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Sid: We want everyone everywhere to so yield to God that He would really be Lord in your body in your life, in your family; in your home, in your congregation, and in our nation.  I have Dr. Michael Brown because the devils making an end run and he’s trying to put in what called “The Hyper-grace” message. It’s pervasive in the church today and Mike you know there are many people that are saying “God is always in a good mood.” What Bible are they reading?

Michael: Yeah, and I have a whole chapter in my “Hyper-Grace” book that asks that question and “Is God always in a good mood?”  And so there are friends of mine, ministry colleagues, folks I love that I honor and respect that use this phrase “God is always in a good mood.” What they mean by it is He’s not moody, it’s not like “Ah, I crossed Him today He’s not… stay away from dad he’s hung over; he’s got drunk last night. Ah, Mom’s not in a good mood she’s touchy.” No God’s not like that, God’s disposition towards us always is He wants to bless, He’s always long suffering, He’s kindhearted He’s not fickle in His love. In that sense they want people “Oh no there’s a thunderstorm God’s mad at me.  Oh, no he’s an ogre today; He’s nice tomorrow.”  Some people project bad images of their bad drunken earthly father back on God.  They want to deliver them from that and let them know you want to know God’s disposition there is wonderful truth to it.  But there’s so much of the Hyper-grace message it’s part of the truth and it leaves out other extremely important truths.  So, was God in a good mood when Genesis 6 when His heart was so grieved at human sin that he had to wipe out the earth?  Was He laughing and high fiving it with the angels when He wiped out every human being on the planet?  Was Jesus who was the image of the Father in a good mood when He wept over Jerusalem because of the coming destruction?  Will He be in a good mood when He comes back in flaming fire taking vengeance on those that don’t know God?  Ephesians 4 tells us “Not to grieve the Spirit.” Isaiah 63 talks about grieving the Spirit.  Is God in a good mood when we grieve Him?  Hey here’s a question, “If we don’t understand God’s grace and are constantly under bondage and thinking we have to work harder to half to please God.  Is God in a good mood about that?  Basilea Schlink who was a godly Christian leader in Nazi Germany stood up against the Nazi’s and is one of the greatest lovers of Israel in modern times in the church.  She said, “Anyone who loves as much as God does must suffer, must feel pain.  How can you be a loving Father and see the pain the pain and the suffering of the human race and not be hurt, not be grieved over it.” And so on the one hand in the presence is fullness of joy in His presence is joy and that joy is our strength. There’s rejoicing every time a sinner repents. So on the one hand in God’s presence it must be the most exquisite joy imaginable at the same time God is multidimensional.  Throughout the scriptures He speaks of grieving of His heart being in pain.  Jesus is a man acquainted with grief and pain and carried the burden of human sickness and sin. So it’s a distorted message as if no matter what happens. Here a beloved pastor gets seduced by sin and commits adultery and brings terrible reproach to the Name of the Lord and believers backslide over this because they’re so shattered by what the man of God did that they look too they lose faith in Jesus.  “Is God in a good mood or what? Ha, ha check that out he just defiled the Name of Jesus and destroyed the church and hurt my reputation before the whole world.”  There’s something very superficial the way it’s presented.  That concerns you “Is He loving and kind; and merciful and is He good all the time, all the time good? Yes.  Is He always in a good mood? That’s a distorted statement.  The truth of His disposition towards us, yes, the distorted error – sin you’ve got to expose it…

Sid: Okay, that begs a question. I’ve had people on my show and I might add I agree with them that have shown that when the United States goes against Israel does something pro-homosexual; does something murdering the babies in the womb that there are warning judgments that occur. Do you think that there just coincidences or do you believe that God could do such a thing?

Michael: Of course He can. Of course I can’t speak for every individual instance.  God is not in a good mood over 55 million babies that have been killed in the womb in America.  And judgment is the love of God, judgment is a wake-up call.  How many times in our own lives has divine chastisement been a God send because; we were making a mistake; we were getting proud or we were deviating from our calling. And God in His love brought that in; 1st Peter 4 “Judgment begins with the House of God.” Hebrews 12 “God disciplines every son He receives.”  Of course there is and then in the New Testament we have Acts of divine judgment; Jesus warning about judgment on Jerusalem. Acts 12 Herod smitten down by the Angel of the Lord for sin.  Revelation 2 Jesus saying to Thyatira “If you don’t repent I’m going to bring these judgments on you and your children.”  It’s the love of God calling us to repent and hyper-grace teachers have to throw those verses out too.

Sid: Okay, I want you to explain true Biblical grace.

Michael: What a subject Sid. Here’s where it starts “While we were yet sinners Messiah died for us.”  We sinned He died.  We were guilty He was punished. We rejected God He reached out to us.  We deserve eternal punishment, He accepts us as sons and daughters. Sid I start my book with a chapter called “Why I love the message of grace.” I end my book on the chapter of the finished work of the cross.  Think of it all the sins that we have ever committed if we wrote them on a piece of paper, if we could remember everyone, every thought, every deed. Each of us would fill a stadium with the pieces of paper. Right?  Jesus in His perfect righteousness pays for every sin that everyone has ever committed. And the day that we put our trust in Him and say “God forgive me. God wash me.” At that moment God forgets what we’ve done; at that moment He says you are My son and My daughter. Not you are in the apprentice school to become a son or a daughter.  Not after 5 years of hard work you enter; no at that moment God says to Sid Roth you are My son, I love you I’m pleased to do it. At that moment He declares your righteous; at that moment He declares you clean; at that moment He declares you Saint, Saint Sid.  At that moment, and now His grace come into our heart; it’s not just something that happened.  It’s on going; grace is not only unmerited favor; grace is not only God’s riches at Christ’s expense. God’s grace is His ongoing favor and help on our behalf.  So here’s what happens God now by His spirit comes to live inside of you and He puts desires to please Him inside of you. And He puts His sensitivity to sin inside of you. So now it becomes your nature to do the will of God.  It becomes your nature to please God and here’s the thing John 13 Jesus is with His disciples He’s going to wash their feet.  Servants work He’s the Master at work He’s going to wash their feet.  Peter says “You’re never going to wash my feet!”  Jesus says “If I don’t wash your feet you have no part in Me.”  And so Peter being zealous says “Then I want a bath. You can do everything head, toe.”

Sid: (Laughing)

Michael: And Jesus says “No, no no, the one who has been bathed does not need to go and get bathed again just have his feet washed.” Why? Because in the ancient world you didn’t have showers and bathtubs in your house; you didn’t have running water in your house. So if you were going to bathe you either went to the river or to the public bathhouse. You’d bathe there and then you’d walk home. Well, not all the roads were paved many places had no pavement at all and by the time that you get home your feet are dirty.  “Oh, no my feet are dirty, I got to go back to the bathhouse. Oh man, I’ve got to go back to the altar at that church where I got saved. Oh man I’ve got to get saved again.” Oh no, no you are saved; you’re set apart as holy you’re God’s child. Unless you willfully reject Him and push Him away you’re His child. You’re His child on a bad day, you’re His child on a good day.  You’re His child when you’re overcoming. It’s only if I blatantly turn my back on God walk away from Him and deny Him, or refuse to repent of sin. So what happens as a believer 1st John 1:7 what does it say? “If we walk with him, if we walk in the light we have fellows with one another and the blood of Jesus ‘God’s Son cleanses us from all sin.’” Hang on it says “If I walk in the light.” Where’s their sin? Well, we’re still not perfect, we hate sin, we work against sin with the Spirit; we renounce it; we never justify it; we never take it lightly.  We’re not perfect. As we walk in the light that means when I recognize when I ask forgiveness that means when I recognize and I turn from it that means when I recognize it I don’t justify it.  As I walk in the light my feet are getting clean all the time. I don’t need to go back and get saved again. I don’t need to go back to the bathhouse and that happens on a daily basis.

Sid: Mike very quickly I believe there are many listening that need to repent, turn form their sins and turn to this marvelous gift from God called grace for the power to overcome.   Would you pray for them right now?

Michael: Father, I pray right now in Jesus Name; in the Name of Yeshua for a supernatural revelation of grace that people would be delivered from legalistic striving.  That people would be delivered from fighting sin and the power of the flesh. That people would be delivered from a wrong view of You Father as if You are hateful and vengeful and out to get them.  May there be such a revelation of forgiven, clean, righteous through the blood that they throw off the shackles of sin. That they through off the shackles of deception.  Lord for those who have been deceived by a hyper-grace message and are playing with sin I pray that holy conviction that loving conviction would flood their hearts that they renounce that sin and turn to You to be cleansed afresh to turn to you and be refreshed and serve You in wholeness. Father, may grace flood the life of every listener right now in the Yeshua’s Name.

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