than the air breathe, more than the song I sing, more than less of me, I need you more than anything. Lord, as time goes by, I rely on a sign because I never want to go back to my old life. I need you more. I need you more than yesterday more than words can say. I need you. There’s never a day I need more of you more than ever before. I need you Lord, I need you Lord. Right here in your presence is where I belong. Now my broken heart I finally found, Lord and I need you. I need you Lord more than yesterday. I need you Lord.

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