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Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Doug Jones; he’s been an instructor at Rhema Bible School  for over 20 years.  He has spent 9 years heading up their Healing School.  He’s got insights into healing in the last few days we’ve been talking about a dimension that very few in what are called word of faith teaching have opened themselves up to.  And that’s yielding to the Spirit  of God that may make no sense; may go against everything that you’ve ever thought but would be the key to open yourself for a healing. But Doug there’s another side; let’s talk about that today; the faith side.

Doug: Yes, there is the faith side.  There is Holy Spirit side and we need to be sensitive to the Spirit of God as we maneuver our way to eradicate the diseases out of our bodies. Sid I want to say this too before we go on to this faith side issue.  Spirit of God can also lead you about medical physicians. We’ve actually had in our family where my wife just something wasn’t right about a particular physician and we actually switched doctors as a result of it.  And we come to find out that that was a Spirit of God leading her and guiding her.  And so we encourage people to seek medical assistance and to seek physicians helps.  But we still need to be lead by the Spirit of God and lead also while we’re hearing the word of God that maybe the Spirit of God can tweak some of our beliefs so that we’re in proper position.  But there is another side that we need to consider and that is that if we’re not getting anything from the Spirit of God; if we’re  not hearing anything from the Holy Spirit about our situation we can take the word of God and we can believe the word of God and use our faith to receive healing much like the woman with the issue of blood. “Daughter they faith has made you whole.” Because much like  the man being let down to the roof in Luke 5 “And when He saw their faith.”  So there are certain things  then that we have to have faith in.  And we talked about it on our Monday’s program Sid that we need to have faith first of all to be well and that God’s a giver.  And that God gives you hands but the issue that we want to focus in on today is “What does God give the sick when hands are laid upon him?”  What I’ve discovered is this Sid is that when most people when they step into a prayer line the number one thing that they are looking for is their manifestation.  And so when they don’t get their manifestation then they walk away from the prayer line disappointed.  It’s almost like a little boy you know at Christmas time he’s got his heart set on a BB-gun.  Well when he doesn’t get his BB-gun he treats with disrespect what he does receive.  The moment that you have hands laid upon you; the moment that that occurs in your life the healing power of God is administered to your body.  What does God give to the sick?

Sid: And by the way I have to emphasize clearly; don’t listen through filtered lens on what Doug  is about ready to say.  There are those that are listening to us right now you have had hands laid on you by the greatest servants of God on the face of this earth.  And everyone you walked away; you might have felt something; you might not have felt something but you walked away, you examined yourself, you saw that you were not healed and your faith level is -zero right now.  Please listen.

Doug: You are exactly right; many people have become frustrated because they have misinterpreted what God gives to the sick when they’re prayed for.  We thought that it’s been manifestation but what He gives to them is healing power.  I can not, I can not testify  to the amount of times that I heard Brother Hagin say these words just before he would lay hands on them. “The minute I lay my hands on upon you the healing power of God will be administered to your body but what you do with it after that is up to you.”  And I thought to myself as I watched people walk away from that prayer line “They didn’t hear what Brother Hagin said.”  He said “The moment I lay my hands upon you the healing power of God.” What does God give to the sick when hands are laid upon him?”  He gives them healing power; now what I find interesting is that for the last 30 years we’ve had a tremendous display of God’s healing power being administered to people’s lives in prayer line after prayer line; after prayer line.  I can’t tell you how many people we have seen fall under the power.  They actually have had hands laid upon them and they fell on the floor as a result of the power of God.  There are individuals today that have actually felt the healing power of God go into their bodies.  I’ve heard people refer to it as just a warm feeling just went all over my body.  I’ve heard other people say “It’s like electricity.”  The healing power of God is being so administered to people’s lives that they’re falling out as a result of it; they’re feeling it coming into their bodies.  There are actually ministers today who feel the power of God go out of their hands.

Sid: I can tell you as a fact I have prayed for many people and I know, that I know, that I know, that I know, that I know, that I know that they’re healed because I can feel the healing power of God going out of my hands into them and they’re not healed.

Doug:  They’re not healed because see you have to Mark 11:24 says “You have to believe that you received; believe that you’ve received.

Sid: And we’re faked out because we believed it if the symptom has disappeared.

Doug:  Yes we are; the healing power of God is what is administered first and we must believe that that healing power is administered to our bodies and then begin to release those beliefs with our words.  And that power is given time for it to work within our bodies.   The moment that the woman with issue of blood in Mark 5; the moment that she touched the hem of His garment it wasn’t a manifestation that came out Jesus’ body it was healing power. The Bible says in Mark chapter 5 in verse 30 “And Jesus immediately known himself  that virtue (that word virtue is power) had gone out.”  Well, what kind of power had gone out of Him, it had to had been healing power.  Healing power is what went out of Him; healing power is what goes out of ministers hands when they lay hands upon them.  Luke chapter 6 and verse 19 “And the whole multitudes sought to touch Him for there went virtue.”  There went power out of Him “And healed them all.”  Here again is another verse that tells us that what God gives to the sick is healing power.  And then in Luke 5 in verse 17, and the power of the Lord was present to heal them.  It’s very evident to me that we’ve got so focused on the manifestation that we ignore the healing power of God that’s administered to your body.  Sid the instant our listeners have hands laid upon them the healing power of God is always administered to their bodies.

Sid: Okay, let’s assume that you have laid hands on me and I have a disease in my body.

Doug: Yeah.

Sid:  And I haven’t felt a thing.

Doug:  You don’t need to feel anything although some people do but you don’t have to feel anything.

Sid: I’m the only one in the line that did not fall over backwards.

Doug: That’s right, exactly right.  The healing power of God is still administered and I’ll tell you how we can know that.  In the Bible the Bible calls the word of God a seed.  It’s likened into a seed in Luke and 1st Peter, the word of God is liken into a seed.  If you know anything about seeds, if I had some corn seeds in my hands or some sunflower seeds, what you have  in your hand is little suitcases.  And little suitcases that contain life and power; life and power.  That means then if the word of God is liken unto a seed  then everyone.  Sid listen “Oh, dear listeners listen; every promise within God’s word is filled with life and power.  It’s like a seed, it’s a little container that has life and power within it. Everyone of God’s instructions has life and power contained within it.  Now you know as well as I do that a seed, a corn seed or sunflower seed has to be planted in the ground and watered in order for the power within the seed to be released.  Well, that’s natural seed; well what about the word of God that’s called a seed.  What watering and planting is to corn seed, obedience is to God’s seeds.  In other words the instant you obey  a verse the power within the verse is released within your life.  And so when you obey Mark chapter 16 verses 17 & 18 “That they shall lay hands upon the sick and shall recover.”  The moment that you obey that verse the power within that verse is administered to your body, it’s released into your life.

Sid: But as you say it’s a seed not necessarily the plant.

Doug: That’s exactly right; now here’s the issue when Jesus said in Mark 11:23 “Whosoever shall say unto this mountain ‘Be thous removed and cast into the sea and shall not doubt in his heart but shall believe the things that thou say shall come to past; he shall have what-so-ever he saith.’”  Sid He’s telling you and I to speak to our mountain and which in our case we’re talking about sickness here; so we’re talking about sickness. And you speak to your sickness according to Mark 11:23 you are administering power to your sickness.  Now here’s the issue, the context of Mark 11:23, the scriptures that go before it is the fig tree.  The fig tree was not an instantaneous manifestation.  We know the story Jesus was traveling from Bethany to Jerusalem; got hungry one morning because as they were going to Jerusalem.  Looked into the fig tree couldn’t find anything, stepped back spoke to it.  Sid when He spoke to it that tree didn’t just shiver; because that tree just drop over dead.  That tree stood there as alive as any tree that we see in our yard today.  But He spoke to it; Jesus says “The Same thing that happens to that tree will the same thing that happens to your mountain when you speak to it.  That means then that because that it was not an instantaneous manifestation then when you speak to your mountain in Mark chapter 11 verse 23 it’s not going to move that mountain immediately.  But what’s going to happen is this a power is going to be administered and in this case the tree to the roots.  And that tree; that power that Jesus administered through His spoken word worked in those roots.

Sid: Now what would you do, that was 24 hours it worked there.  But what would you do if 3 years went by?

Doug: Well, first of all I would check up to make sure that I’m believing the right thing.  Do I believe that it’s God’s will for me to be well.  Am I maintaining…

Sid: Oh, we’re out of time we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast.


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