Sid: My guest Dr. James Maloney is red hot for the Messiah and everyone that’s listened this week I don’t see how you could help but be red hot for the Messiah. James you had an experience in hell, tell me about that.

James: Well, I’ll tell you Sid it was the most difficult experience I’ve ever had in my walk with the Lord. It took me many many weeks to in a sense get over it by the grace of God but I knew when I was a teenager there would come a time that I would be visiting hell. Now what I mean by that the Holy Spirit was preparing me at an appointed time. My spirit man left my body, I was in bed it wasn’t a dream it wasn’t a night vision my spirit left my body and an angel appeared to me a very bright angel and said “I’m to take you to the first level of hell.” Well, my my my I’d heard teachings and I’ve studied about different levels of hell but you know I just kind of dismissed it. But if this is the first level of hell I can’t even imagine what other levels would be like because it was the most difficult trying experience of my life but yet illuminating. And it has caused many to give their lives to the Lord Jesus. Because for some reason modern theology is kind of if I can word it this way Sid candy coated it over. In other words just “Well, hell is just some dark region where for eternity you sit in a dark corner and there’s not really any torment.”

Sid: Describe, again paint me a picture of what you saw with your eyes.

James: Well, there is torment it is not metaphorical only it is a true torment in the sense that God never intended people to visit there it was for the devil and his angels. But I when I stepped in with the angel it was so dark, outer darkness. I could hear wailing, the gnashing of teeth but I couldn’t see anyone. If it wasn’t for the angels light I would not be able to see anything. And the first thing that hit me was the blast of heat that was beyond human description. The choking that I went through, the smell was unbelievable. Chained the wall where the huge troll-like demons that were clanking their chains, they were growling, they were huge monstrous beings. And I noticed that there was black icky pool of like a sea and I just automatically knew in my spirit that there were probably 1000’s of these in these dimension in the bowels of the earth. I was in the bowels of the earth, but it was in a different dimension of course. And all of a sudden I just…I noticed I looked the light of the angel and I could see flames but the flames had no light. Now I can’t describe that to you but just no light at all dark flames that were flickering but no light. And all of a sudden they were permitted about 4 or 5 these individuals I could hear groaning come out of each one with separated in their own little dug out pool hole in this black icky substance. And they were just like skeletons, part flesh you know you could se their eyeballs in their cranium they were just skeletons with flesh just kind of hanging. And I could tell the one that came closes to me was a woman and there was for some strange reason a like a coral, I couldn’t think of anything that could live down here but it was like a coral you know that you see at the sea. And she just oh if I could just get a taste of moisture, I’ll never forget that just a little bit of moisture. And when she grabbed for that coral; I’m watching this I’m in excruciating pain because of the heat, smell, watching this tormented lady. You could see this the torment in her eyes as she grabbed that piece of coral that crumpled in her fingers. And I’ll never forget this still haunts me the scream of agony and the torment, she looked up into my eyes and those demon’s uttered something in some language, guttery language. And that meant that they were commanded to go back into their hole in this gookiey mess and while she walked pass me I fell on my knees and I said “How could you tolerate, how could you tolerate this? How could you live this way, how can you do this for all of eternity? And she looked at me and she spoked audibly and she said “At least I’m not down there” and she pointed down. And that just put a shrill up and down my spine that there was another level. And she went back into that hole and was submerged and what that oiky black film was was all of the sins and all of the rebellion that surged through their mouths, surged through their body kept reminding them for all eternity all of what they did that’s what was shown to me was all of what they did. And what was so scary was the sin itself began to morph their body in that hole and change and distort and contort their physical body. I just if it wasn’t the heat, the smell, the demons, the torment in the woman’s eyes, that oiky you know black stuff, “There’s something worse down below us at least I’m not there” and her laying in that and you could just hear. You know there wasn’t constant screamings but there would be every once or awhile a groan or a gnashing of teeth you could hear it. Or…

Sid: James, what effect did this have on you after this was all over?

James: Just how time is so short and that we’re racing towards eternity and people must make a choice. And I can’t fathom anyone having to live for eternity separated from the very presence of God because that was the greatest torment. There was absolutely no sense of God’s presence. And you know you can go anywhere in the world no matter how demonic it is and there’s always going to be some sense of God’s presence. But there it was completely absent.

Sid: You know what I’m hearing from you there is an urgency for people listening to us right now to turn from their sin. That’s called repent, to tell God you’re sorry, believe that Jesus paid the price and died for your sins and rose from the dead. And make Him your Lord with your mouth, you say it out loud to live inside of you. Do that right now, don’t you breath another breath until you do that. Get right with God now is the acceptable time because now now is all you have. James I believe that God wants to heal some people right now who does God want to heal speak it out.

James: I believe that there’s a lady she’s up in the northern part like Michigan, Wisconsin she has a stomach mesh. She had surgery that held her organ and this came to me several times and it’s created perforation and ulcers on the inside of her stomach. And this mesh has to either be dissolved, the ulcers gone whatever but I believe she’s sensing a warmth in that specific area. And this whole thing has been rectified right now, right now. And I also sensed that there’s a gentleman that has paralysis on one of his sides, I want to say bell-palsy, this is in the east and tingling is coming back into the side of his face. And someone has complete inability to use their fingers or their wrists because of it could be carpal tunnel or it could be nerve damage. In fact I would say it would probably be more nerve damage. A lot of people that are listening that have nerve damage, a lot of people in their feet I see at least 12 or 13 individuals that have no feeling in their feet. This could have a lot to do with diabetes, pancreas issues but it’s down in your feet. You have no feeling and it’s just painful when you do have it and the Lord is right now just touching your circulation. There’s a lady that being touched in the back of her knee that has blood clotting, she’s taken blood thinners and God wants her healed right now in Jesus Name. I can see this right around Arkansas, Missouri line just anyone no matter where they’re at if they have the condition God shows no respecter of persons so reach out and claim it and I know that the Lord will set you free because we’ve had countless people that have written, emailed, called and said “That was me and we’re completely healed, there’s no distance in the realm of the Spirit you know God will touch you and make you whole. And I do see one more, I see a man that has and a woman yes and a woman that has tumor on the brain that God wants you healed of. And you’re scheduled for surgery, one of you scheduled here very soon and I just believe that when you go back to the doctor their going to check one more time and they’ll be no more tumor there, no tumor. And there’s a child there a couple that’s in their early 30’s they have a child that has a blood disorder that child is being healed right now.

Sid: Okay, we’re out of time right now.

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