Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to be normal.  What is normal, normal is being red hot for Jesus.  What is abnormal?  Abnormal is being lukewarm; I mean Jesus put it this way it’s kind of a mind-blower in the Book of Revelation.  He said “I would rather you be cold for me than lukewarm.  Now, why would He say that?   He said it because if your  cold you know that your cold but if you’re lukewarm you’re deceived. And unfortunately most people that have been raised in the church have not had an encounter with the Living God and are not disciples are walking in various degrees of deception. And when I say disciples I’m not saying disciples of a man; I mean I’m saying disciples of the word of God; there is a difference.  I mean if you want to argue tradition I can do it I’m Jewish, you know what I mean.  My tradition is older and maybe a little more beautiful than yours.  But tradition and a dime won’t get you a cup of coffee in Washington, DC will it Dr. Catherine Millard?

Catherine: (Laughing)

Sid: I have that whose my guest is right now and I’m speaking to her at Headquarters at Northern Virginia of the Christian Heritage Ministries.  And Christian Heritage Tours and we are going to talk about a subject that is just so outrageous it’s called “The Rewriting of America’s History. And why is this important?  Well, I have to ask you a question that I read in your book.  Catherine you said that “Rewriting a nations history is frequently one of the first strategies taken by a conquering nation.”  Why is that?

Catherine: Because a nation that doesn’t know where it came from has lost it’s roots; doesn’t know who it is in the present, has lost it’s identity and therefore doesn’t know where it’s going and has lost it’s direction.  

Sid: But wait a second Catherine I went to public High School, I studied American History.  Anyone that becomes a citizen of the US has to study history, why does this apply to America? I think that it would apply to a conquered nation.

Catherine:  Because you have studied revisionist history from what you shared with me a little bit before the program and my response to your question about Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin that just what you were sharing with me about them proved to me that you had imbibed like every single American I’ve met.

Sid: Okay, let’s turn the light bulb on right now for me and every single person that’s listening to us right now.  What I said was that “It is common knowledge that Thomas Jefferson was not a man of great morality. I mean look at all the children he fathered from his slaves. And Benjamin Franklin I mean, in the popular books on Benjamin Franklin I mean he went off to France and he was kind of elderly and he had so many girl friends and he was married and he was I mean and so these two people certainly very moral

Catherine:   Well, look at your books again if you have them and see the dates they were published and look in the back and see the bibliography and see that they have either have no bibliography or the bibliography would be secondary sources. Because the history in America has been rewritten in the 1930’s as I’ve traced back in my 5 ½ years of research and in writing the book “The Rewriting of America’s History.”

Sid:  So who did this revision that started in that time?

Catherine:  Well, alright first it’s a movement; it’s a very powerful movement. People that have taken positions of power in the educational realm and the media specifically but every other realm in the 1930’s.  It was an agenda and it goes back to…it’s like physio-politics which is the art and signs of the manipulating masses of minds of people without their knowing it. And the Russian tech books of the 1930’s in the conclusion to my book have fitted in exactly with all the individual conclusions I have come to as I said working for 5 ½ years in the rare-book collections of the Library of Congress. Now the rare-book collection my being a scholar there 20 years now has been just about everyone of our one of a kind originals and they were buried in a vault and there were 4 billion.  $4 billion dollars of national treasures and that’s how I’ve been able to write this book beginning with 1492 Christopher Columbus and going to 1899.  Here’s the one of a kind of the original, here’s the the counterfeit, here’s the original, here’s what you’ve been studying in your schools in the 1930’s.  Here’s the original; here’s what has been permeating the Newsweekly’s, the magazines and the libraries since the 1930’s.  So to deal with your 2 questions there about Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, they were maligned.  Like everyone of the founders has been in current history books published in America since 1930’s that I have consulted and I’ve consulted probably about 1000’s.

Sid: But what is the objective, what are these people after?

Catherine:  Well, firstly let me deal with the disproving it. And Thomas Jefferson and we put out a video; it’s the 7th video entitled “Controversial Christians about Thomas Jefferson and went to the top DNA experts worldwide and top universities in the world and got their statements which were published in Science magazines and Nature Magazine 2 months after this hit the news in the Fall of 1998. And they refuted it; the top DNA experts refuted it and it’s on the…all of the evidence is on this video because they say that “It could not have been, it was impossible it could not have been Tomas Jefferson. The most likely candidate was his brother Randolph Jefferson who was a 12 years younger; who was a widower.  Who danced and played the fiddle with the slaves, was seen continually there. And they have proof, we have proof that he was there when Easten Hemings, Sally Heming’s son was conceived and he was also there 6 days after Easten Heming’s birth because working on Jefferson’s will at the time.  It’s impossible, it’s not just Jefferson, his mind was way above all of that and they have deliberately…in fact I went all the way to the historian who began the research and I had long conversations with him and have written evidence sent to me in the mail from him. And I have spoken to him many times on the telephone.  He started his research because his wife is a direct ascendant of Thomas Jefferson. They come to no conclusions what so ever. And they were doing by retired pathologists by the name of Eugene Foster from the University of Virginia.  And Eugene Foster published these inconclusive, inconclusive story about Jefferson in the fall of 1998 without their knowledge.  And of course broke off their relationship and of course broke off their friendship when they asked him “Why did you do it?”  He said “He wanted fame.”  And all of that was refuted in Science Magazine and Nature Magazine.  He’d published it in Nature Magazine initially and the paper just picked it up immediately to make something sensational out of it.  It was refuted 2 months later in January of 1999 by these top DNA experts world wide and scientist but the newspapers never picked it up.  As far as…

Sid: Benjamin Franklin.

Catherine:  As far as Benjamin Franklin is concerned you know I’ve spent actually more time on Thomas Jefferson and then on Benjamin Franklin than any other founding father. They were the most versatile and they were the most brilliant I believe of all of the founding fathers.  And they were inventors, they were, well Thomas Jefferson’s was a Musician and a lawyer and a self-taught architect and of course President of the United States and Vice President.  He was extremely accomplished and so was Benjamin Franklin.  And Benjamin Franklin being a diplomat and a scientist and an inventor and a signer of the Declaration of Independence and a signer of the US Constitution. I disproved that with Benjamin Franklin totally were both, made up completely outlandish lies because our great people and this great nation have not studied original history and the documents of American history since the 1930’s so they were able to do it.  Benjamin Franklin was a member of Christ Epistable Church in Philadelphia. Today if you went there you’d fine that it was called The Nation’s Church.  It was the most starch church in whole nation because the entire revolution revolved around it; the founding fathers attended that church during the framing of the US Constitution and prior to that during the framing of the..

Sid: Catherine give me a bottom-line; what is the agenda, what is the purpose of all of these rewriting, we’ve barely scratched the surface of this rewriting of America’s history. What is the intent?

Catherine:  Well, the intent is to remove the godly heroes from the hearts and minds of youth who are the future generation.

Sid: And what will this accomplish if they’re successful?

Catherine:  Well, they have become successful to a large extent; they’ve become apathetic; they thought they were studying history but they were actually studying annuls and they were studying revisionist false history. It turned them away from not only their founders and their greatest heroes who are actually great servants of the Living God. And they then destroyed the patriotism and it gave them a guilt trip about their own country. So that they could no longer emulate the Christian lives of these great founders. And their greatest heroes are told are the renegades and convicts and immoral. And it puts a black smudge on a young person growing up; it turns them away from their country.

Sid: Okay, let’s take that scenario a bit further, you mean that’s going to be the preparation of a one world government?  Is that what you’re headed towards?

Catherine:  Yes, actually that is part of it and it’s very importantly part of it.

Sid: A one world religion?

Catherine:  Yes, because these godly Christian heroes; the documents of American history from 1490 to 1899 are filled with scripture and prayer. Prayer in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. And as you can see in my book, from originals, and so the godly lives; the Christian lives represent Protestant, strong Biblical Protestant Christianity based on the scriptures and prayer based on the Lord, Almighty God.  The nation was founded, the great documents of the great founding of the nation are based upon scripture and prayer. And so that’s the only obstacle in the way of their disbanding the sovereignty of a nation.

Sid: I’ll tell you what, we’re out of time. I’m speaking to Dr. Catherine Mallard and this is going to be a fascinating week. But there’s no way that we can cover all the information in her book “The Rewriting of the America’s History.” And I’ll tell you something, if you have a child or a grandchild in secular schools this information must get to them so that they won’t be dooped like everyone else.  If you have a home schooler, this information you must give to them.

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