Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah because I’ve been interviewing him this week on a devotional that God instructed him to put together.  It’s 20 foundational daily devotions with 100 key points and I can picture you in your car just the first thing in the morning pop in the CD and just repeating the scriptures with David.  The anointing and the glory of God will come into you first thing in the morning with your coffee you’ll play the CD.  The key points you’re going say out loud; you’re going to get the scriptures but you’re going to get a testimony or a story and a teaching that will make it come alive, but this isn’t just good knowledge it can save your life you’re going to be able to pray for people and see people healed and you’re going to see answers to prayers you’re going to become normal.  That’s why the devotional is called “How to Be Naturally Supernatural.” David my favorite is key five compassion; tell me about compassion.

David:  Well Sid this is an awesome story and I hope I can do without breaking down because it is so powerful.  But I want to make one other mention here Sid about the daily devotions here as I go into the story is that many families, many families sit around over breakfast and they play these devotions and the whole family benefits from it.  So I just encourage people to use it from that perspective as well. But 1983 was a very significant year for me it was Christmas Eve; it was literally on record literally the coldest day in history.  My wife and I planned to go to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for our home, that’s our home and we’d come down here the year prior to go to Bible School. They were saying “Don’t drive it’s too cold.”  But being a great man of faith going to a faith Bible School I said “We can go we can do this.” Even though all the weather forecaster were saying “Do not.” The news were saying “Don’t drive cars can’t run in this cold weather.”  Well, being a great man of faith I said “Well we can do this.”  Well got in our car and my wife is 6 months pregnant at the time; we’re driving and getting colder and colder.  The wind chill I remember was close to 70 degrees below zero, and there was virtually any cars on the road but we kept going in faith.  We got into central Illnois and our car started to sputter  and it stopped running. We’re go the side of the road and literally what happened as our gas line froze; in ’83 there was no cell phones and there was no traffic on the highway and the car was already very cold from the intense cold our car wasn’t able to keep up so we were chilled but when it stopped running it got cold very quickly. I got out of the car opened up the hood and realized that the gas line was frozen but with the hood open I prayed the great faith prayer I mean any great man of God would have been very proud of my prayer there.  But I got into the car and in faith started the car; the car started right up and I’m praising God thanking Him for the miracle which only lasted about 1 minute. And in reality it wasn’t a miracle what happened we had enough heat in the engine to melt the gas line in the time that we were there and so we ran for about a minute the car came to the side of the road.  And we were dead in the water you might say and literally as I looked at my wife I will never forget the look on her face because it was the look of death.  Literally I got out of the car and our gas lines frozen and I open up the hood.

Sid: Now this was literally the coldest day in history it was -70 degrees; go ahead.

David:    Well, that was wind chill and I’m telling you it was bitter cold when I got out of the car; had a mustache then but literally I had icicles hanging on my mustache and the hoods up all I could see was my wife even though I can’t see her but all I can see was that look of fear.  It was then I knew I wasn’t operating in faith Sid but presumption and foolishness.  It wasn’t God that directed me to go it was my on pride and so I repented and my purpose of repentance here was the love of my wife and our unborn daughter.  And I said “God forgive me for my pride, forgive me for my foolishness do something here to protect my family.”  I prayed another great prayer and it was really no different (weeping) but what was different Sid is the compassion.  And as the dictionary defines compassion is the awareness of the suffering of another and the willingness to do something about it.  That’s the compassion of Heaven; that’s what you see before many miracles it says “Jesus was moved with compassion.”

Sid: You know it’s not necessarily a feeling the way I hear the definition from the dictionary of compassion.  It’s an act of obedience is what it sounds like to me.

David:  I believe that’s true, I believe that’s true.  In my case I had feeling but I’ve seen it many times and I’ve been at this ministry 29 years and when I recognize is that that when I’m praying in compassion it’s not what people are going to think of me; it’s not what I’m going to gain; it’s nothing about anything accept somebody in front of me has a pain.  Somebody has a problem; even in your audience right now there’s people there that are in pain, they’re suffering and as you and I identify with their suffering, as we identify with their pain and as they do that for others something happens in the realm of the Spirit there is an Open Heaven that allows the Spirit of God to move in a miraculous way which was what happened to me. When I got into the car I started the car, it started Sid; it ran all the way all of our journey a couple of hundred plus miles.  I told some mechanics the story and they said “David, impossible once a gas line freezes it cannot… it can’t thaw unless it’s warm enough” but God Hallelujah.  God’s miracle power moves mountains and it will do whatever needs to be done when that element of compassion are there.

Sid: Alright that element of compassion is there right now and even as you were using an example on pain I believe that if you pray right now for pain to leave and other things.  I’m hearing words; I’m being flooded with words; David the compassion is on you pray for people it’s almost anything they can receive right now.

David: Lord God you know the pain, the suffering the misfortunes, the bad circumstances that people are in right now Father God they need miracles; they need a breakthrough; they need You to intervene in a supernatural miraculous way.  Father God whether it’s the removal of a life threatening disease or an impossible relationship that needs repaired or a financial miracle God You know; You know where they’re suffering You know.  And Lord God as we come together in agreement right here now Father we that You for the windows of Heaven being opened and the flow of Your miracle power the flow of the power of signs, wonders and miracles to make manifest right now wherever they are; wherever they are Lord God let You miracle Power make manifest to them exactly what they need.  And Lord God we thank You that no ministry, no man, no one here receives any glory but You Father for Your supernatural ability being made manifest in Jesus Name.

Sid: And I’m hearing that people that have pain in their back all pain is gone.  People with TMJ that pain is gone in Jesus Name; there is someone with a pain in your hip.  There is someone with a pain in your hip or something wrong with your hip I don’t know what God’s doing He may be changing metal to bone but you are healed in Jesus Name.

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