Sid: Glenda Jackson was sharing that in 1979 she went to hell, she saw famous preachers there. Could you tell me one famous preacher you saw there?

Glenda: Well I’d rather not.

Sid: Okay, alright I’ll pass on that, but it’s hard to believe but she did. Okay on 2008 you had a visit to heaven; very different tell me about it.

Glenda: Okay, I was ministering in a big church and I went out, I feel out in the Spirit like a trance and 2 angels took me to the throne of heaven. And I fell at the throne; I knew the Father was sitting over and that Jesus was at His right hand and I couldn’t even look up. Let me tell you in heaven I call it the wallpaper of heaven is nothing but the word. And it’s moving constantly the word going through heaven. I saw all of these golden shields being brought in by angels and laying around the throne. I was weeping and weeping and the angel touched me and Jesus told me said “All of these shields are being brought back they’re shields of faith and my people are laying them down, they’re going to everything else to get their help. They’re going to the world to get their help, ministers are going to the internet to get their sermons, and people are not using faith anymore. So I looked way in the distance and I could see the devil a far off and Jesus started explaining and teaching faith to me. He began to show me without faith it’s impossible to please God and of course we know that. And then there was something Hebrews 11 chapter the faith chapter that says “Now faith is and is the substance.” And He told me “Do you know what the substance is?” And I said “No, that everybody hopes for.” He said it’s Me, I am the substance!” And then He showed me that when you have Him the substance your faith is going to work right and you’re going to seek Him for everything you need. And He showed me the word NOW you turn it around and it spells WON! He’s already won the victory for us all we got to do is believe it for the faith that was once delivered to the Church. And He told me that all… go tell My people that the devil’s not after anything they have but their faith. And when they get that faith then he can destroy them. Remember what I told Simon he said “I told Simon, Simon Satan has desired to sift the as wheat, but I have prayed that faith fail the not. I never prayed for Simon for the devil to leave him alone, I never prayed for the devil to get out of the way. I prayed for his faith not to fail” and He said “See where I’m sitting as the intercessor, go tell my people I’m not praying for anybody to get healed,” and I started weeping and I said “I thought that was what You were all about.” He said “I Am but I already did the work it’s up to you on earth now, I’m praying for your faith you have anointed faith and you have faith that is impossible to fail if you accept the faith I’m praying over.” He said “I’m not praying for anyone to get saved I’ve already done the work you go tell my people that.” And then… oh I have to stop here (Praying in the Spirit) “Oh I say unto thee My people know that you must have this faith that I once brought to you; I say unto thee seek My face for there is much trouble coming upon this earth. There are many disasters, but if you’ll follow Me and have My faith saith the Lord ye shall win and ye shall be victorious over every evil plot that the enemy has against you. Know this that in this country they’re going to try to change many laws saith the Lord but I am going to raise My people up to obey My word. Things that happened under Daniel are going to happen in this land saith the Lord, they’re going to want you to bow to their gods, but I say unto thee through signs and wonders you shall win many people, many lost shall come to me you must do My signs and wonders saith God. They are for you and for the church. Did not I say I ascended upon high so that I could deliver gifts unto men? I saith unto thee you shall do greater works, yea shall raise the dead by multitudes. That is not hard to believe if you walk in the supernatural. This faith will give you the supernatural walk sayeth the Lord. It is a powerful walk it’s the walk I walked in saith the Lord. It’s the walk My apostles walked in and now I’m going to grant you the permission to walk in this supernatural power. And I say unto thee Sid my son you’re going to walk in greater supernatural I’m going to cause supernatural things to happen on your programs such as never before. Even the dead are going to raised on your program saith God and many shall fall on their knees and faces and accept Me. Not only in your audience but in their homes, I say unto thee cancers going to be healed greater, and the things that cancer caused for people to lose and the diabetes you’re going to overcome diabetes among the people sayeth the Lord. You’re going to speak a word in due season and all of the diabetics are going to be healed. And the ones that have lost legs and arms and stuff their going to have supernatural growth back sayeth the Lord. And I say only believe fear not for I am with thee saith the Lord.”

Sid:  Well praise God. I have to ask you something we’re making available your great aunt’s book Marie Woodwork Etters, I mean it’s 574 pages jammed packed with her revelation and teaching. This was a woman that I really have never even heard of anyone that’s had a ministry like hers before or after, but she said that people did before we just lost it. What’s going to happen when someone reads this book Glenda?

Glenda: That anointing is going to come on them. The anointing is going to come upon them and their just going to step forward and God’s going to start using them and these are going to stop happening. He’s going to send ministers into other nations and it’s going to happen, all they have to do is believe it, speak the word. He didn’t love her anymore than He loves anybody. He loves all of the same and He is warning people, He is calling them into supernatural signs and wonders and we’ve got to answer the call.

Sid: And how important is your 3 CD set “Knowing the Voice of God?” I mean the revelations that you bring forth in those 3 CD’s will this make a difference in people knowing God’s voice?

Glenda: Oh yes, you’ve got to hear God’s voice, you’ve got to know. Jesus said “I don’t do anything only what the Father shows Me to do.” And He spoke to His Son and He was in the flesh, God in the flesh, and if He had to hear His Father’s voice we do to. And these CD’s I guarantee will teach you how to hear God’s voice.

Sid: And I’m so amazed at the prophetic word that you were teaching on end time events and the prophetic word came forth, I mean you have seen the rapture as a young child you saw the rapture.

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