Sid: Question “What is the most powerful prayer on earth?” sub question “What is the most important prayer that you can pray to release the blessings of God in your life?”  Have I got your interest; of course I have.  I have on the telephone from Lancaster, England Peter Horrobin. Now Peter you are the director and founder of its sounds like an Airline but it isn’t LL Ministries.

Peter: Good morning good to see you; LL Ministries is an organization which was established about 20 years ago when God was giving me a heart for hurting people.  And as I saw the need I realized that many people are going to church Sunday by Sunday were looking forward to one day being in Heaven but they were coping with enormous problems here on earth.  And God gave me compassion and a heart for them.

Sid: You know you just triggered a word for me and the word is called compassion. There is a fleshly compassion that even known believers can have. But have you touched Holy Spirit, God Compassion in your life?

Peter: Absolutely because unless the Holy Spirit actually gives you the compassion you will never have the endurance to press on through peoples issues and problems.  Some people we’ve prayed with for very long times and it’s only when you’ve got Gods compassion that you actually press on to actually see the reality of God’s life being lived in them and the transformation taking place.

Sid: This is something I pray for every day, and once and in a while I’ll touch it. I just believe that there is supernatural compassion that the miraculous flows like a river through and that’s where I want to live.

Peter:  And actually if one is living at that place in the healing ministry it just becomes a technique and the Christian healing ministry is not a technique it’s all.  It’s bringing the heart of God to the heart of man; that’s a phrase that we use to describe our ministry.

Sid: Now I have a new book that is it’s a beautiful presentation; it’s a hard back it’s like a gift book. The title is “The Most Powerful Prayer on Earth.” How did you happen to write this book and give it this title?

Peter:  Well, I was actually on holiday at the time and I was looking to God for a fresh ideas for some of the things that we’re involved in for a fresh vision.  We ministered to many many people who had awful hurts and bitterness in their heart. And God really impacted my spirit to meditate upon the words from Jesus on the cross.  And one of those key words was “Father, forgive them they don’t know what they’re doing.”  And it suddenly hit me that “How could I possibly forgive somebody who was nailing me to a piece of wood at the time?”  And I realized that what Jesus is saying these people who are nailing Him to the cross they had no idea what they were doing.  They didn’t know that Jesus was sinless, they didn’t know He was the Messiah, they didn’t know He was going to raise from the rat race and the dead they were doing they hadn’t a clue.  But when Jesus prayed that prayer “Father forgive them, they don’t know what they’re doing” this was the ultimate blessing those who curse you.  And that’s what Jesus told us to do; that’s the only way you deal with when people are hurting you or attacking you or cursing you, abusing you; Jesus said “Bless them.”  That’s the only way to actually respond without it becoming a permanent pain in our life.  And so I’ve thought about these words Jesus prayed from the cross I realized this was the most powerful prayer that anyone could pray.

Sid: You know where the rubber hits the road is not how you have helped other people be set free, but tell me a situation in your life where if you did not pray that you would have had problems.

Peter: Well, in the ministry we’re involved in your coming up against others who actually oppose what you’re doing.  Anybody who’s moving forward strongly in the work of the Spirit of God you’re coming up against a god of this world. So people will say things about you and against you which are similar things that people said against Jesus.  And how do you press on when people are saying these things. You actually just have to forgive them and realize what has God given me to do in my life and press on with doing that. Forgive those that are saying the opposite and just let them go their way. But unless you actually do that what you’ve built up is resentment in your own heart; and that resentment just becomes an issue, it becomes something which is a huge stumbling block and you’re dwelling on it; you’re thinking about it.  Probably raises up anger up on the inside and you try to keep the anger down and before very long it’s actually controlling your whole life and you’re ceasing to be the person God intended you to be.

Sid: How critical is this to your health let alone fulfilling your destiny?

Peter:  Well, it’s critical to your healing; let me tell you a story about a couple of years ago I was praying for a lady in Calgary in Canada and she had a back and neck problem for 24 years continuous pain.  She came to one of our schools and she came forward and asked for prayer.  And as I was beginning to pray for her I just sensed God saying “No, you can’t pray for her.”  This is a bit of a shock really because you know God’s heart is to heal and God’s saying “No, you can’t pray for her.”  The situation was this 24 years previously she’d been riding pillion on the back of a snowmobile a nice motor bike on the frozen lake in Canada.  The man who was driving went out of control she was thrown over the handle bars and she landed with her head on the ice.

Sid: Hmm.

Peter:  She bounced and then landed on her head again and she skated 400 yards before she came to a halt very badly injured.  The doctors did everything they could for her but 24 years later she still in continuous pain; she’s had 2 children but she’s never been able to lift her children.  She hasn’t been able to carry weight; she hasn’t been able to carry her shopping; she’s not been able to ride bicycles; go running do all those things that everybody else would do.  When I came to pray for her God said “You can’t pray for her;” and I just looked her in the eye and I said “Have you forgiven the man who was driving the bike?”  And she looked at me and said “No, he’s ruined 24 years of my life.” And I said “I understand but I can’t pray for you because in the Lord’s prayer Jesus said ‘Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive others.’”  So when we come and ask God to forgive us for our sins; say actually ask me to forgive you exactly the same way that you forgive other people.  And so for 24 years she had this bitterness in her heart and she went and spent a half hour talking with one of our counseling team.  And she began to understand what Jesus had said. She was sorry for the bitterness in her heart and she forgave this man.  And then she came back and I was able to pray for her and the Spirit of God came upon her so heavily she couldn’t stand up; the power of God just took over and she was delivered every clearly it was a spirit of infirmity.  The bitterness in her heart had given a doorway to the enemy.

Sid: Now how do you know the difference between say a healing and a spirit of infirmity and it’s important to know the difference?

Peter:  Well, sometimes it is important because if you’re actually addressing a spirit then you using the authority that Jesus has given you to actually cast out demons. Jesus said to the disciples He said “Go and proclaim the Kingdom, heal the sick and cast out demons.” You just need to exercise that authority.  But before you can exercise the authority you better the enemy has no longer any rights in the person’s life.  Satan had a right in her life because of bitterness; she was delivered of that spirit and then I prayed for healing. And then there was such a transformation in her neck, her back; the following morning she was up at 6 am in the morning normally she would only be able to get out of bed late in the day.  She went running around the estate; she was completely restored.

Sid:  That’s got to get you so excited to see the power of God and the key, and that’s what you call it in the book, the key to release this power.

Peter:  Absolutely, and God’s desire to heal doesn’t change but our capacity to stop Him is in our own fallen heart; in our own carnal nature, sin in our own heart, the desire for revenge, pride that say’s I’m right this person doesn’t deserve to be forgiven; all these things they’re major issues.

Sid:  So in affect we’re looking to God to heal us but there’s two sides to this equation is what you saying.

Peter:  Yeah, absolutely.

Sid:  Let me ask you a question Peter. Is it possible to be deceived, meaning you think you forgive someone but every time their name comes up you drop a sarcastic remark, or you have an uncomfortable feeling but you know the Bible says to forgive so you have done that, could you be deceived?

Peter:  Oh absolutely, actually a very interesting verse in Jeremiah 12 verse 2 it says “Your Name God is always on the lips but far from their hearts.” And people can be saying things, they can use all the religious word but actually their hearts betray them. And saying the words it not enough it’s what’s the attitude of the heart this is what God looks on that He looks on the heart not the outward appearance.  In 2nd Samuel it said “He looks on the heart.”  And when a heart has freely forgiven then we will see the power of God.

Sid: Peter there so many books that have been written on forgiveness and if someone says they’re a believer in the Messiah they had a teaching or two they’ve heard on it.  But you seem to be attacking this in many ways I haven’t seen before and it’s put together in such a simplistic fashion; what type of feedback are you getting from people that read your book “The Most Powerful Prayer on Earth?”

Peter: Well when people actually read and understood and applied the truth the sort of feedback we’re getting back is that its life transforming for them.  It’s not the book is life transforming it’s the teaching which is just simply in the scripture put together in a way which people can understand.  As a teacher I just love to actually help people understand truth simple pictures.  For example, the very first time that God gave me a vision for healing came in a way when I was actually working on an old car. This car had been vandalized set on fire and I was going to restore this car. When I got down to the bashed steel chassis of the car I realized that the chassis was bent. And as I look at this bent chassis as a young man I…

Sid: I see where you’re going but we’re out of time right now we’ll pick up here on tomorrows broadcast.



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