Sid: Sid Roth back with Apostle Guillermo, tell me about when you teach this course…let’s get specific tell me about the blind woman that was healed.

Guillermo: You know Sid I got so many cases but this is one of the cases where I was teaching on transformation of the heart and specifically I was talking about unforgiveness and offenses. The moment she heard the message and she forgave she made a decision to forgive because it said unforgiveness is a decision you can’t keep it in your heart because it’s a poison. And the moment she forgave she completely healed in other words she was healed of blindness. But I can tell you many cases besides that the moment the people forgave. I’ve seen I saw a woman that came into… I was ministering at the end of the service I was preaching on it and I was preaching and me and the people and this person made a decision she got arthritis her finger was twisted, her hands and fingers and the moment she heard the teaching she made a decision I’m going to forgive that precise moment she was completely healed. And I could tell you 100’s of cases in many areas blindness, deafness, and many areas when the heart changed everything outside changes.

Sid: Let me ask you something about forgiveness someone said to me recently “Forgiveness is a process.” Would you agree or disagree with that?

Guillermo: A process?

Sid: Yes.

Guillermo: I don’t think it’s a process I think it’s a decision they can be healed the moment that people decided to make a decision to a…  

Sid: But what about the feelings? In other words you make a decision to forgive someone but your feelings you’re still upset over them.

Guillermo: No because if you still remember and hurt you; this is what I tell the people and teach in my book. I say “If you still remember what they did to you and you hurt you have not forgiven. And does it take time to do that? No, because if it takes time this is what psychologists and psychiatrists teach “Well every hurt is going to go off with a time.” And time doesn’t heal hurts. The presence, the word, the blood, the power heals the hurts of the wounded heart. So it won’t take long, the moment we make a decision to forgive with all of the heart God that is the moment we become completely healed and delivered.

Sid: You know Guillermo every chapter of your brand new book “Supernatural Transformation” and the 2 CD’s on the broken heart surrendered to God it’s revelation, it’s life changing, but let’s just, and it’s difficult, but let’s just talk about a surrendered heart. What do you mean by the word surrendered?

Guillermo: Okay, you know Sid the Lord never asked us as Christians to do something easy He hasn’t done it. And the surrender God hasn’t asked us anything that He’s not willing to do Himself and that’s the reason He surrendered Himself. And that’s why when we surrender our heart it reminds God of His Son’s sacrifice. What I’m saying surrender is this I’m going to explain the definition of surrender. Surrendered heart is the heart that yields it’s right to God. Surrendered heart is a heart that activates the law of exchange. What do you mean the law of exchange? This is what John the Baptist says “It’s necessary for me to lessen, and Jesus can grow.” I’m paraphrasing. so in surrender is the law of exchange. My question to you the listeners is “What do you need of yourself that you need to surrender to God in order for God to fill you with Him.” So surrender so when we’re talking about surrender it’s a sign of the spiritual maturity. A surrendered heart freely obeys and yields to God. Surrender when we’re talking about surrender is giving of ourself, it’s giving and yielding to God. Accepting God or what God has for us, and somebody is saying “Yeah, but what about I can’t surrender?” Well that’s the reason because surrender you must release the control of your life. And if you want to take control of your life you can’t solve the problems that you facing you need to release it to God, let God be God. And the moment you yield… the word surrender means to yield to. What are you yielding, you’re yielding your insecurities, you’re yielding your fears, your yielding those things that are pressing you. You’re yielding your finances, you’re yielding your things that are yours. And the moment your yielding to God God will give you His strength. If you yield your fears God will give you His power, if you yield your unforgiveness to Him He will give you His forgiveness. So it’s important to surrender and this word is not popular today Sid when we’re talking about surrendered, dying to self those words aren’t because we want this generation, the spirit of the age, is this is what they teach and this is spirit of the age even in the church instant gratification. I don’t have to do anything to get anything from God. And I understand everything we receive is by grace, but there’s somethings that God will not be able to do until we surrender to Him and then He will be the Lord to walk on it.

Sid: Give me an example like in your book you give so many examples what about Frederick whose father was a Pastor and he was abused by his father.

Guillermo: You know I have those cases many times and this was one of the cases that he was so bitter that he said “I can’t understand how my father being a Pastor do this an do that.” And I was teaching on it and I also teach in the book “You must surrender that bitterness and unforgiveness and forgive your father otherwise you’re stopping the blessing that’s upon your father coming upon you.” So he made a decision and he surrendered to God and the many people that are listening to me and they’re saying “How do you surrender?” When you do it just do this kind of prayer “Father I surrender my unforgiveness to you, I surrender my bitterness to you, I surrender things in my heart that are poisoning me and they stole my peace and I give it to you; and now I receive by the law of exchange what you have for me.” And that moment when this man released that unforgiveness God filled him with His Spirit touched his heart now he’s on fire for God.

Sid: Guillermo I have to tell you something there it started just a few minutes ago there is a river in this studio it’s just pouring out. Is there a prayer, what do you want to do I mean God’s doing this for a purpose right now?

Guillermo: Yes, you know Sid there’s so many people struggling let me talk to those people that are working over there and they’re saying there’s so many areas where I don’t see a breakthrough in my heart. Remember what I said from the beginning the condition of your heart will determine the condition of your life. There’s some things in your life that you’re struggling that you’re fighting that you don’t know what to do I’m going to lead you into a prayer of surrender or yielding to God those things that you yielding the natural to receive the supernatural, surrendering your anger, your bitterness to receive forgiveness and peace. And after I do that I’m going to release the prayer of healing in the mind, in the spirit, and all over your being because when your heart changes it will change everything. Father in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ those people right now that are struggling those areas of their life that they’re saying “I don’t know I can’t change but the Holy Spirit is in your house or wherever you are now” and I want you to open your mouth and say “God I surrender my anger, I surrender my unforgiveness, I surrender my fear, I want you to open your mouth and surrender areas that you can not change in your own ability do it right now. Wherever your listening to me right now if you’re driving, if you’re doing anything I want you to start surrendering things to God. I surrender the natural to receive the supernatural. And now do it right now. Father in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and right now a wave of miracle sin their bodies coming; those people that they’re sickness are connected to the condition of the heart I command all of those bodies to be healed; blindness is being healed, deafness is being healed, arthritis is being healed, back condition people with back condition are being healed right now; I can see a man God is restoring 2 brand new knees as a matter of fact this creative miracle God is healing a man that is 39 years old God is creating brand new knees right now in Jesus. If you had a problem in your knees metals in your body God is doing something special in your back. There’s a pain in your body because you forgave you surrendered to God Father heal him. And Father those that are oppressed in their mind taking pills to sleep I rebuke every spirit of oppression in their mind. And right now in Jesus Name I declare total deliverance in your soul, in your mind, your body your spirit your emotion release that unforgiveness, release that bitterness. And right now I declare total healing receive it now in Jesus name. Now you’re healed to what you couldn’t do before and your mind is clear now. Something left you because you forgave and you released the power of God. Father in Jesus Name be healed, be delivered in Jesus Name! Amen.

Sid: Guillermo pray right now for a baptism of love.

Guillermo: Yes, many people are struggling right now they’re saying “I can’t forgive, I can’t forgive.” Yes because to forgive you have to be full of love and love is the motivation to forgive. And right now Father in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ Lord Jesus I release that liquid love upon the listeners. Every man as a matter of fact theres a woman that is listening to me and that woman you wanted to commit suicide and you’re a rich Jewish woman. And something in you ready to commit suicide and you felt that liquid love falling on you right now in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ young people are listening to me now and liquid love you feel something is filling your home, filling your office and those listeners right now the Baptism of love. Jesus release the baptism of love, fill them to forgive, to surrender to die to self and to commit completely into your cause into Your kingdom right now Lord baptize them, submerge them in the baptism of love. There you go, there you go receive it right now there you go lift your hands where ever you are now that baptism of love. You feel like a liquid love filling, if you feel to cry if you feel to do something do it don’t hold yourself down just release yourself and be filled with the love of Jesus Christ. Be baptized right now in Jesus Name.

Sid: Guillermo I want to make available your book this is not just your latest book although it is your brand new book called “Supernatural Transformation – Change Your Heart Into God’s Heart.” Every chapter is flooded with revelation and there are people they call themselves prepers that are preparing for hard times and I believe that if God shows you you should prepare because most people know hard times are coming but I don’t know a better way to be a preper then to get rid of your hardened heart. To surrender totally to God if not now, when? …Guillermo tell me what people are saying when they get a hold of your brand new book, or when you gave these two messages at your church that we have the CD’s of “A Broken Heart.” What feedback are you getting?

Guillermo: I was say the feedback is so overwhelming people are saying “When I read the first chapter of the book I started weeping and something started changing in me.” Other people said “I read the whole book but there was a chapter that impacted me in such a way that the presence of God fell into my room.” And I can tell you I got documented those testimonies that I’m telling you of people that were touched and then you tell me afterwards “Oh, they were totally changed.” I see many people that their finances were totally stagnated and something wrong with finances the moment they connect the heart with the condition of their life and they repented they changed and the presence came and the condition of the life their finances were totally restored businesses and I’m hearing a lot of areas because the heart touches every area of your life it’s not only healing but also finances and many marriages are being restored as a result of hearing the book and listening the book.

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