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Sid:  I’m speaking to a couple that are red hot for the Messiah Pat and Patty McEnnerney.  I’m speaking to them at their home in Casa Grande, Arizona.  On yesterday’s broadcast we found out that Patrick came from a real dysfunctional family.  He was an alcoholic; he was addicted to drugs; his wife was at the end of her rope.  She literally gave up and she said “God I just give up he’s in your hands.”  And the power of God came on her so strong and she was literally pinned to the ground. And afterwards Patrick you looked in her eyes and you saw a love that you’ve never seen before.  And then you had an auto accident and if you’d continue at that point.

Pat:  Yes, I was coming home late I’d been drinking and using narcotics and I blacked out.  And I know that the Lord had an angel in that vehicle because I wouldn’t be here speaking had He hadn’t intervened with a grace by sending an angel.  But I had blacked out driving my plumbing truck home and was going off the road when I was shaken violently.  Before I drove off the road I had crossed in the right lane on to the left and I was violently shaken and as I immediately came to, and my head was clear.  And I cried out “Oh Jesus” and slammed on the brakes and had left the left lane and ran into some big 8 x 8 guardrails and the top timber broke off.  And I remember it broke off and I remember everything went into slow motion as this huge timber came right at my head right at the windshield.  And it hit the windshield the most amazing thing, it took a chunk out of it it did not crack it.  And it went up over and the lower one on the guardrail went through the exterior of the vehicle, the fender and would have taken my leg off.  The truck came to a stop; and I leaped up out of my chair and I turned around immediately because I needed to know who shook me I knew that nobody was in the vehicle.  I jumped out of the car and obviously I was very inebriated when I left and I don’t recall all the narcotics I used but I was totally in my right mind when the vehicle came to a stop.  And so I drove home and early that morning the Lord came to me and woke me about 4:30 – 5:00 AM.  And I saw my life…

Sid: Excuse me, He came to you; He woke you. What did He look like a person, was He shadowy; what was going on?

Pat:  Okay, He spoke to me.  His presence filled the room and there was this tremendous conviction of my sin.  Now I didn’t see in the natural at this point because if I could have found a rock to crawl under I would have.  I was under such conviction of my sin and I saw my life from my earliest time into the present past before me.  It’s a hard thing to explain; it’s a hard thing to explain.

Sid: I’ve heard many people say this that they see their life but did it happen in an instant that you see it or did it take a period of time?

Pat:  Well, I think that you can’t measure it in time; it was an instant but yet it seemed like it wasn’t.  Does that make sense, it was supernatural.  It’s like God shut the time off and let me review my book.  And what I saw; I mean in His presence I had nothing to say.  So I couldn’t believe it though.  I mean my mind could not grasp; and the Lord told me that I was an addict and alcoholic.  And this might sound funny to many but sin has a way that hardens you to the point that you know not; and I didn’t realize truly that I was an alcoholic or an addict.  Now my wife knew this of course and probably others but that was news to me.  The Lord said “If you do not turn I will take your life and you will burn” and He was giving me a choice. Now I just accepted the Lord and I was struggling with these things and I really had no knowledge of the gospel.  But there was two scriptures that I did know and one is that it says that God is not a liar, but man is.  And I remember after the Lord speaking to me and this happened 3 times before I slid out of the bed.  I actually saw my life pass before me and 3 times God said “If you don’t turn I will take your life from you and you will burn.”  And I pondered this scripture that came to my mind.  God is not a liar and I heard myself say “If this is true then I am the one that’s deceived and the liar,” and I slid out of my bed.  The other scripture that came to me is “God is faithful to forgive all those that cry out in the Name of Jesus.”  All those that cry out in the Name of Jesus will be saved.”  And I started to call out and instantly the Lord spoke to me and I jumped up because I felt His presence in the room.  And as I jumped up and turned around I had an encounter with the living God; it was like I entered into the Body of Jesus and I looked at myself through His eyes.  I saw the love that I saw in my wife; but I saw that for me. And I had no understanding of such great love that God has for us individually; it’s an individual thing.  Yes, it’s corporate but we must receive it individually and at that moment I knew that He loved me.  And it was beyond any human love and at that very moment I said “Lord.”  I was so overwhelmed and then I saw through the eyes of God the grief and the pain that He had because of my sin.  And it was repulsive, it was like it was putrefying and in that moment I just cried out again “Lord, in Jesus Name forgive me.”  The moment I did I fell to the floor, the power and the presence of God overwhelmed me and I hit the floor like a sack of potatoes.  The Lord reached down and laid His hand upon me.   And He says “Son, not only have I forgiven you and redeemed you, and healed you and delivered you but you will never again dabble with drugs and alcohol.”  And He said “I have set you free.” I stood up again, and I don’t know how long that was maybe 15 minutes; I was sobbing, laughing, crying.  And through my hands up in the air and I was shouting (Laughing) and my wife heard all of this commotion you know.  By this time she had gotten up and she had been downstairs; I think that she’d probably gotten up early in the hours after I came home.  And she went downstairs to sleep on the couch and she come running in the room.  And I was weeping, laughing, crying and shouting that I had been saved.  You know I was already saved but I wasn’t delivered.  But at this point I was totally delivered.

Sid: What do you mean totally delivered?  What happened to the alcohol and the drugs?

Pat:   It left, it was a demon.

Sid: It just instantly left you?

Pat: Instantly left me; and you know that’s what the word says. (Laughing) We don’t have to go through months or years of trying to dry out or walk the rest of our life as a dry drunk or dry addict.  When God says He will redeem you and sets you free He means it; but it must be spoken by faith in those that believe.  The anointing, His presence, everything happens in His presence.  Salvation happens, the raising of the dead, the blind see; the lame walk…

Sid: Patrick you talked about something that is critical in the understanding of how God uses you in ministry now.  You talked about God’s love, Jesus’ compassion; why is it most of us can’t, or don’t, or won’t walk in this?

Pat:  Because Paul said at the end of his ministry, he said “All have left me, none follow me Christ crucified.”  Oh they love Christ but they don’t like crucified.  God won’t accept anything on the altar.  He doesn’t want 99.9% of you He wants all of you.

Sid: So if someone is doing something that is sin but not a bad sin in saying “I guess it must be okay because I haven’t gotten a telegram from God to stop it.”  That’s the type of thing that God’s talking about; God’s not going to give you a telegram on what you know yourself to stop.

Pat: That’s it; it’s deception and every time we say no to God and don’t obey our heart becomes hardened.  Eventually He turns you over to your own desires and that is destruction.  Sin does bring death, but God is longsuffering and His love endures forever and His compassion is deeper than the understanding of man’s mind or intellect.  But He’s not forgetful and He knows all those.  He knows our heart; this is the great thing is God knows our heart.  He does not require from us perfection, His son was perfect for us and this truth that really has empowered our ministry it’s God in us.  He will use anybody, God’s not a respecter of person.  Oh! This is the good news of the gospel; come as you are.  But what most people don’t do is that they don’t say to the Lord “Change my heart.”  Because many of us blind, deceived are in love with sin; we have our pet little sins.  And sin is sin; God doesn’t have a stepladder.  We won’t enter the gates, it’s a narrow gate, it’s a simple but narrow gate.

Sid: But beyond that I believe where we are in history that God is giving anointing’s to people right now.  Giving ministries to people right now and people are holding on to the toys of this earth are going to miss their destiny.

Pat:  Yeah.

Sid: If they don’t realize the hour that we’re living in right now.

Pat:  That’s true and if I may say this, God is giving me a word that I’ve been preaching, and ministering and prophesying for a year.   That there’s a new generation…

Sid: I’ll tell you what stop for a minute I hate to do this but I must do it.  We’ll pick up right here on tomorrows broadcast.


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