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SID: This sounds awful. Her pet dog bites off somewhere between a third and half of her, is it upper lip?

SANDRA: Upper lip.

SID: And will an upper lip grow back?

SANDRA: They told me the upper lip would not grow back. If it had been the bottom lip, it would reproduce itself. The upper lip would not.

SID: Okay. So they wanted to do half a dozen or so surgeries, plastic surgeries and she says, no, because the repercussion was it wasn’t going to look that good. But it looked better than it was because they sewed it back just so she could get out and it stopped bleeding, and her mouth was messed up. In 10 days, she had a conference. And I understand you spoke to your lip. Tell me how you did that.

SANDRA: I did. And when they tell me that nobody with a surgery, they said I’d never be able to smile again. I’d never see all my teeth again and I wouldn’t be able to speak. I’m a preacher. And but so when the conference came around, again, my nose is sitting basically over here. My whole mouth is lopsided. I can speak only out of the side of this little corner of the mouth. But I went over and had the conference, and I’m teaching them on healing, and I’m on, I’m whosoever is going after my what’s whatever, and in between me and my what’s whatever is a mountain. And the Bible says. “Speak to that mountain.” Well my mountain was this mouth and this lip. And so when I got to that place in the service teaching them how to grab hold of their healing, I turned around and said, “It’s every man for himself.” I turned my back to the complete audience, threw my hands up in the air and I began to tell that lip in the name of Jesus to move itself, because I had already been speaking to it, Sid. I had already told the doctor I would not look at any book that had any cleft lips or anything in it. I would not look at it. I would not get that picture in my mind. I had already put on every wall in my house a picture of me smiling, a beautiful smile of course, all over my house, and that’s what I looked at. That’s what I wanted in my mind. So when I turned my back on the congregation I began to command that lip, just like this, in the name of Jesus, I command you, lip in Jesus’ name to reform, reshape and to materialize, and to grow in Jesus’ name. I took my fingers and I began to speak to it. I command you to move. I command.

SID: All these hundreds of people, they’re watching you.

SANDRA: They’re watching my back, honey, ’cause I got my back to them. Hallelujah.

SID: Okay.

SANDRA: But there are screams and they are watching me. They are watching me.

SID: Okay. So you’re talking to your lip. Every man for himself
SANDRA: Every man for himself.

SID: What happens?

SANDRA: It moved. My lip moved. My lip moved. It didn’t move a whole lot, but it moved. I knew that it moved. I wasn’t even talking plain because I couldn’t even hardly speak and because all of my lips are glued to my teeth.

SID: So you’re kind of speaking from the side of your mouth.

SANDRA: From this little side of my mouth. I’m holding the microphone over here like this.

SID: How would you have liked to been at a healing conference and your teacher, your great teacher can’t even speak.

SANDRA: Right. And got black gut on top of that. Oh man.

SID: You were really concerned.

SANDRA: That bothered me bad. Yes, absolutely.

SID: Out of curiosity, what happened to the other people when they were speaking to their mouth or their problem?

SANDRA: Well of course, when it moved I screamed and yelled, because, praise God, because I felt it move. Well then they started praising God and screaming because they started experiencing healings. So it just supernaturally went all through the audience and everywhere. You know, that faith just began to just rise up everywhere.

SID: Now did you ever go back to that doctor?

SANDRA: I did.

SID: What did he say?

SANDRA: I went back as a regular schedule. I went back and he said, “What are you doing?” And I said, well, let me tell you.” So I told him what I was doing. I told him I was speaking to my lip and all this kind of thing and he said to me, “You still must look at this book with all these pictures because you will never be able to smile, dah, dah, dah.” And I said, “I will not. And I will look at pictures of me just with a beautiful smile. I will be able to smile. I will be able to speak. My God will do it.” And he just looked at me and he said, “Well whatever you’re doing, just keep doing it.

SID: How long, do whatever you’re doing and you’re doing it? How long did you do it?

SANDRA: About eight or nine months.

SID: Eight, would you have stuck with it like that?

SANDRA: Eight or nine months.

SID: Eight or nine months. And I want you to look, get a close up of her smile. Smile at this camera. Now that’s better than any plastic surgeon I know. I’ll tell you what—

SANDRA: Never had a plastic surgery. Never had anything done.

SID: But you know what the devil meant for evil, God used for good. Why do I say this? She learned a new way of praying that she’s going to explain to you when we come back. Don’t you dare go away.

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