Sid: My guest is Carol Reed and I’m speaking to her at her home in Houston, Texas, and I’ll be speaking with her husband Isaiah in just a moment. She was a prostitute in a relationship with another man, and she gets a phone call from her former pimp Isaiah.  She had a child with him, and she is in bad shape, and he says “Come and marry me.” He had gotten religion so to speak; he had become a Christian. When he had called you what did you think Carol?

Carol: When he first called me the inside of me was so happy because I always loved him. So immediately when he said “I got one minute and one question. Will you marry me?” My immediate response was “Yes!” It was after I hung up the phone when things began to turn. A voice started talking to me telling me “He doesn’t want you, he just wants that baby.” You have to understand something, I had been suffering from low self-esteem, I was suicidal, I believed there was no point for my life. So when this voice began to speak to me instead of believing Isaiah really loved me and wanted me to be his wife, I believed the voice that was say “He doesn’t want you, you’re not worth anything, this is your way out” because I had been contemplating right before that phone call how I was going to kill me and my children.

Sid: Hmm.

Carol: So when this voice began to speak to me it was a way for me not to have to kill the kids. I would only have to kill myself. So I said “Okay, if he doesn’t want me and he just wants the kids I’ll go there and drop off his son to him. Find my other son’s father and then I’ll kill myself. I won’t have to kill the kids.”

Sid: Now when you flew to Hawaii to get rid of your kids and then kill yourself. Something changed, why in the world did you go to a church? You want to kill yourself!

Carol: I went to the church to make a mockery out of it. I thought it was cult, I thought it was a lie and I was going to walk in there and prove Isaiah was a liar. I walked in that day, I’ll never forget it, I walked in I had $20 piece of crack cocaine in my purse; I was dressed in my prostitution gear. I was going go to the service and I was going to go back to the streets and sell my body, but something happened when those church doors opened. It was like I knew I had arrived at the place that I wanted to always be but I didn’t know that was the place I wanted to be.

Sid: Okay, in the church did you… was there actually an altar call?

Carol: No the praise and worship was singing. I sat on the front row, the praise and worship and inside of me I began to look at the faces of the young women that were singing the praise and worship. I was listening to the words and the song was “Jesus Lover of My Soul.” Jesus lover of my soul and I kept hearing that and I watched the faces of the young women that were singing praise and worship. I didn’t know what it was that they had, but I knew that I wanted what they had. I just went to the altar; I don’t remember getting up out of my seat but I remember ending up at the altar.

Sid: As you said you felt all the years of prostitution, all the uncleanness, all the drugs they supernaturally left you?

Carol: Supernaturally left, it was like somebody had touched inside my heart and for the first time I was forgiven of everything I had done wrong; I was able to forgive everybody who had done me wrong. That low self-esteem… I felt for the first time in my life I had a purpose that everything that was done wrong to me there was a reason, and that I would make it through it. Not only that I would make it through it, but I would have a purpose at the end of it. In that instant it was like a light went on and my heart, it was just a joy that was indescribable.  It was like nothing nobody could ever give me, it was gift I felt as though I was receiving a gift that I would never have to pay for it.

Sid: Then you had a vision about your life. Tell me about that.

Carol: Yes that evening when I went to sleep I was sure that God had touched my life, I knew it was the Lord that had touched me but I wasn’t sure about Isaiah. That night when I went to sleep I had a dream and the Lord showed me walking from one side on the pulpit and Isaiah walking from another side to a pulpit, and the Bible opened up and I heard a voice say “I ordained this in the name of the Lord. Go ye therefore and preach the gospel.” I knew that God wanted me to marry Isaiah. So that next day I told Isaiah that I would marry him I would be his wife. I know in my heart that had I not had that dream, you know the vision God gave me, we would not have been married.

Sid: Now did you actually see yourself preaching the gospel like you do today?

Carol: Yes I did. I actually saw us standing and the Bible opening and after I head “I ordained this in the name of the Lord. Go ye therefore…” it was like it was kind of faded out but I knew that we were speaking. I don’t know what we were saying, but I knew that we were speaking in… I knew that I was called to the ministry. I knew that God had ordained us to do that it wasn’t by chance that God had predestined us to be together.

Sid: Tell me about your little baby, how do you pronounce her name?

Carol: Sinaiah.

Sid: Sinaiah. Does that have a meaning?

Carol: Sinaiah means mount of God, Mount Sinai.

Sid: Well she was born deaf with Down’s syndrome but you didn’t put up with that did you?

Carol: No. That was just a very awesome time. We had Sinaiah in 2003 January 3rd, and she was my promise baby I had been believing for little girl. We have 4 boys and I was believing for a little girl. I got pregnant at 40 and then the day I had her they came and they told me that she was Down’s syndrome and it devastated me. I literally almost lost my mind; the next day they came back and they told me that she was deaf. Immediately I came under attack that I wasn’t going to minister anymore I had no reason to be happy about God, but the Lord began to minister to me and tell me “That was an attack of the devil because he wanted to shut my mouth and take my praise away from God. He didn’t want me to give God anymore praise, and that if I got mad enough at God, if he took my promise and I got mad enough at God I wouldn’t tell nobody else about the goodness of God.” When I realized that was what the plot was about I got mad. I purposed in my heart that I would get even with the devil for trying to attack my child. The Lord spoke to me, He said “Everything that’s meant to be a problem if you go after what I intended you to go after which is so. You’re going to look back and everything about your daughter is going to change.” To this day my daughter is a walking, talking miracle, she is a sign and a wonder because I served notice on the devil that he would not steal my joy, he would not steal my praise.

Sid: Question, is she deaf?

Carol: No she is not.

Sid: Is she having Down’s syndrome?

Carol: She is not. Matter of fact, about 8 or 9 months after she was born we went to the doctor and the doctor said these were the… she gave me a list of the diagnosis’ and the prognosis’ of what the complications were going to be for the rest of Sinaiah’s life. She said “But I’ve got to show you her paperwork now.” She showed me a list she said “This baby and that baby are not the same baby. This is not the same child.”

Sid: You know Carol you and your husband have the most amazing ministry. You are reaching Muslims, you’re reaching drug addicts, you’re reaching pimps and prostitutes. I’m going to tell you something your testimony is going to reach more people for Jesus, and I’m so grateful that you and your husband have been on.

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