Sid:  Why do I say red hot?  Because according to the Bible if you are lukewarm Jesus said and this is what it said in the Greek “I’ll vomit you out of my mouth.”  We’re about ready to have a change; we’ve been in between to moves of God’s Spirit.  We’re about ready to have the greatest outpouring in the history of planet earth.  And part of that outpouring and part of God’s strategy has always been to remove spiritual scales from the eyes of Jewish people.  Now I have been traveling the nations; God gave me a special book.  He came to me in a dream and He told me to write this book.  It’s called “They Thought for Themselves” it’s 10 Jewish people from 10 different walks of life that had an amazing revelations of Jesus. And the stories are so fascinating for instance one is a Russian Jewish concert pianist.  And Alyosha was trained to be an atheist and he went into a church because he desperately at that time had to get out of the former Soviet Union.  And he saw a bunch of statues and he didn’t know which one was Jesus; he didn’t know who to pray to they were statues of different saints.  So he walked up to the one that’s said Jesus and he said “Okay, Jesus I’ll believe in You if you get me out of Russia and into the United States.  Whereas it looked impossible almost immediately this great miracle happened.  Well, these stories are so fascinating today Alyosha only plays music for God.  And what happens is a Jewish person starts reading these testimonies.  I’m reminded of David Yaaniv an Israeli paralyzed from the waist down and one day there’s a word of knowledge over a Christian television station that he should not have been watching.  He tried everything; he tried every doctor; he tried every New Age method.  He tried every alternative method; there was no hope he would never walk again. And a word of knowledge came forth and he was healed the next morning.  So these stories are so fascinating and worked within the story is all the scripture your Jewish friend needs and realizes that Jesus is the Messiah.  The book is called “They Thought for Themselves” an example of this new breed of these Jewish believers that are going to come into the church  and combine with the Gentile Believer and the two will form the great one new man body of Messiah is Dr. Susan Jacob who I have been interviewing all this week.  Susan is a Jewish believer in the Messiah and walking in the supernatural is not unusual or unique; it’s natural for her.  Susan you said that you had a real real burden for the Christians that think it’s okay to be like-warm in America.  I wonder if you would talk to them right now.

Susan:  Sure, in the word of God in the Book of Revelation it says “You’re either be hot or cold; if you are lukewarm He will spit you out. And He’s calling for His children sons and daughters and everybody.  If we who are called by His name will repent, turn  way from our wicked ways and He will forgive us and hear our prayer. But we must repent; turn away from our wicked ways and asking for forgiveness He will hear us and answer us.  And He does not like us to be lukewarm but to be passionate and to have the desire and that hunger for Him. And in order to do that we got to read our word and I’m reminded of Joshua 1:8 “Let not this book of Law depart from your mouth; mediate on it day and night.”  Day and night and whatever you ask will to given and also to have that intimate relationship with the Savior.  Just talk to Him on daily basis to keep that fervor and to keep that passion within out heart or else we will lose that fire.  And wherever there’s an opportunity share the good news and that will ignite the flame within us.  Because as you give you shall receive.  And read and help and encourage and God will help us to stir the flame within us; to fan the flame.  To go an extra mile to help others; God will bless us and He will help us to get out of our lukewarmness.  He will give us the fire as we talk to Him daily. I’m reminded of the scripture in Isaiah the word of God says “If you wait upon Me you will soar like that of an eagle.”  So He wants us to wait; be still and know that I am God; to wait and draw the strength from God and get rid of the lukewarmness, repent, wakeup and have the passion and fire for our Savior Jesus Christ who gave it all on Calvary.  We have to give an accountability to Almighty God and we have to encourage other churches too to wakeup! Wakeup oh sleeper; wakeup from our sleep, fast and pray and stir one another.  This is my prayer challenge and encouragement for everyone.

Sid: Susan, God has told me to be evangelizing and preaching the cross; what does it mean to you, the cross?

Susan:  The cross is powerful, the cross is what Jesus did; the cross is why He came; “God so loved the world that He died.” He gave us His only son who decided to take the sins of all human races on that cross!”  And that cross that our sins are taken away, our sickness, our diseases our taken on that cross that we may live because He died for so that we live!  He paid it all on that cross that we may live forever!  That cross, He shed every drop of blood.  He is a sinless man who had no sin whatsoever Jesus Christ had no sin.  He was nailed on that cross.  His hands and His feet and the crown of thorns on His head and He was whipped on that cross. And they pierced the spear on His side so that we may live and live on fire and passion for this Savior Jesus Christ because of that cross that we may live.  And I like to challenge everyone go to the cross so that you may be saved today. That you may get an everlasting life because He’s alive.  And man no one; there’s only one God Jesus Christ through Him you go to the Lord.  And He paid it on that cross; that cross is beautiful.  Waiting, He’s knocking at the door of our heart; if you open He will reach out to you.  He’s waiting any minute to save one more soul to the kingdom of God.  This is what the cross means to me.

Sid: Mishpochah the cross means He bore every one of your sins and every one of your diseases and by His stripes you were healed.  He’ll not do anything more for you than He’s done all ready; it’s time for you to appropriate what He has already done.  And the way you appropriate it is by faith. Those that do not know Him believe that He died for your sins; repent; turn from your sins and believe that the blood of Jesus washed away every sin.  Those that are sick right now just reach into the invisible world and pull in what is rightfully yours; take your healing before you see it with your eyes and begin to thank Him it’s already done.  I tell you by His stripes you were healed; you were healed. I command all tumors to leave.  There’s a heat in the hands of people right now because God’s telling you your supposed to lay hands on the sick.  If your body is sick just take your hand and put it on your body right now.  And thank the Lord that you are healed.  Tumors are gone; backs are healed. And even people that are depressed and have mental problems you are healed in Jesus Name.  Thank You Father, thank You oh God; all bones all pain in bones they are gone.  All that pain and all that discomfort and all that arthritis it’s gone in Jesus Name.  Susan thank you for being my guest on Messianic Vision.  And Mishpochah write about these reports.  But most of all get the book “The Thought for Themselves.”

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