Sid: I have a new friend Erick Stakelbeck on the telephone. You’ve probably seen him on Stakebeck on terrorism, host of CBN, or perhaps you’ve seen him on CNN, or Glenn Beck show, or Bill O’Reilly, or Sean Hannity. Erick I am so intrigued by your brand new book “The Brotherhood America’s Next Great Enemy.” Why did you write this book?

Erick: Sid first of all thank you so much for having me. I wrote this book “The Brotherhood America’s Next Great Enemy” frankly Sid I was dismayed about how the Muslim Brotherhood has been mainstreamed by our government, and by the mainstream media. The Muslim Brotherhood Sid, which is people need to know, the granddaddy of them all when it comes to modern Islamic terrorist groups…

Sid: I have a picture of President Bush saying “We’re going…” after 9/11, “We are going after all of these people.” How we can we have, as you put it, the “Granddaddy of all terrorism and terrorism groups” as a moderate?  I don’t get it.

Erick: Yeah and by the way real quick Sid you mentioned 9/11, I make the point in the book that without the creation of the Muslim brothered in Egypt in 1928, 9/11 would have never happened.  I say that without hesitation Sid. Number 1 everyone behind 9/11 from Osama Bin Laden, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the hijackers before they join; before they formed Al Qaeda they belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood is really the gateway drug to Jihad, Islamic terrorism. Now Sid how they become moderate friendly charming mainstream fellows in the view of our government, I’ve interviewed them face to face…

Sid: Wait, wait, I have a question for you because I’ve been reading your book and I mean you can’t put that thing down because it tells you things that no media is telling you. For instance, how in the world did they come up with such ingenious strategy of going from their Arab robes to Madison Avenue suits? You know what they reminds me of? The KKK tried that transition but they didn’t quite make it.

Erick: Yeah. We had a guy like David Duke, right Sid?

Sid: Yeah.

Erick: And for office he was a Clansman. Look with the Muslim Brotherhood Sid I lay it out in the book. I have interviewed Muslim Brotherhood leaders, members around the world face to face; I’ve been in the same room as them Sid. As you said they wear Armani suits, they are eloquent, well spoken, fluent in English. Many of them were educated right here in America. If didn’t know any better Sid I’d like them, I’d think they were very charming, and that’s why the Muslim Brotherhood is so dangerous they are wolves in sheep’s clothing.  They differ in tactics Sid from Al Qaeda; with Al Qaeda like you said they have the long robes the flowing beards we know what they want, but the Muslim brotherhood is very subversive, they move in the shadows, they’re able to infiltrate the U.S. government, academia, the media, get in the halls of power to push their agenda, which is exactly the same as Al Qaeda Sid only the tactics differ the end game is the same, and that is Islamic law, Islamic Sharia law for one and all whether we want it or not.

Sid: Now explain to me in the Quran there are 2 stages of Islam. Stage 1 from what I understand is if you’re in the minority this is what you do and you can even lie if you want to. Stage 2 is when you’re in the majority just take over (laughing) and it’s either the sword or submit. (laughing)

Erick: Yeah this comes from Mohammed himself Sid; Islam’s founder there is something called takiyah. It’s an Arabic word everyone should know takiyah. In English it means deception. As you said Sid you are allowed to lie to the infidel, the unbeliever to advance the cause of Islam. Mohammed himself very politically incorrect for me to say this, but Mohammed himself did it. He struck a peace treaty with his enemy Sid. I believe it was a 10 year peace treaty with his enemies in Arabia as Islam was getting off the ground. As soon as Mohammed and his followers, the first Muslims became strong enough they broke the peace treaty and attacked their enemies. This was deception, this is the Muslim Brotherhood. Look, they will ingratiate themselves into a society Sid. I compare them to termites, they eat away at a society at a country from within, but the final stage when they are strong enough, when they have the numbers is violent Jihad takeover; that’ is not only the goal in Egypt but here in America.

Sid: Okay I want you to help me because this is your expertise. The first I remember I hearing about this was President Bush, then of course President Obama which has the mantra “Islam is a peace loving religion.” My limited knowledge says “That doesn’t make sense.” Where in the world did they get that from?

Erick: Yeah you know Sid shall we compare Yeshua, the Prince of Peace, with Mohammed? Who even Muslims will tell you is a man of war. Where they get that from Sid I think is a lack of understanding of knowledge about our enemy. What is the first rule of war? Know your enemy. Anyone who says Islam is a religion of peace, it’s just intellectual dishonesty. There’s no way you can say that Sid, and I say that for 3 reasons.

  1. The history of Islam older and current is littered with violence, with conquest, with bloodshed.
  2. Islam’s prophet Mohammed was a man of war he was a warrior who by the way slaughtered Jewish tribes.
  3. Islam’s core text, the Quran, the Hadiths, the Gen are littered with calls to violence.

So any intellectually honest knowledgeable person can never say that Islam is a religious…

Sid: But, but wait a second. The Muslim next door all he wants to do is make a living and take care of his family. Where does he fit in once they are in the majority? Do you think he’ll go along with this whole Islamic law, or do you think he’ll say “No I’m going to stand up because I’m an American?”

Erick: Well if the gun is to his head Sid he may have no choice, all of us may have no choice but to go along with Sharia law, but you make a great point here. This is a crucial distinction I want to make, there are moderate Muslims out there. Yes many of them who do not want Jihad, who do not want Sharia law who just want to make a living. Sid I document it in the book; I’ve worked with Muslims like this who oppose the Muslim brotherhood, but many times I find that the moderate Muslims are more secular minded Muslims. Maybe they’re in the mosque once, twice a year during Ramadan. In Christianity Sid we would call them the twice a year people right?

Sid: Right.

Erick: Christmas and Easter. Well that’s the moderate Muslims most of them I’ve come across are not very serious about their Islam. The more serious, the more fundamentalist the Muslim the more radical many times I’ve found Sid in my research they become while there are moderate Muslims without a doubt.

Sid: So what are these moderates going to do when Sharia law comes into effect?

Erick: Well they will either yield to it Sid and they will succumb to Sharia law, or they will suffer just as Christians and Jews will.

Sid: Okay for those that don’t know what Sharia law, what repercussion will it have, say, on the United States if we had it?

Erick: Yeah, here’s Islamic Sharia law Sid, this what Muslims practice in places like Iran, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan under the Taliban. What that entails is no women’s rights, no human rights, no freedom of religion – Jews, Christians, second class citizens.  Homosexuals are executed thrown from buildings there is no freedom of speech, there is no freedom of thought, freedom of conscience, everything revolves around the Sharia Islamic law. It is a totalitarian system Sid that is incompatible with the U.S. constitution regardless of what slick Muslim Brotherhood spokesman, who I describe in the book, tell us.

Sid: Let’s just start a little bit on the history of the Muslim Brotherhood. Who are they, where did they come from?

Erick: The Muslim Brotherhood also known Sid as the Ikhwan were founded in 1928 in Egypt. It’s almost a century old this movement and they were founded by a guy named Hassan al-Bana. Now the reason he created this group Sid was because he was devastated by the collapse of the Islamic caliphate. Now everyone needs to remember that word caliphate. What that is Sid is a union of every Muslim nation. Picture a united Muslim states where every Muslim nation is united into one powerful entity united economically, politically, militarily, controlling a good amount of the world’s oil, speaking with one powerful voice at the U.N. against Israel in particular. That is a formidable foe and the Muslim world had that Sid, they had this caliphate for centuries, then after World War 1 it collapsed, it was gone. In the eyes of Muslims around the world, particularly radical Muslims, this was a great tragedy they want this caliphate to return. That’s why the Muslim Brotherhood was founded in Egypt. When Mohamed Morsi, the Egyptian president came to power they were thrilled Sid because they thought that the day was at hand. The long awaited caliphate was about to return; that’s what every Islamic terror group Sid from the Brotherhood to Hamas, to Al-Qaeda, to the Iranians whether they’re Suni, Shia whatever, they want this caliphate.

Sid: Okay we’re out of time right here.


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