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Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Pastor Charles Cowan he’s pastor of the 2000 member church in Nashville, Tennessee called Faith Is The Victory Church.  We’re interviewing him this week on his brand new book called “How to Deal With the Cares of Life.”  And before we went on the air Pastor Charles you started talking about the need for us to be in position and ready, explain.

Charles:  This is a crucial hour as we all know for the Body of Christ in the earth today. This is a time that the harvest that God is going to make a sweep across the world and through the nations of the world and bring the nations of the world into the Kingdom of God. Now how that affects every child of God is this is that every child of God has been given from God something that they are to supply to the Body of Christ that will aid in this end-time harvest and move of God.  So they have to be ready. I remember one time and talking about being ready that I pulled out a new Bible and my old one had you know had just about worn it out and I had all of the writings and things on the margins of my Bible like we do.  So I pulled out this new Bible and I drove up to Louisville, Kentucky my wife and I did my wife and I did. We went up there to be in a meeting with Brother Kenneth Hagin or to be in attendance at the meeting.  So when I got up there that day and walked in and Brother Hagin saw me I went up and I greeted him.  And he said to me “Well when you walked in here today into this meeting today and I saw you” and he said “The Spirit of God spoke to me and told me to have you teach in this afternoon’s service.”

Sid: Hm.

Charles: Well, I got a brand new Bible; I didn’t bring a note one and I don’t have anything written in the margins of this new Bible; in fact the pages are still stuck together.   

Sid: I’ve been in that position I know.

Charles:  And I said to him “Brother Hagin are you sure?” And he said “Yes, I’m sure.”  So we chatted a little bit and then I said to him again “Now Brother Hagin are you sure?”    And he said “Charles if I were not sure I would not have asked you.” So it was right then that I had to be ready to face what it was that he had asked me to do and had to be ready to do it.  Well you see that true in every area. Had I not been in prayer and in study the days or the weeks you see prior to that week going up to that meeting there I might not had been a position; I would not had been ready you see. But because of what I had prepared myself thought study and prayer and seeking God and that kind of thing then I was ready for the moment; I was ready for what God put in front of me right then and there.  So I got up there and I just began to take a scripture and I began to teach in the Spirit of God brought the anointing in there and thank God He came through and it was fine.  And you know the anointing was flowing and everything worked out because I was ready.  Now here’s the thing about it today, people in the Body of Christ now they may not be a minister but they have something to supply to the Body of Christ in this hour.  They need to be ready like I was ready at that time through their preparation and prayer.  

Sid: It reminds me of a woman that I interviewed that was just doing grocery shopping or shopping at a store and she goes to her car and all of a sudden there’s a gun in her ribs.  I mean how are you ready for something like that? If you’re not ready you’re not ready.

Charles:  Oh, I’m telling you. It’s like I have a missionary friend who was a missionary down in Mexico at the time and he had his…  He was driving his van and someone when he stopped at a stop sign someone just opened the door and got in the Van with him and put a gun in his ribs and told him where to go where to drive.  So he had him to drive out of town into a vacant field, or lot, and told him to get out of the van.  And he got out of the van and he told him to walk around to the front and he met this missionary in the front of the van and put this gun almost touching him between the eyes, not quite.  And was going to… and pulled the trigger on that thing.  And this missionary said that when that bullet came out of the end of the barrel of that gun it dropped immediately and fell to the ground.  He was ready he knew that no weapon formed against him would prosper.  Now you’ve got to be ready in a time like that because fear will absolutely just demoralize you at that point and time that you are looking down the barrel of a revolver.  And that guy you know he means business he’s going to pull that trigger.  If you don’t know you’re ready; I’m not just talking about ready to go the heaven that’s obviously very very that’s right on top of the list.   But if you’re not ready to confront a thing like that fear will totally dislodge you off of the word of God and you will then not be able to come though those things in that victorious way.  But he said that bullet came out of that thing and fell to the ground and he said it so terrorized or scared the man that did that that the man took off running and ran out of that field back up onto the road and left him there with his van.  God had delivered him because he was ready for the moment. That’s what we need to be here in this hour because we’re confronted with the terrorism that our nation, that the world is confronted with we need to be ready at all times at whatever situation or circumstance that we might find ourselves in. Or whatever God tells us to do, we need to be ready to face it we need to be ready to do it it’s a crucial hour.  I believe that God wants to use every person under the sound of our voice today; every person in the Body of Christ God want has something for them to do.  It has something that He’s placed within them to give to the Body of Christ to help compact and knit it together and make it to be the powerful powerful thing that it is in the world.

Sid: But that’s why you wrote this book because you explain that if we don’t deal properly with the cares of life it will put us out of position to be used in our destiny.

Charles:  Yes, and see what people have to understand is that I cannot supply to the Body what God has placed in them to give to the Body.  I can only supply what God has given to me; and with all of us working together and moving together and learning how to deal with cares of life, or learning how to deal with the pressures.  Learning how to deal with the stress that wants to come until we’re able to do that we’re not going to be able to give the Body of Christ what God has placed within us through your ministry and through your radio through your television ministry and the other facets of your ministry.  You’re giving to the Body of Christ what I could never give to the Body of Christ; but you’re giving it because you’re ready.  You are prepared for the moment for this time; you know how to deal with all of the pressures that come to you. And you know this we all know this pressures and cares in ministry come to us all. Just because we are ministers or have a ministry does not exclude us or eliminate us from cares or pressures and things that we can worry about if we could allow ourselves to do it. But yet we have to keep ourselves ready so that the ministry that God’s placed us in will not suffer because of our lack of readiness to carry forth the assignment that God has given to us. So we are ready to deal with whatever it is that Satan would bring against us to subvert, to undermine, and to destroy what God has called us to do in the earth at this time.  Every voice of God, not just a few, but every voice of God is critical in this hour because you are reaching people today; this broadcast is reaching people today that other ministry and other ministers cannot reach because God has assigned this to you to reach these people that you’re reaching today and we have to be ready in this hours. We cannot fail and we will not fail and we will be ready in this hour and in this time. And we’re going to have to do it by learning how to deal with the cares of life.  Not coping with the cares of life but dealing with them from the standpoint of God’s word and God’s power so that He can elevate us above them so that we can accomplish everything that God has assigned us to do, called us to do, equipped us to do.  And I believe that the Body of Christ is rising to that place today and I believe that we once again are going to have the voice in the world that God intended the Body of Christ to have.  We’re going to have that type of influence in these times in these days that we live.

Sid: You know Charles we’re out of time again; thank you so much for being my guest.

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