Sid: My guest can’t help but be red hot for the Messiah he’s LA Marzulli and we have his brand new book it’s just come out, just literally right off the printing press.  It’s called “On the Trail of the Nephilim” I have never seen such amazing research.  You see the Nephilim were the giants that the Bible talks about and kind of mysterious and there’s talk about the angels having sex with earth beings, women.  Then having giants as their children that did these great events that mythology talks about. It has been kind of fuzzy became there isn’t a lot of that in the Bible but LA tell me why you wrote your book “On the Trail of the Nephilim?”

LA:  Well Sid it’s great to be here, thanks for having me on again.  Basically the impetus for writing the book Jesus tells us very distinctly in Matthew 24 “It would be like the days of Noah when the Son of man returns.”  It will be like the days of Noah when the Son of man returns, which immediately begs the question “What differentiates the days of Noah?”  Remember when He’s saying this there is no New Testament, all He has to draw on is the Tanach, the Old Testament.  So he’s pointing back to something.  It’s like a flare, a spiritual flare as it goes off; look back at Genesis 6 because that’s the days of Noah.  And what we see here is the presence of the Bnei haElohim, the fallen angels doing the unthinkable, having sex with human women creating a hybrid known as the Nephilim.  This is the reason for the flood of Noah, and I believe it carries over throughout the Biblical…

Sid: Okay what is the Nephilim, you say is the reason for the flood of Noah, why do you say that?

LA:  Well, the Nephilim were demonic hybrid essentially; again there’s the progeny between women of earth and fallen angels.  This is an absolute abomination in God’s sight. And when we go down to Noah we see that only Noah’s genealogy is clear, is without contamination.  Apparently not only with the human Kingdom but the animal kingdom as well.  We know this again from the Book of Enoch which is quoted by the way 70 times in the Tanach and alluded to in the book of Jude, Peter and 1st Corinthians. We’ve got a good Biblical overview that the Book of Enoch was at least used and read, it’s also found in the Dead Sea Scrolls. It sort of amplifies the Genesis 6 account and points specifically to this genetic manipulation. Here’s a really key point for us Sid, genetic manipulation happening in the days of Noah and also afterward.  The text says “The Nephilim were on the earth then: and also afterward.  And we’re going to talk about that of course when Joshua and Caleb go into the promise land; who is there?  The Nephilim.

Sid: Now of course why didn’t the flood destroy them all?

LA:  Well, this is a conundrum I believe that there was a second, third, fourth and fifth incursion.  I believe that the fallen ones, specifically Satan, have been doing this over and over and over again.  Written about this extensively when the judgment…  anytime a Nephilim were present we see the judgment, there is no grace there is no mercy there is just judgment they get wiped out.  When we go to Sodom and Gomorrah we see that same type of judgment from a loving Holy God who is the same in the Old Testament as He is in the New.  This is tripped up Biblical scholars because without the Nephilim being plugged in and the progeny of fallen angels and the woman on earth, Sodom and Gomorrah seems like genocide.  Then of course later on when we go to the conquest of the promise land by Joshua and Caleb we get that same mandate from a loving holy God telling Joshua and Caleb wipe everything out.

Sid: You know a lot of believers read this in the Bible and they say “What kind of God is this that wipes and entire civilization out?”

LA:  Well, it makes no sense until we plug into Nephilim and then we realized that was is dwelling in these places are fallen angel in human hybrid creatures which are an abomination.  And in the book I make a point that God sent Jonah to Nineveh and these people in Nineveh literally invented the word “barbarian.”  They would have the heads of their enemies on stakes all around the walls of their city; they were some of the most despicable human beings ever to walk the face of the earth.  And yet God sent Jonah because there’s grace and mercy; we don’t see grace and mercy with the Nephilim in the flood nor do we see it with Sodom and Gomorrah.  Do we see it with the conquest of Canaan, the judgment is always final.

Sid: Now if there are Nephilim today why don’t we see 10 feet people walking around?

LA:  Well, our DNA was changed and we know this for a fact because scripture tells us this. In the days of Nimrod at the Tower of Babel our DNA has changed and we know that our live span decreases from between 500 and 900 years back down to 120 years or less which is where we are.  So the fallen ones are no longer getting what they got pre-flood.

Sid: I see, so now of course I’ve examined your research but what would you say is the first thing as you were on the trail of the Nephilim to push you over the edge to say “I have proof , I have documentation!”

LA:  Well, there’s actually two the first sort of red flag for me was the plethora of accounts that came from the latter part of the 19 century into the 20th century. These are found you have to go to antiquarian libraries and look them up microfiche, but they’re there.  And there are articles all over the America specifically from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Indiana clear all the way down to St. Louis, down in Alabama and of course even out here in Catalina.  We hear over… which is in California, we hear over and over again a race of giants which seemingly predated native Americans.  Some of these giants were between 9 and 12 feet and then what’s interesting here Sid as we get primitive archeological digs being done where men of letters say 100 to 125 years ago will begin to dig into these mounds and there they find between 9 and 12 footers, double rows of teeth, six fingers red hair, and of course this is anomalous. The weaponry that they have; the spearheads the axe heads; we have one picture of a 26 pound axe head in a trail with the Nephilim.  And we have a whole list, we picked the 25; we have hundreds of them to choose from these old newspaper articles.  We picked the 25 ones which we thought would really sort of make the case that this was widespread. And then of course people ask “Well, where are the bones?”  And that of course begins the cover up so that was the first, that was sort of the first part of the trail and later on we discovered something and that’s where we lead the expedition down  to Peru.

Sid: Tell me what you’re finding in museums, I mean these pictures of skulls and of bones are amazing.  Well, better that that “Why do you say our US government, foreign governments, the Smithsonian is involved in a cover up of these Nephilim?”

LA:  Well, the Smithsonian again there’s a paper trail that goes back well over 135 – 150 years ago now, would show that that these bones are when they’re discovered there’s people have little museums and they write about these things.  But as time begins and toward a latter part of the 19th century into the 20th we know this from the historical record that the Smithsonian sent out teams and not just 2 or 3 teams, many teams. They went to these places and they gathered up the bones and we’ve never seen them again.  And conveniently of the Smithsonian, or the United States government, actually instituted was called NAGPRA which means “Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act.”  Which means that as a white man here, I am not allowed to look at any of these remains without the presence of a tribal member.  Which means I was down at UCLA yesterday and there was a tribal member there as I was examining these skeletal remains of Catalina.  These were all Native American’s there was nothing anomalous in any of the skulls that I saw.  But we know from the historical records that these people would find the bones would call the Smithsonian. The Smithsonian would come in, they would crate up the artifacts and the bones and they’re were never seen again; they were never displayed.  And of course I have been trying to get into the Smithsonian now for well over a year we have a contact apparently on the inside that might be able to get me in we’ll see but realizing that between NAGPRA and the Smithsonian, and the fact that there seems to be a deliberate cover up of these artifacts.  And the reason for this is it goes against a Darwinian paradigm and what is known as the Beringian Theory.  Which is at the end of the last ice age at the Bering Strait that is where we get Beringian from.  It created a land mass with all these people from Asia walked across into the Americas following megathon, in other words following large animals like mastodons, and bisons, and saber tooth tigers, so there was this big hunt here.  Well, that’s been the paradigm which evolutionists and Darwinist have embraced ever since Darwin and later on.

Sid: So you’re telling me this totally throws a monkey wrench in Darwinism, in evolution, and that is the reason for the cover up; is that what you’re saying?

LA:   Well, that’s what I’m laying my chips down because I believe that yes this is a deliberate cover up because Darwinism is sacred sought.  A paradigm in which both academia and the scientific community work in. Anything that would support a Biblical worldview or a biblical model seems to be deliberately obfuscated, deliberately covered up.

Sid: And you know what I find fascinating is everyone thinks the first inhabitants in North America were Native Americans, but you have found evidence that there were giants way before the Native Americans right in the United States. You’ve assembled your best 120 pictures, totally unaltered; your research is like almost as if I can say a missing link in understanding end-times.

LA:   Well, I agree and again we go back to Jesus saying “It will be like the days of Noah…”

Sid: Oops we’re out of time.


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