Sid: My guest David Herzog is red hot for the Messiah. I mean this is a man that God has taught step by step how to move in the glory of God. And when the tangible glory of God shows up everything speeds up in reference to the promises of God’s word.  And so I was kind of surprised when he came out with a book; I mean in such a comprehensive book.  One book that has every area of health covered.  It’s called “Jump Start Your Way to Healthy Living.”  David for those that perhaps tuning in for the first time, why does someone that understands the miraculous… you see people bald get their hair back instantly in the glory; you see people lose weight. I know I went to one of your meetings right before me I saw people that lost weight right before me. I saw a woman’s hair change from white to brown; I mean why are you fooling around with nutrition?

David: (Laughing) Because I see a lot of people that get healed in meetings but then they don’t keep their healing because they go back to their normal lifestyle. So the Lord really led me to say you know you need to tell people not just how to get healed but how to stay healthy.  Otherwise they’re going to keep coming; I’ll never be out of a job but I’d rather be out of a job and people don’t come for healing anymore because they stay healed. That’d be the best.

Sid:  And that’s a problem; let me add this is a personal question but maybe someone else is thinking this question.  I don’t get out in the sun much unlike you I know you love being outside and I saw the mountain you like to climb in Sedona, Arizona.   But so I don’t get out much; one reason I don’t get out much is I don’t want to deal with skin cancer, and the other is that I take vitamin D capsule. What would you suggest for someone like myself?

David: Yeah, you don’t want to overdo the sun but if you do like 20 minutes a day, 20 minutes a day on as much of your body as possible that’s the best form of vitamin D your body naturally can deal with that.  Most of the civilizations around the world for the last 6,000 years sunlight… people out in the sun.  Now for the last 100 years modern age people are not in the sun and it’s affecting them in many ways.  It’s good to take a supplement though if you’re not in the sun and that’s find but if you can get out even 20 minutes a day I think you’ll notice even greater metabolism acceleration; it’s greater for your skin. Now if you eat healthy and you start cleaning out your diet then I noticed too there is a lot less cases of skin cancer.  What happens is that people don’t eat healthy; oils in your skin get locked and then they create cancer. So a lot of people that have healthier diets like in these 3rd world countries they’re out in the sun all day and you hardly hear of any skin cancers.

Sid: Another subject he deals with even your appearance based on things that God’s put on this earth.  Also you talk about age reversal; now I know everyone listening wants to know about that.  Personally I believe as I stand in the glory every day I’m getting age reversal but you know what it’s just as supernatural knowing that the foods that God has put in this earth to accomplish that; tell me about it.

David: Oh yeah, for age reversal it’s really amazing because in the Bible you see people that lived 120 or 500 years. And even at their death they were still strong and healthy it was their time to go.  Age reversal there’s like different hormones in your body that deal with age reversal.  Like some people get Alzheimer’s the brain stops functioning and that’s it acetylcholine, it’s one of the hormones that when you start losing that your brain starts to dry up.  So there’s natural things you can do to speed that up, your acetylcholine levels, so that you don’t get Alzheimer’s, you don’t get dementia so there’s different… now you said about skin too.  Like different foods that you can eat to make you look a lot younger; cucumbers, celery, are one of the healthiest things for your skin.  It actually goes and cleans the cells inside your skin.  So you kind of asked me 2 questions so age reversal and then looking younger and healthier.  There is also like serotonin levels in your body, that’s what helps you get more sleep.  When you lose serotonin in your body, that’s the thing that makes you sleep deep and long you start aging faster.

Sid: So what kind of food has serotonin in it?

David: Black pepper, cayenne pepper helps with it, thyme, and turmeric, basil, peppermint, nutmeg and sage.  I have a whole list in my book of these things that actually helps to reduce it.  Like for instance, sage helps you with serotonin levels and reduced fear, paranoia, and delusions, it’s been known to do that by doctors.

Sid:  What about you talk about tea as an important drink.

David: Yeah for calming yourself chamomile tea is one of the best.  Chamomile has a calming kind of property to it that a lot of people realize they take…that’s why an hour before you sleep at night I take a chamomile tea and it calms you; it a calming tea it’s wonderful.

Sid: And what about green tea, what’s green tea do for you?

David: Oh, green tea yeah that’s something that give you… it’s a little bit of a stimulant not like coffee but it helps you lose weight, it age reverses your body.  It has amazing properties that go inside your body.  Like the Japanese are really big on green tea a lot of the Asian countries; Asians look pretty young, they age a lot better than the western world and they happen to drink a lot of green tea.

Sid: Now you talk about people that live long and the people that live the longest live in Okinawa, Japan. What are they doing?  What has been their diet that’s making them live so long?

David: Yeah, Okinawa first of all they don’t eat like the rest of the Japanese; they eat way less white rice. White pasta, white rice all of that carbs isn’t good for your body it slows down your anti-aging. They’re also outdoors a lot more; there are people over 100 years old still going to the store, exercising, swimming. They also have a lot of coral calcium in their diet.  So there’s a combination of stress-free healthier living, eating healthier foods and not eating so much carbs and rice. So that combination is causing them to live longer and be productive.  They’re actually not only living to 120 they’re actually productive at that age too.

Sid: Now what about something we hear talked about a lot. When I was younger we didn’t even know the word, and that is gluten.

David: Oh yeah, gluten…a lot of people are I think my daughter is that way as well, she can’t have gluten she has a reaction to it.  Because the modern food that we eat today is so tainted it’s not the original food God created, the glutens, the wheats all those things start causing huge problems in people’s bodies. And so the food chain especially in America is getting worse and worse so that people can’t even digest gluten. So it’s very, very important to get stuff and food that’s not full of glutens.  Go back to a raw natural healthy eating lifestyle and a lot of sicknesses will be healed.  I think you mentioned to me that you saw a show the other night about gluten and the different…

Sid: Oh they’re proving that there’s a connection between eating a lot of gluten and Alzheimer’s now.

David: Oh I totally believe it.  It blocks up your system, anything that blocks up your system doesn’t come out quickly stays in there and causes a lot of trouble.

Sid: David in your book you speak a lot about thinking and thoughts.  How does it affect your life?

David: Oh, big time you know thoughts can actually shift things in your body. If you start to think about someone that hurt you or someone that you’re angry about even though you might have forgiven them but you start to think about it or mediate on it.

Sid: Well, I kind of question that you’ve really forgiven them if you keep thinking about it. But go ahead.

David: Exactly, what happens the toxins in your body actually goes into a toxic state just by thinking about someone that rejected you or hurt you or just rehashing it recreates as if it’s happening in your emotions immediately starts to feel it. And your body actually starts to shut down, toxins and poisons go in your bloodstream. And that’s why the Bible says you know before you sleep at night don’t keep your anger because it actually affects your body and you start to get sick.  Your immune system shuts down and it’s really bad.  Let’s say the boss says “I want to talk to you in my office please after work.”  Ah, you start thinking the worse, you start panicking you get stress, you’re exhausted, you’re worried and then you find out that you were getting a raise.  But because you feared the worst your body went into a mode of fear, panic, and toxins go into your body.

Sid: So you’re saying as you say in your book “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”

David: Exactly, you know that scientists have discovered that when you think about something on a high enough level you can actually create the subatomic particle of that which you are thinking about.

Sid:  That’s pretty way out there. (Laughing) But actually I have a quote from you on that from your book. And what you said is “As we start to see the future in reality we’re actually tapping into the future at the moment that we start seeing it.” What do you mean by that?

David:  Yeah, well the Bible says “The substance of things hoped for.” So you start us out thinking about something that you are hoping for that God; you know that it’s from God and you have faith you actually start thinking about it you actually have a substance of that future. For instance we had a meeting at Topeka, Kansas and I said “Someone here hair is turning black.”  And a man in his 70’s came up and the front of his hair had turned from while to black; the back was still white.  Now I told the 700 people I said “Now stare at the back of his head but I want you to see it by faith that the back now was also turned black.” So we didn’t pray, we didn’t declare we all stared at the back of his head 700 people and put him on the stage in front of everybody his hair turned black.  So as a man thinks; so is he.  Jesus says “He’ll do above what you can ask for or think.”  So if you can ask Lord “Thank you for healing this person in Jesus Name.” And they get healed you can actually think it also and God can answer your thoughts as a prayer.

Sid: Even it works in reverse as you were explaining; if you think about negative things when you’re trying to go to sleep.

David: Yeah, it actually drain your body because you’re thinking about it and your emotions get connected and your body gets connected to that negative. And it’s like a downward spiral, you get drained, and pretty soon you’re foggy, you’re low.  It affects your emotions, your body your hormones everything gets affected just by thinking about something sad, or angry or rejection thought your whole body starts to feel it it’s really, really bad.

Sid: That’s why I love the special we have for the refrigerator; it’s part of the “Power and the Glory Package.”  And the magnet has points that you’ve come up with on living stress-free in the glory as just reminders every day.

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