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Sid: My guest by way of telephone at her home right outside of Nashville, Tennessee is Jennifer Goetz. We’ll also be speaking to her husband Messianic Jewish Recording Artist Marty Goetz.  Both of them are Jewish, both of them are red hot for Jesus.  We found out on yesterday’s broadcast Jennifer had just gone through a disciple class and she was in with some pretty famous people like Bob Dylan.  And you met at that point a young man by the name of Marty Goetz and you really were thinking in terms of marriage but you had a secret; tell me about that Jennifer.

Jennifer: Yes, well when I met Marty I was bulimic and I’m sure your audience knows what that is.  And I had been bulimic for 4 years; even though I was a believer I had not been delivered from that.  The devil would whisper to me, I mean he is such a liar, but I mean he would say “If Marty knew this about you he would want to have nothing to do with you.”  I had told my mom that I was bulimic and she sent me a newspaper article. Marty had an old girlfriend who did not want us to be together.  And I had also confided in her that I was bulimic and she said to Marty “There are things about Jenny that you don’t know.”  And so one night when Marty and I were at dinner he said to me out of the blue “There are things about you I think there’s things about you that I don’t know.”  And I thought “Oh, this must be God.”  Because I had been wanting to tell him but didn’t have the courage and with the devil whispering in my ear lying saying “If he knew this about you he would have nothing to do with you.”   I just thought that the Lord was presenting me with an opportunity to tell him.  And I thought if this relationship is of God then he won’t reject me, and if it’s not of God and he rejects me well praise God I don’t want this relationship anyway; better find out now.  So I actually gave him the article that my mom had sent me and he took it home that night and he read it.  And when saw me the next day, he just smiled and he said “Well, that’s not so bad I mean everybody has problems.”  And from that day on I never never threw up again; and because the devil had exposed himself as a liar, which he is, I was set free.  Now I gained 15 pounds but you know Marty never noticed and honestly from that time forward I’ve never been bulimic again.

Sid: So back then he had such a strong anointing that then when he accepted you for who you were you got set free.

Jennifer:  Absolutely.

Sid: Let me ask you a question I’ve been listening to your husband Marty Goetz’s CD “Sanctuary.” There is one of the cuts is “Song of Deliverance.”

Jennifer:  Ooo.

Sid: And I’ve literally heard one of our staff members said “That this was one of the most freeing songs for her.”  In fact two of our staff members said.  Are you hearing reports like that?

Jennifer: Yes, absolutely people are… we had a report once where somebody was there was some men approaching her on a street on a dark street in New York City and she started singing out one of Marty’s songs and they fled!  So yes, we hear reports all the time from people who are comforted by his music; people who are set free; people who just enter into the presence of the Lord in such a strong way.  All the time we get reports and letters and phone calls and emails.   

Sid: Well, he’s got just a beautiful sounding voice, then you put the mostly Psalms and then you got the anointing on the scriptures.  And then the anointing on his voice and anyone that’s going through a rough time; hear hear take a listen.

Marty Goetz Sanctuary excerpt:

Sid: That was from the Mary Goetz CD Sanctuary. We’ve just been talking to Jennifer. Marty just out of curiosity why did it take you 3/12 years to get married to Jennifer.  What took you so long?

Marty: (Laughing) Well, you know it’s a good question you know probably it’s that if I may confess it I probably was not trusting the Lord sufficiently because as soon as I met her I thought “Okay, I think this is the one.”  But I had a lot of I suppose some baggage from the past you might call that I was carrying into the relationship that had to be kind of sorted through. And I just allowed some of those emotional issues to tie me up a bit.

Sid: But now you’ve been married how long?

Marty:  Twenty years.

Sid: And you have a daughter what is her name and how old is she?

Marty:  Well, the first name is Daniel and her second name is Mesha.  And we call her Mesha and everyone knows her as Mesha.   And she’s 14 years old now. She’s fabulous we love her.

Sid: Well, it’s kind of neat having a snapshot of someone’s life  and what God’s doing with them and  one of the things that our audience is beginning to find out is there’ such supernatural peace on your singing.  What are you really trying, what is your heart’s desire Marty with this CD Sanctuary?

Marty:  There’s a line in the song Sanctuary which is a song about returning to the Lord and coming back into His sanctuary and into His home. It says “I’ll remember thou what you did for Me climbing that hill dying for me and there I will go and bend my knee  and there I will find sanctuary.”  My heart’s desire, as Jenny’s, is for people to experience the hope of salvation and deliverance and yeah, even healing from listening.  Because we believe that the sanctuary of God is open; the veil has been rent so to speak in the temple of the Lord from top to bottom.  And the access to Yeshua and His healing power, His deliverance and His salvation I believe has never been greater and more accessible than in this hour than what we are in.  So my desire would be that the people that would listen would have a sense that the hope of Israel has His arms outstretched and is seated on His throne.  And the way is opened for them to have free access to His heart and His love and His Spirit.

Sid: But you know what I’m hearing believers are listening to this that are troubled with the cares of this life so to speak and just fighting this thing called life.  And they come home and they put on this CD and this “Sanctuary” and they literally are transported into a place of worship.  Marty you’re hearing so many testimonies of people having supernatural peace and deliverances and healings tell me one.

Marty: Well there’s a woman from Canada who heard our music and she had had a miscarriage. She was very very very emotionally distraught and she was physically kind of under a lot of oppression.  And she heard our music and she after listening to it reported that the emotional and physical effects of that miscarriage that had had her just on the edge of real despondency had completely lifted and she was just 100% better.

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