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Sid: Now you would say “Boy if what happened to Tommy Almonte happened to me I would be red hot for the Messiah.”  Well the truth of the matter is my guest Tommy Almonte and I’m speaking to him by way of telephone at his home in Grand Rapids, Michigan who had an encounter with the Holy Spirit.  He told me before we started the show that the Holy Spirit said to tell you that it is simple, and to tell you how simple it is to have a relationship with Him. But Tommy after you started having a relationship with the Holy Spirit you started one a week and now you get together with the Holy Spirit at 5:30 am every morning. The Holy Spirit audibly says to you when you come in “Good Morning Tommy.”  How important is that to you Tommy?

Tommy:  You know it reminds me that He really is God in the sense that He really has not changed.  The Bible says “He doesn’t change.”  When He created Adam and Eve He wanted intimacy. The Bible says “He will come and walk with them every single day.”  He has not changed that desire that He had with Adam and Eve is the same desire that He has with me; the same desire that He has with you Sid.  And sometimes we forget it it’s why He created you and I is so that we can have intimacy with Him.

Sid: Now you started seeing a little afterwards angels; tell me the first time you saw an angel.

Tommy: You know the first time I saw anything that was outside of the physical and more in the spiritual I was home and I went to bed and I woke up and it was about maybe 2 or 3 in the morning, and by the door the Holy Spirit was standing there.  Now I tapped my wife and I said “Honey, you need to wake up, you need to see this.”  And she opened her eyes and she said “Ah, tomorrow” she was really tired but she didn’t wake up. But that was the first time that I just being able to see the Holy Spirit.  What He did to me is that He went from just hearing His voice to now seeing Him.   

Sid: Now I have a question now for you though; how do you know that it was the Holy Spirit and not an angel?

Tommy:  Now there are a lot of characteristics now that the Bible talks about angels, but deep in my spirit I knew that this was the Holy Spirit.  I knew that deep in my spirit that this was not an angel.

Sid:  So now He’s talking to you and now you literally had a visitation where you could see his presence.  What does this mean to you day to day? It’s a wonderful experience but what does this mean when you go suppose you are flying across the United States as you’re going to take a long flight to perhaps do my television show. What might be different in your life then before you had this relationship with the Holy Spirit?

Tommy:   You know now I know Sid that… now I do believe that the reason why I was created was to have intimacy with Him.  Any moment anytime that I can find to let Him know just like when you’re dating someone that a person is at a distance you find a way to let that person know that “Hey how you doing, or hi I noticed you there.”

Sid: You know most of us segment these things like it’s Sunday morning or Saturday morning in a church or a Messianic Jewish Congregation, but you’re saying that you have a running discussion with Him all day long?

Tommy:  Sometimes, I mean I have a job and when I’m at work and doing even my work day sometimes He once said to me “I want you to do this, or I want you to do that.”  Sometimes He’s said to me “I need to talk to you when you get home can you set aside an hour to meet with Me.” And I will get home and I’ll spend time with my daughter and then I will go and spend time with Him. Sometime He would just share things with me so I can pray with Him about some things that He’s praying about.  The Bible says “He intercedes for.”  He’s always interceding.  But we have… it’s a normal relationship that’s why I say it’s simple Sid because even though you get to a point where you’re walking in intimacy, but the relationship with the Holy Spirit is no different than my relationship with my relationship with my spouse.  Meaning that there was a beginning where I didn’t know my spouse and now we’re driven by knowing everything about that person.  Then once I got to know her I needed to accept who she was; not accepting my spouse the way she is and who she is would hinder our relationship.  And it’s the same with the Holy Spirit; sometimes we want to know the Holy Spirit and we want to have a relationship with God an intimate relationship with God, but we don’t accept the fact, we don’t accept who He is who the Bible says He is, that He’s a person with feelings and emotions.  And not until we really accept that and believe that we cannot move into the next step which is intimacy with the Holy Spirit.  And I believe many times we just get… we stop in that area you know; we go through the area where we ask for forgiveness but when we get to the point where we have to acknowledge who He is without having a hidden agenda; coming clean and saying whether you don’t believe in Him saying “I want to believe in You but teach me how.  Because it’s not easy going from not knowing the Holy Spirit into wanting to develop a relationship with the Holy Spirit it’s simple in the sense of any other relationship that you might have.  The same relationship that you have with your significant other your spouse is the same process that you can use to develop this relationship with the Holy Spirit.  There are no differences.

Sid: What advice would you give a listener right now that says “Well, I’m born again, I believe in Jesus, I believe in the Holy Spirit, but I can’t say that I hear the Lord’s voice that much.  I can’t say I have a relationship with the Holy Spirit.” You told me, and you actually state in the book, that the Holy Spirit made sure that you did not worship Him; explain that.

Tommy:  You know I think because we’re stepping into the spiritual and we’re not familiar with the spiritual and it’s so new to us that one day I wanted to spend time with the Holy Spirit and I started worshiping the Holy Spirit.  I literally said “I worship You Holy Spirit.  And He said “No, you worship Jesus, you have… I’ll guide you into Jesus and you worship Jesus.” He reminded me that the Father said “I’m going to send a Son” and then the Son Jesus said “I’m going to send the Holy Spirit and through Him you might know Me.”  The same and the Holy Spirit will remind you and He’s reminded me that My job is to bring you into Jesus so you might know Him better.  Because as you get to know Me you will get to know Him but worship Him don’t worship Me because that was not why I was sent to you.  I was sent to you so I could bring you into His presence.  You know one of the things that now I’m accustomed to see is anytime that Jesus is going to walk into a room and I see Him walking into different services, I’ve been in different services and I’ve seen Him literally walk into a room so I can see Him.  Any time before He walk into a room the Holy Spirit has to come in and walk into that room.  Jesus will never, never walk into a room or walk into where you are without the Holy Spirit.  It’s just the same as when you see the Secret Services, or you see the FBI you know that someone else is coming meaning the President will be walking into that room.  The same way without the Holy Spirit there’s no Jesus.

Sid: Tommy, give me step 1.  What’s the first thing that I should do?

Tommy:   The first thing is to confess; to come to a place where you confess that you have grieved the Holy Spirit whether by watching someone that was ministering and you said “Huh this is a joke or this is…” or by a fact that this not a person you are just a ghost somewhere out there.  Or just by one of these 52% believers that say “You’re not real, you do not exist.”  Confess and when I say confess not in your mind but verbally let Him know, verbalize that go into a room close the door and say to Him “I’m sorry Holy Spirit.”  And be specific say “I’m sorry for the time that I had done this and this and this; I do want to get to know You and I know that without this I will hinder the ability to walk into a relationship with You.”  Once that takes place you can find that something will happen in your spirit He will produce you will drop the weight of even not knowing that you were carrying that.  And then the next facet will be acknowledging who He is and coming to a place where you can freely say “You are who the Bible says You are; You are what the Bible says You are a person with feelings and emotions; You are the third person of the trinity and acknowledging who He is.

Sid: And you know Tommy we are out of time today…


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