SID: My guest David Jones was an eyewitness of what is referred to as the Day of the Lord. You’ll find out in a few minutes about that. David, as I’ve begun to understand your life, frankly, I don’t know how you survived. How did you get through all that? I mean, at age 11, your father gives you your first drink and then later on you become addicted to drugs and alcohol. And your father was a fighter. Tell me about the time he tried to teach you to fight.

DAVID: Well he was a brawler, not just in the ring, but also in the streets, and so he thought he was doing a great thing by toughing me up. And so he would knock me down and tell me to get up and fight him back, but I would never fight him back. But when I went into night clubs I would mess with anyone, but not my dad. I loved my dad and I respected my dad, but I would never fight him. But he wanted me to be just like him. And I believe, Sid, he thought within himself, he thought he was doing the right thing.

SID: Now at age 13, a week before David’s father died, you knew what was going to happen. Tell me.

DAVID: Yes. The Lord allowed me to dream a dream. Many people don’t put weight on dream, but I do. They’ve always been my warnings. I dreamed he was in a Chrysler convertible and he was just going so fast, and he hit this brick bump and he was killed. I remember running to the car and his head was down and blood was running out of his mouth. And I said, “Daddy, don’t die, Daddy, don’t die.” And he looked at me and he said, “Daddy tried.” And he dropped his head and died. And I said, “Daddy is dead.” And I knew, I had a knowing, Sid, that it was over for my father. At the kitchen table I told my mother, I said, “Daddy’s going to die.” She said, “Don’t say that.” And I said, “I seen it in a dream. He got killed in a car accident.” The next week it happened exactly as I had seen it.

SID: Now David was not a believer in the Messiah. David did not know the Bible. But one night when you were 17, you had a vision, and it’s so interesting to me. This was not just one vision. He then had a second one of the same thing after he became a believer in the Messiah. It’s as if God knew David’s purpose before David knew God. Tell me what happened.

DAVID: Well my sister asked me to babysit her children while she wanted to go skating. And I did, and I put the kids to bed. And I had a portable radio, and I was trying to turn it on to get a station. All of a sudden, I heard a woman scream, and it was not like it was behind the house or in front of the house. It was just like in the air. So as I went to go towards the window I stopped and I said, no, no, wait, wait, wait, if I go towards that window I’m going to see something that I don’t want to see. But Sid, I was compelled to go. And so I pulled back the curtains on the second story and I looked down, and I didn’t see anything, and I was like, there’s nothing wrong. And then when my eyes caught the stars in the heavens all of a sudden it was just like a movie screen and blood on the moon appeared. And it’s like someone took an ice pick and poked the moon. Then blood began to ooze out of the moon. And then all the stars in the heaven began to fall all at once. And the sky itself began to roll up as a scroll. And it was happening simultaneously. The moon turned to blood. The stars fell from the heaven. The sky rolled up as a scroll and all of a sudden I see the woman with long black hair. She was beholding what was happening coming upon the earth. And she began to take her fingernails and dig on her face, and scream and holler. Then I seen hundreds of people running, thousands of people running and the horror on their faces, and God allowed me to sense what they were feeling, total helplessness total terror. And all of a sudden the vision disappeared and I fell to the ground, and I was trembling and shaking. I was like, oh my God, what did I see? Sid, I didn’t know anything about visions at the time. And I was like, what should I do. And I said, look at the Bible, get the Bible. And I said, “Please Lord, don’t let me see nothing else, please, please don’t.” I thought something was going to come again. I said, “Please.” And I got the Bible and I just opened it up, and I went to Revelation, the 6th Chapter, beginning at the 12th Verse, and it began to tell about the Day of the Lord and the moon turning to blood. And I said, “Oh God,” and I began to look at that, and I said, “Lord Jesus, look what’s happening. I’ve seen this with my eyes.” All of a sudden, I call my Uncle Ed, he was a preacher, and I said, I told him what happened and he said, “Son, God just showed you a vision.” I said, “You mean to tell me I’m not going crazy?” He said, “No, you’re not going crazy.” He said, “God gave you an open vision. When are you going to say yes to Jesus? When are you going to serve the Lord?” He’s called to be a preacher of the Gospel. And I said, “I don’t know if I can. I don’t know if I can do it.” And from that day I knew within myself there’s something I must do for God.

SID: Hold that thought. I’m going to tell you something. When you hear the second vision that David was part of, it’s what’s called an open vision, your life will never be the same. We’re going to be right back.

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