Sid: If you have blockage in your heart in the natural or the supernatural I believe that you know what when the blockage in the spirit realm is removed the healing will flow. My guest John McTernan had a broken heart, and then in studying the scriptures he found out that this was one of the major calls of Jesus to heal the brokenhearted. And there are people listening to me right now; you’ve been wounded. Probably you’ve been from a broken family.  You’ve been from a father and mother that died at an early age.  You’ve been in a house where they stayed together but the trauma may have been worse than if they had separated.  And most believers today have a broken heart, but Jesus knew it and that’s why He said “Well that’s our ministry.”  Well, John McTernan had a broken heart; he had a blockage but now that this blockage has been removed when he speaks people with broken hearts they get supernaturally healed. But the thing that is so amazing to me John is that they’re not only getting the healing in the spirit realm and it releases a flood of the supernatural gifts of God they’re getting healings in the physical realm; tell me a few.

John:  Well you’re absolutely right Sid and I believe that a lot of the problems that people are facing, health issues that they are facing, is connected to a broken heart. And the problems with a broken heart are manifesting in their body. And oh yes, there has been wonderful testimonies the one that comes to mind is the woman that I prayed for that had serious rejection in her life. She had been rejected at a very young age all her life rejection, two husbands. But what really stood out with the husbands like they divorced her on Friday and remarried on Monday which crushed her heart. She had this crushed heart and with rejection basically. Then she was suffering for years I think 5 or 6 years with ulcerated colitis. She was anemic from the ulcers, the bleeding, lost all sorts of weight. The doctors were saying that this was final stage of it.  And Sid she was only in her early 40’s.  So a friend of hers knew me and we prayed and the first time we prayed it was a great breakthrough but not a complete and we prayed again.  I shared with her Romans 8:15 which I had mentioned on a previous show. I told her about…

Sid: Share that again.

John:  Yeah Romans 8:15 says “For you have not received” now notice this “The spirit of bondage again to fear.”  See there is a spirit; there could be a spirit of bondage to fear. But the remedy for that is when you receive the Spirit of adoption whereby we cried “Abba Father.” So I shared with her “God accepts you, God does not reject you.” And we had to pray and pray for this spirit of rejection was so strong in her.  Then finally she broke through and she began to cry out “Yes, God is my Daddy, He accepts me.” And then we prayed for healing in her intestines because this was critical the condition that she was in. And she said that she felt like fire, this fire in her intestines and God instantly healed her.

Sid: And you know what comes to me as you’re sharing this John is what is the opposite of faith? Fear!  I believe that there are many people that have fear trapped inside of them and when they get rid of that spirit of fear; they then can walk in the promises of God.

John:  Absolutely, and Sid I want to make this clear that this woman I prayed for loved the Lord. I checked her salvation before we prayed and she loved the Lord; she had been walking with the Lord, but yet her heart had been broken and the spirit of fear and rejection had gripped her.  And the remedy was asking the Lord to heal her broken heart, which He did, and then having her rest in God as her Abba, as Daddy.  And then the flow, God’s flow, began to go through her life and then it came this miraculous healing.  I want to add to this that she was under the doctor’s care and she told the doctor what happened. And he said “Well, let’s see what happens.”  I remember vividly the end of September and that was a couple of weeks. So she went back in a couple of weeks and he examined her and there was absolutely no symptoms of this ulcerated colitis. And he actually said to her “There is no explanation for this and you’re rewriting the medical books.

Sid:  I’ll tell you what excites me… Oi vey that came out so fast I almost missed it.  The doctor said “You’re rewriting the medical book?!”

John:  Yes.

Sid: I love it. (Laughing) The thing I was excited about you, I talked to you a few weeks back and you said you were on your way to a mental institution to pray for someone’s heart to be healed.  What happened?

John:  Well, Sid again this was one of the manifestations. Again, I like this because I see it as living proof of the resurrection of Jesus Christ when things like this happen.  Yeah a woman a very good friend of mine sister had been institutionalized several times for severe depression, severe.  And he asked me if I would come; he had given up hope, the whole family had given up hope on her and they were thinking about that she was going to be permanently institutionalized. She could not function on her own; so we went in there and he also told me that the doctors said that “It was the worst case of depression that he had ever seen.” That was what the doctor said.  So when I went into minister to her if it would be possible in the natural realm to see into the spiritual realm that’s what I did Sid.  Because you could see depression on her; I can’t describe it it was… it’s hard to describe something natural that was spiritual.  But I walked in and in and she was so depressed that it was manifesting from her physically.  And we talked about… and she claimed to be a believer; and we talked about this and she gave me testimony of Jesus Christ as her Savior and could not be free of this depression.  She said that “It would just not leave her.”  So I shared with her Luke 4:18 and we went to the brokenhearted, and we talked the broken heart.  And what happened Sid when she was young, when she was very young she had a baby out of wedlock that died and it broke her heart and it caused all sorts of family problems. And she had been living with that since she was 16 years old. And that was the source of all of this. And there was things compounding it but the foundation of her condition was this broken heart with the loss of the baby and how the family reacted to her being pregnant out of wedlock. Well, we prayed for forgiveness, for family forgiveness and she somehow thought that the loss of the baby was her fault.  And we asked that she would forgive herself for that.  And that she needed forgiveness towards God, and when those 3 forgivenesses came and we prayed that the Lord would heal her broken heart Sid her family is just, it’s almost like it’s unbelievable to them. They said “This is a different sister, this is not the sister that I’ve known all my life.  That’s what they told me that she is completely different.  She is a completely different woman. The last time I went to see her you could actually see her now glowing with the Holy Spirit.  The first time I went there if you could see depression I saw it, I mean the first time. The last time I went there her countenance, her face, her eyes were this glow on her from the power of the Holy Spirit radiating through her now rather than being in bondage to the spirit of bondage.

Sid: Now John the thing that excites me so much as you’re sharing the teaching on this and the light bulbs go off on people’s spirits and in their mind. But as you share this when you speak in front of groups rattle off a few things that people have been healed or have said to you because they heard your teaching.

John:  Well yeah, Sid there’s so many of them now.  One of them that was really outstanding was a woman that was crippled. When she was 10 years old she was sexually molested, it was a hard thing for her to share with me, but she did.  Her heart was all tore apart, I mean inside and I started to pray for her. First of all she forgave the person that did it that’s so important, forgiveness. And we actually had to ask God’s grace in her life for the forgiveness, but when I began to pray for the healing of her heart and then we prayed for the deliverance from fear. Because she was in fear. I remember saying to her; the Lord stopped me, I told her not fear, it’s in terror, I said “You are in terror, and she says “Yes, yes I am, yes!”  And we prayed for the release of the terror and she jumped up out her chair and she started to dance in front of me.  And she said, “It left, it left me; it’s gone, that terrible weight on me is gone!”  And Sid here’s a woman that came in crippled and she’s dancing in front of me in the freedom of the Lord.

Sid: John, if you did not have your heart healed… did you see miracles like this when you spoke before your heart was healed?

John:  No, no Sid, no.

Sid: That’s what I believe many of us that are listening right now. As we go step by step through your notes and through your teaching I believe that… and by the way then you get into the blessings of Abraham that we’re to tap into it’s amazing teaching…

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