Sid: You know I used the word a lot Mishpochah, family. Well Mishpochah this although it’s the last fifteen minute radio show I’ll be doing, I’ve been doing radio since ’77. I know that there are people listening to me right now that have been listening since 1977. But many of you have been listening many years and I don’t want you to feel like you’re losing a friend because you’re more than a friend you’re Mishpochah your family. And that’s why we’re coming out with a brand new radio show one hour it’ll be available to you on our web page just go to, or if you want the radio show just go to iTunes and search on Sid Roth and subscribe to the free Messianic Vision Podcast. Or you can open the App Store on your phone or tablet search Sid Roth and download our ISN app. ISN stands for Its Supernatural Television Network. And our ISN network it is amazing it’s in high definition any smartphone in the world. So many different devices that you are able to go to to get it.

Today I just wanted to say thank you and I’d like to pray for you because it’s because of you. Do you realize many of you that have been faithful supporters of us for years it’s because of your support we were able to mail these books to Jewish people evangelistic books? I don’t think that anybody has ever done this in history.   We’ve mailed millions now to places like the former Soviet Union, Canada, the United States. Our TV program is seen in Spanish, in the Spanish language in North, Central, and South America. Do you know our television show is in Russian throughout the entire former Soviet Union? Did you know that it’s the number one show on Christian TV we’re on 7 times a week? Do you know that in Israel we’re on 28 times a week on Christian and secular televisions? Did you know that in Ukraine and in the Ukrainian language we are on 14 times a week on secular television? Did you know that we’re on Discovery? You can get it on almost every city of the United States. I mean we’re just expanding way beyond my comprehension. Why? Because of you, if you hadn’t been our foundation we could not have moved into these areas.

I want you to know there’s a scripture that I love and David is talking about it and he’s saying “Those that have stayed with the baggage share equally with those that have fought in the front lines.” So if you have ever sent us any money your money has been used and poured into Jewish evangelism. We’re debt free, we’re in Charlotte, North Carolina, we have a TV mentoring studio that’s second to none, our equipment, we had people from various secular networks come and look over our equipment our TV cameras and everything because it’s state of the art. It’s the best and it’s all debt free and it’s all paid for. If you had not supported us in radio we would not be where we are right now.

I believe that we’re at a very unique time in history, it’s called the set time to favor Zion, it’s called the fullness of the Gentiles you and I are alive at that moment. When I became a new believer in the Messiah coming from a traditional Jewish background I was a minority of minorities. But now Jewish people are coming to the Lord. Back then there was a move of God’s Spirit when we started one of the first Messianic Jewish Congregations in North America. I didn’t know what I was doing but every week Jewish people came to the Lord; why because I was so good? No, I hadn’t even read the Bible, I knew nothing. It was because there was a move of God’s Spirit. Well I’m telling you there’s a move of God’s Spirit and if you’re out there in the highways and byways sharing Jesus with Jewish people you’ll find out that all of a sudden there’s a supernatural interest. And simultaneous to that I’d never seen in my lifetime such worldwide hatred for the Jew in Israel. The only… I mean we’re going to find ourselves shortly in a rowboat, Christians and Jews and we’re going to have to rely on each other. I’m going to tell you this God wants the one new man to evolve. Paul was ecstatic when he said “The reason Jesus came was to break-down the middle wall of separation between Jew and Gentile to form One New Man. And that One New Man is the complete body of Messiah and it’s sort of like Gentile believers are deficient without Jewish believers in the Messiah. And Jewish in the Messiah are deficient without Gentile believers in the Messiah. But when you put the two together you have the one new humanity the full body of Messiah. And devil it’s your worst nightmare, why do you think the devil is planning false theology. I mean terms that I don’t even want to talk about saying that God’s through with the book of Revelation, God’s threw with the Old Testament, God’s through with natural Israel called replacement theology. Well this is pervading the church, I mean there are whole denominations that won’t invest their pension money in stocks if they do any business with Israel. They’re crazy, God says “I God will bless,” I mean they want to be not blessed by God. God says Genesis 12:3 “I God will bless those that bless the Jewish people; I God will curse those who curse them” Well I mean you don’t have to be a real intelligent person to want to blessed by God; it’s really simple. And for some reason I don’t know what it is except God loved the Jewish people, he’s called us to be a witness people.

For some reason I don’t know what it is He loves non-Jews that believe in Jesus equally. I mean I’m reminded of one of my favorite parables the parable of the prodigal son. See I think that the youngest son that squandered his inheritance he’s a type of the Jewish people. And the older brother he’s a type of the Gentile Christians; and the older brother was really upset when the father made such a big deal of the Jews coming to the Lord. I’m reminded of what Paul says Paul says that “It was a blessing that the Jewish people rejected their Messiah, how much greater blessing when they receive their Messiah it will literally cause life from the dead. The resurrection power will be seen, the dead will rise.” As a matter of fact it’s going to cause the resurrection from the dead. Don’t you know that salvation is of the Jew and that Roman’s 11:11 says “Salvation has come to the Gentile to provoke the Jew to jealousy and when the two come together we have the one new man. And in the prodigal son this is what the father a type of God said to the older brother that it was such a fuss about Israel and the Jewish people. And here’s what He said and He’s saying this to you right now if you’re a non-Jewish believer in Jesus. “Everything I have is yours,” there’s no room for jealousy. God is love; He’s got enough love for all of us.

As far as favor… I’m going to pray a prayer with you right now. I pray in Yeshua’s name that you will walk in such extreme favor and flavor; favor and flavor.” What’s the flavor? The flavor of God. I pray that you walk in the favor and the flavor of God all the days of your life and that you dwell in the house of the Lord forever. And forever is a pretty long time. Now I want everyone family, we stick together. I want you to write or call our 800 number or go to our webpage and I want to send you the very first 2 interviews I did, it’s historic on Messianic Vision it was Cantor Bernier Rubinstein. I led him to the Lord and he became a cantor of one of the first Messianic Jewish Congregations in the United States. And he was my first guest and I interviewed him, and you’ll hear the first theme music. As a matter of fact when I was listening to myself I thought “I don’t even know who that person is, I must have had an announcer back then. And then I realized “No, I didn’t have an announcer, that’s me” (Laughing). So I can’t wait for you to get those first 2 weeks of Messianic Vision radio and I’m going to send it to you for a love gift of any size.

I have to tell you we have invested over a million dollars this year in reaching souls. And most of it is in things that only heaven records but you’re partner with us and we’re debt free. And every gift that you send is going to be used poured into Jewish evangelism at a time when most Christians are only sending money for humanitarian works and they’ll be blessed but how much greater blessing when you share the gospel with Jewish people.

The Spirit of God is moving on people you’re being healed. If anyone with pain anywhere in your body especially in the neck if you move your head you’ll see that there’s no pain. That crack isn’t there anymore, a left ear has just been opened but anything that you need, pain in your hands, carpal tunnel any pain you are healed in Jesus name. Well believe it or not this is the last broadcast; this is the last Shabbat broadcast until you go to our new platforms.

The Lord has already blessed you; the Lord has already smiled upon you; the Lord has already given you His favor; He’s surrounded you with His favor; the Lord has already given you gifts just reach your hands out and receive you gifts; the Lord has already given you His shalom, His completeness in your spirit, in your soul and in your body in the name of the Sar Shalom the Prince of Peace Yeshua Hamashiach Jesus the Messiah our Righteousness.

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