Sid: My guest Tom Horn, and I’ve interviewed him previously on his book in reference to the Malachi prophecies and the current pope but that was mild compared to the new book that we have got.  We have been exclusively given the privilege of being the first to offer this book; it’s called “Zenith 2016.”  On yesterday’s broadcast we found out that the organization behind Free Masons has a god it’s not Jesus; it’s not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but it’s the god the New Testament refers to as the anti-Christ. I know this is hard to believe because I have relatives that are Masons, you have relatives that are masons.  But we found out the lower level Masons which are most of them don’t even have this secret information. I’ve always thought that all of the founders of the United States, or most of them were Christians, but you say the influential ones were Masons and they had this secret plan to inaugurate the anti-Christ.  Tell me about the early founders of our country.

Tom:  Well, that’s absolutely true and nobody will be able to read this book and doubt that because we only use substantial even government records to verify the points that we make how we uncovered members from the Masonic order over 200 years ago who in fact committed to a plan.  And by the way up until this present hour there remain those who would call themselves true believers in this ancient scheme.  And what’s even more interesting and that why the titles you know how the dates 2012 and 2016 are on the cover of the book because they even had dates that predicting for 100’s of years and other occult societies for 1000’s years in which they believe this occult dream would be launched.  And so to answer your question what I did was I started in this research was going back and establishing the fact there was an occult vision.  And this was a small group of men it didn’t represent most Americans it just represented a majority of those that were signers of the Declaration of Independence.  And at least probably 56 of those that were signers of the Declaration of Independence were Free Masons. They were dedicated to setting aside this new continent according to what they call an “Atlantian Scheme.” This vision was based on the works on the works of Sir Francis Bacon; Bacon was an occultist, he was an English philosopher, he was an author; he was a Rosicrucian. But his most famous book was “New Atlantis” and this was printed in the 1600’s. What it did was it portrayed a very utopian vision; and it was one that the European secret societies became obsessed with.  And basically it’s a vision of a world government, a New World Order, and it was established on what Bacon believed was the enlightened grandeur of ancient Atlantis.  Now in Europe at the time there were really powerful intellectuals and they were kind of being dogged over there as occultist.  And so what they did was set their eyes on America, the New World, where Bacon strategy could be unimpeded by those political realities on homeland.  This is a fact that is established by Freemasonries own greatest writers; for instance Manly P. Hall.  He’s considered to be the greatest Free philosopher ever in Free Masonry, he was a 33rd degree Freemason. He wrote about how Bacon had garnered this impressive following of wealthy Europeans who became dedicated to became dedicated to building the new Atlantis in America.  Because he realized it was fresh it was on unattended you know it was beyond the Wild West; it was just a new continent.  They could take the land away from the Indians and they could take the land away from the Indians and they could do all of that.  And they could establish they’re great dream of building this philosophic empire.  Now they referred to it as a new world democracy; but this was an occult version of democracy that would ultimately usher in a new golden age where in men would commingle with and be led by the wisdom of the gods.  In fact when you read Bacon’s Atlantis it’s hard to imagine that he’s not thinking about that ancient story of “The Watchers” because he talks so much about our genetics.  I mean we’re being blended with the gods themselves to give birth to a new form of man on the earth.

Sid: Now those that are not familiar with “The Watchers” explain.

Tom: That’s a story that goes back into the legends of every great culture; back to the beginning of time.  It’s a story of gods that descended down from Heaven and they materialized from bodies of flesh; and this is a story that’s told from Rome, to Greece; before that to Egypt; Persia…

Sid: Yeah, but the Bible talks about the Nephilim; that’s the same story in the Bible.

Tom:  It’s the same story; in fact I make the case that these other cultures basically robbed this story from the original revelation that was given to the Hebrews.  But the Hebrews talked about them, they called them as watchers; Daniel refers to them as watchers.  In the book of Genesis they’re called Benei hot Elohim, or the Sons of God. But it’s a story of these very powerful angles that left their first estate; left their place in Heaven where they were supposed to stay.  Came down to the earth mingled themselves with humans and they gave birth to this part celestial; part celestial hybrid’s known as the Nephilim, the giants.  Now the Bible says that it happened when man began to increase on the earth, daughters were born to them and the sons of god saw the woman’s beauty and they decided to take wives from among them to sire their unusual offspring. You can read about them in Genesis 6:4. But when that scripture is compared with ancient text from all over the world; the book of Enoch, the book of Jubilees; the book of  Barach; the Genesis Apocryphon, which is part of the Dead Sea Scrolls that was found, Philo, Josephus, the Jewish historian, Jasher.  All these other ancient records that tell the same story that these gods came down and they created the mighty men which were of all these giants that were the offspring of this unholy union.  Some of the text outside of the Bible that complement the book of Genesis and that are accepted in some versions of the older Bibles tell us that they were part human and they were part animal genetics.  And some even…

Sid: Well, that’s the most amazing thing because in your book you talk about how our government and we are funding university studies to combine animals with humans and come up with some sort of trans-human.

Tom:  We absolutely are and in fact we should do a whole show on that sometime Sid.  People would just be blown away if they know what is going on right now in the US government.  For instance I doubt that the average listener know that in this year’s operating budget the 2013 DARPA which is an acronym which stands for the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency.  It’s a very well-known department of the US government and they’re operating budget this year there is millions of dollars set aside to create the blueprint for rewriting the DNA of our soldiers for the purpose of creating battlefield super soldier’s DNA.  Why would they want a blueprint to change the genetic makeup of our soldiers?  Well, we can get in to that more…

Sid: Well, I want to know these early founders of America these founding fathers so to speak; why did they design Washington DC based on Mason’s symbols?

Tom:  ​Well, because they were Freemasons and they were deist; most of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were not Christian in the traditional sense the way that we would think of them as most of us would think of them today.  For instance George Washington’s own pastor when he did go to church wrote in his own memoir as far as he knew George Washington was a really good man; he was a nice to Christians; he was all that but he wasn’t a Christian he was a deist.  And that’s true of so many of these other founding fathers; Thomas Jefferson if people want to know why Thomas Jefferson has his own version of the Bible what’s called the Jefferson Bible.  It’s because he did not believe in the deity for Jesus Christ, he did not believe that He rose from the dead; he did not believe that He rose from the dead; he did not believe in any of the miracles.  He thought that all of that was a corruption of an ancient text that simply told the story of this great guy by the name of Jesus and he thought that it was phooey.

Sid: And how about Ben Franklin?

Tom:  Oh, now well Ben Franklin is another story all together; he was committed to some very dark maybe even satanic activity.  I know that that is kind of hard for people to think about because he was one of the influential founding fathers.

Sid:  You know this is an entirely different spin if you will of what I’ve been taught my whole life.  I was taught all these founding fathers were strong Christians that’s why we had such a great country.

Tom: Well, Benjamin Franklin he did a lot of good things like your saying; he signed the Declaration of Independence.  He was responsible for part of the Treaty of Paris; the US Constitution; he facilitated the American Revolution by publishing the writings of Thomas Payne who was another guy who completely rejected all of the divinity of Christ.  But he was also without question deeply involved in Freemasonries and secret society.  He was involved in secret groups on 3 continents that were involved in the war of independence.  But he was a master for instance of the masonic lodge of Philadelphia.

Sid: But I tell you what, were out of time right now.

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