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Sid: My guest by way of telephone; I’m speaking to her in Toronto Canada where she’s ministering. Her name if Dr. Debbie Rich; she’s an associate evangelist with Rodney Howard Browns ministry. And Debbie went through hell on earth in a marriage in which she was physically abused, emotionally abused, emotionally abused.  She almost lost her life and finally God said enough is enough; and she left her husband and she divorced he was unfaithful, she doesn’t advocate that but in her case it was right. And as a child she had experiences with God that she felt like God said that she’d be preaching the gospel all over the world. Here she has 3 children, a bad marriage, not hope. But you know something; when there is no hope and you rely on God where there is no hope a door will open; a supernatural door will open.  And God has so blessed  Debbie, she’s doing what she saw. Now you wrote a song based I believe on your visitation from the Lord called “I asked for fresh Oil.” And you explained with your voice being as hoarse as it is right that you would not want to sing it but I just believe that we have some very thirsty people that needs some fresh oil right Dr. Debbie Rich and that if you would speak a few of the words of the song and pray for the people. But before you do that just teach a few minutes about the fresh oil.

Debbie:  Alright on one of the earlier broadcasts I talked about Acts chapter 2 where they were baptized in the Holy Spirit and accused of being drunk in the Holy Spirit. And one of the forms that the Holy Spirit takes many times is on joy unspeakable and full of glory. And at other times it’s as though  oil were running down you. That’s why one of the symbolism of the Holy Spirit is oil; one is fire; one is wine; one is wind.  And when He is flooding you and saturating you joy comes many times, weeping comes; sometimes you almost sense the physical manifestation of warm honey running down you.  In the Old Testament when the vials of anointing would be poured on someone for youth, for the ministry, or upon the priests it would run down Aaron’s beard and his clothing. When David was taken from just being that shepherd boy that stunk like the sheep and brought into his father’s house and Samuel anointed  him it was that anointing running down David that changed him from a shepherd boy to becoming king of Israel. And that anointing will heal up the broken heart. The Bible says the anointing destroys the yoke of bondage; it annihilates it and one version says the fat of gob will come around your neck and so that no yoke can hang on.  No bondage, no depression, no oppression, no alcoholism, no drug addiction, whatever the bondage is, no lust, no temper when the fat of God collects around your neck no yoke can remain around your neck anymore it’s annihilated.

Sid: I know one of your favorite ministries is a prison ministry.  What happens to some of those prisoners that hear you speak and pray?

Debbie:  Oh my, I have watched mean on death row and in prison for 99 year sentences become saturated with the Holy Spirit and set free.  We watch them being delivered of homosexuality, of alcoholism, drug addiction, rage; mean who are in there for murder now preaching the gospel. That anointing changes a life in a moment and that’s what I’m going to pray that you are changed with this day. I always tell the Holy Spirit that I don’t ever want to minister without Your anointing. I have nothing of myself and it’s Your anointing that sets the captives free. It has set me free, it will set you free listening today. And I do want to pray for everyone out there right now. Holy Spirit I come to You in the Name of Jesus Christ our Savior and I thank You for that resurrection power that brought Christ out of the grave. And that power is available to us even now and I pray that You come into every household represented. People listening to this on the job site; You come where they’re at that You walk right into prisons and jail cells today. Wherever people are in their cars and You come with that sweet sweet anointing by You glory. Lord let You oil run down them; let it heal up the broken-hearted today. That healing balm of Gilead; let Your joy flood their heart; let Your supernatural joy that comes right in the middle of circumstances. Right in the middle of some of the literal hell that some people are living in their homes and Lord You meet them right where they’re at; You heal up their heart like you did mine. You give them an anointing to give that away so that other broken-hearts can be healed up to set the captive free. Lord I ask that you fill them with Your fire; Your boldness; new fresh love; Lord that they are restored to their first love in You.  Maybe some are listening that don’t even know you at all; Lord let them make You Savior this day by praying the prayer and asking You to come into their heart and forgive them of their sin right now. And to declare that Jesus is their Lord and their Savior. And Lord that do know You give the fresh hope today; let the anointing so change them and permeate them and fill them full of joy that that cloud goes; that that depression goes; that oppression goes in Jesus name. That every demon that has been trying to haunt them and trying to tell them that they need to take their own life and they’ll never  amount to anything and that their life will never be any different. That  is a lie from the pits of hell. Reveal Yourself to them right now. sweet Holy Spirit reveal Jesus to them right now so that they can have an encounter with a God of love; a God of might; a God of power; a good of healing in Jesus Name I pray.  Amen and amen.

Sid: Tell me about people that have bad marriages when the anointing of God comes on both of them. Pick one couple and tell me about them.

Debbie:  Alright, we had a couple in Boisman, Montana that the husband walked in; told his wife that I am leaving you; I don’t love you I haven’t loved you for a long time.  I’m walking out on you and on our 2 small children. And she was coming to our revival meetings and she said “I ask only one thing, I will never ask finances or anything if you will do this one thing, you owe me at least this to come to at lease one night of revival.”  He laughed at her and told her it won’t do any good and that’s the only thing you ask I’ll come one night. And as they both told me they were both sitting  there in the service and the presence of the Lord just enveloped him and he began to shake. And he said “That lady” referring to myself; that lady preacher is going to get me I know she is.” Because I was walking up and down the aisles laying hands on people and I never heard him say that and I never went over to where he was sitting.  But I gave an altar call and he came running  to the altar; he fell out before he could even get to the altar begging the Lord to forgive him and he was baptized in the Holy Spirit that night. And when they got home his wife said that he would never let her go to sleep. He just kept holding her and staring at her and he said “You are the most beautiful woman in the world, where have I been, how could I be so blind; I don’t know what has been wrong with me.”  And he would weep and then he walked into his children’s bedrooms and he picked up his little boy and his little girl in their little beds and he would hold them. And he’s say “I love them so much I can’t believe I was going to walk out on them.  And they both told me their story and as he  told me his part he was holding his boy and his girl right then and then he said What if you wouldn’t had come Debbie I wouldn’t have even been with my family right now.”  And I said “I’m sure the Lord in His grace would have sent someone but I’m so glad that I got to be the one.”  And even though I lived through so much abuse in my own life I have watched couples marriages restored.  No matter if beatings have taken place, adultery has taken place; God has forgiven people and restored them and it’s like they were finally having the honeymoon that they’d never had. He’s the great God of restoration if He has two repentant hearts to work with.

Sid: Debbie briefly in your heart why did you write your story “From Crushed Grapes to New Wine” this book?

Debbie:  So people would know that what He’s done for me He wants to do for them.  He wants to heal up their hearts. And as my song says and I don’t have the word in front of me and it starts out saying “I ask…and let me say this I ask this for  you listening to me today. I ask for fresh oil from heaven once again.  The anointing of the Holy Spirit upon me. The anointing they have said gives you power to raise the dead; the anointing they have said opens up the eyes of the blind,  The anointing they have even said will heal the trouble mind; the anointing once again. And it goes on to talking about specific miracles that I want to see in this anointing and we’ve seen them today.  We have seen blind eyes open, deaf ears unstopped, cancerous tumors, leaving people, and now we’ve even seen the dead raised again.  And I pray that that precious anointing reaches you this day.  And if what I’ve lived through can reach one person so that you know that you can be healed up no matter what you have gone through then it has been more than worth it for me.

Sid: Debbie, thank you so much were out of time.


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