SID: So my guest went a whole new level in healing when he learned something from a woman that was unable to speak. Tell me about that.

KYNAN: Well it was an amazing story. We were holding a healing school where people come from all over the world to these meetings to receive their healing. And there was a lady there brought up by a friend who couldn’t speak and she couldn’t use her right arm, really the whole right side of her body. And I was teaching on the law of expectation. Now this is so important for the church to really understand, because what you expect is what often manifests. And so here I am teaching on this law of expectation, and this lady comes up and she can’t speak at all. There are thousands of people watching this and I have to, you know, move forward in this, and I’m like, Holy Spirit, please don’t leave me out here to dry. And this lady comes, and the interesting thing is this. I prayed for her and guess what happens?

SID: What?

KYNAN: Nothing. So I’m praying for her and I begin to pray over her vocal chords, and I begin to loose things, and nothing is happening. So I keep praying and I keep pressing through. All of a sudden as I persist in this miracle, the boldness of the Lord fills me and I stick the mic in her face, and I said, “Say hallelujah.” And she’s, nothing but gibberish is coming out. She can’t talk. And I said, “Say hallelujah.” And as I keep pressing forward, finally I said, “Say hallelujah.” The woman’s vocal chords are loosed. She screams, “Hallelujah” and the faith level just rises in that congregation. Not only that, but she received the restoration of the right side of her body. She’s completely healed, she’s speaking and it just, it was amazing.

SID: You could have given up so easily.


SID: Not only would she not have been healed, but were other people healed when they saw that?

KYNAN: Yes because it was contagious. And you know what happened through that miracle?

SID: What?

KYNAN: God took my faith and my boldness to another level. You know, the Bible says, Sid, “From faith to faith and from glory to glory.” God’s design is that we progress in our knowledge of Him and our boldness to walk in the revelation of His word. So the more we step out and do it, I tell people, the more you’re going to experience God’s power, and the more you experience His power, the more you’re going to be able to trust Him for greater manifestations of His glory.

SID: Now one of the reasons, and there are multiple, people are human, is unforgiveness. And you know, Kynan, I had a misunderstanding personally about unforgiveness. I thought that if you offended me, I’ll forgive you in a New York second if you ask me to. And what I found is I suffer the consequence if I walk in unforgiveness, whether he asks me and humbles himself or not.


SID: But that was a misunderstanding I had. Tell me about a woman that got healed when she dealt with unforgiveness.

KYNAN: Praise God. There was a woman that came to one of our meetings. And here I am, I’m teaching the Word of the Lord about healing and miracles, and God’s will to heal, and the atonement. And an amazing thing is happening. People aren’t really responding. And the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me and said, “You’re preaching the wrong message. You’re not teaching what I want you to teach right now.” He said, “What I want you to teach on now is forgiveness.” And all of a sudden there’s a shift and I begin to teach on letting go of resentment, bitterness and unforgiveness. And do you know what happens when I do that?

SID: What?

KYNAN: The altar is full of people with chronic diseases, chronic ailments, such as rheumatoid arthritis. And one lady in particular comes down, and she went through a nasty divorce in which she had hatred in her heart toward her husband, resentment toward him, and we prayed a prayer of release. And I want to say this to someone. You know, there’s someone listening right now and you’re saying, I can’t forgive that person. But guess what? Forgiveness is not for them. It’s for you. The sooner you release, I believe you’re going to experience a breakthrough in your healing. And that’s what happened for this lady. The moment she released her husband, she was supernaturally healed of rheumatoid arthritis. Went to the doctor and they couldn’t even find rheumatoid in her blood. She was taken off all medication and was completely healed by the power of God.

SID: Now that’s normal. Isn’t it time we operate normal, and that’s normal as defined by the Bible. Kynan, you said when you do three things miracles erupt. What are they?

KYNAN: The first thing that you must always do, and that I’ve learned, is to proclaim the Kingdom of God. Jesus preached the Kingdom of God, and he went about really just advancing the Kingdom. And as he did that, the kingdom of darkness was dismantled. So whenever we proclaim the Kingdom with Jesus being king, the kingdom of darkness is literally demolished. That’s what the Bible says, that Jesus demolished the kingdom of darkness. What happens when the kingdom of darkness is demolished? People get healed. Blind eyes are open. People get delivered and set free from their oppression. That’s what happens to the Kingdom, because the Kingdom of God is greater than the kingdom of darkness. Number two, you must develop a culture that’s sensitive to the Holy Spirit. You know, the Bible, the spirit leads us into all truth. He testifies of the risen Christ. He empowers us. Jesus said to his disciples, “Wait until you receive the power of the Holy Ghost.” So when you cultivate an atmosphere conducive to the Holy Spirit, signs and miracles, signs, wonders and miracles are the new normal.

SID: Briefly, how do you cultivate that atmosphere?

KYNAN: One, you have to develop a sensitivity to the Spirit. You have to get to know the Holy Spirit. You have to invite him. You know, so many of our church services and ministries, we have pushed the Holy Spirit out and we’ve substituted the Holy Spirit with theatrics, with human reason and logic, and philosophy. But when we invite the Holy Spirit to take his role—

SID: You know what I’m thinking? Those theatrics, the lighting, the special effects, they’re so wonderful. They’re such a wonderful production. But when you bump in to a spirit of infirmity, a demon, all the theatrics in the world aren’t going to help. And a lot of sickness is caused by the demonic, and you don’t even pray for healing if the demonic is involved. The first thing you do is you cast out that demon. We’re going to find out about that when we come back.

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