Sid: That ancient Jewish anointing and the Christian anointing have co-mingled to form the true body of Messiah.  The glory of God is about ready to be released because of this explosion of the merger of the Jew and the Christian and we’re about ready to welcome in the King.  But between now and then there are multitudes of people that must hear the good news.  And right here in the United States of America we have a people group that have been sheltered.  A picket fence has been put around us by a religious system called Rabbinical Judaism.

Now many people say the picket fence has been put around by the rabbis to stop Jewish people from breaking the laws of Torah.  And that is true but there is a greater demonic truth connected with it.  That picket fence that has been put around my Jewish people, and I saw my Jewish people because both of my parents are Jewish and I come from a traditional Jewish background to prevent us from thinking for ourselves.

When I was 29 years of age I went through an early midlife crisis.  But I want to take you back to a period of time when I was a young boy maybe about 8 years of age.  My parents used to go out late at night gambling playing poker and I was home alone.  And I remember I had the strangest conversation with myself.  Today I know it wasn’t with myself; but back then it was with myself. And the conversation went something like this, a question popped into my head.  “What happens when you die?”  And I remember thinking because you see in Judaism we believe in life after death but I had never had this discussed.  So I thought “When you die you cease to exist.”  So now as a little child, remember I’m a little fearful because I’m home alone it’s dark; it’s late and I imagine in my mind “What would it be like if I ceased to exist.”  I don’t know if you’ve ever had that little mind trip but I sure had that and the more I thought about it the more objectionable it became.  So I did the only intelligent thing I could do; I blocked it from my mind until many years later.

I remember I blinked my eyes a few times and I graduated from high school, then I blinked my eyes a few more times and I graduated from American University in Washington DC.  Then I blinked my eyes a few more times and I was married; I blinked my eyes a few more times and I had a beautiful daughter.  I blinked my eyes a few more times and I had a wonderful career with Merrill Lynch as an account executive.  I blinked my eyes a few more times and remember my goal in life… I say remember I haven’t told you yet how could you remember. My goal in life was to be a millionaire by age 30; here I am age 29 and I will be a millionaire if I just stay with Merrill Lynch and do my job a multi-millionaire. But my whole goal in life was to be a millionaire; why?  Because I was discipled by a one-eyed monster called television.  And television told me if I had money I could be happy; I could buy things to make myself happy.  I found out that’s a lie.  You see you cannot be happy with all the money in the world if you have an inoperable tumor of the brain and you’re dying.  You cannot be happy if your children are out selling their bodies in prostitution or caught up into drugs.  You cannot be happy if your wife has just run off with your business partner.

No, the most important things in life money cannot buy.  But I thought money would buy me happiness so by age 29 I did something I’m not proud of.  I walked away from my wife; I walked away from my daughter; I walked away from my job and I went searching for happiness.  I didn’t know what that search was for. I mean what would make me happy; I always thought money would make me happy.  I thought “Well, I got married young maybe the social scene would make me happy.” So I started going to single bars. You know I came up with a conclusion really quick the loneliest people on the face of this earth are in single’s bars.  Take a look at those places not at night with the sparkling lights but in the morning and look how filthy that place is; now you’re seeing reality.

I thought well, maybe I’ll go in business for myself, so I started a small brokerage firm selling insurance and I hired a salesman.  And this salesman came in to see me in my office one day and he said “Sid I had a friend that had no psychic ability whatsoever but he took a course, a meditation course, a mind course, and now he knows things that he never was told.  And I thought to myself “Wow, if I can break into that realm then I can make the money I want.  I can find out what stocks to buy and then I’d have the money and then I’d be happy.”  I’m a real logical type of person; of course my logic was based on the tip of the iceberg I didn’t know what was going on underneath the surface.  So I take this course and at the end of the week they had an acid test and if you can’t pass the test you don’t have to pay any money.  And I thought the course was a flimflam I’m sorry I’m in it but I want to get my money back so I stay for this entire course.  And what they taught me to do is through meditation lower my brain waves, almost like in a hypnotic sleep, and when you’re at your most dull passive point invite a friend; they call it a counselor into your head who will give you this information that you had no other way of knowing.

And so I did this imaginary friend and I thought this whole thing was a phony baloney.  I wanted my money back so I stayed until the end of the class and they gave me the acid test.  They gave me the name of a woman that I’d never heard of and my partner said to me “Okay, this is her name what’s wrong with her physically?”  And before I can even say “I don’t know” I see an image before me with an X over one of her breast and I say “Could she have cancer of the left breast?”  And they looked at me and they said “That’s exactly what she had.”  And I thought “This power is phenomenal; now I can make my money and can be a happy person.”

What I didn’t know was that this power was not a power that I was using at will.  It was an intelligent being that was out to occupy every fiber of my being and destroy me after it’s finished using me.  Because I found this power that I had tapped into started growing. It got to a point that I would just think a thought and things would happen.  For instance, I said “I need a new office.”  And right after I think this thought a man that I knew very casually walked into my office and said “Sid if you ever want to expand your operation and go into business for yourself.”  I was working for another company even though I was an independent agent.  “But go into business for yourself I’ll give you a free secretary; I’ll give you free rent; I’ll give you free telephone.” I thought “Oh, this power is phenomenal.” What I didn’t know was this man was involved with the power.  This power was the opposite of the power that I was involved in.  He was one of these born again Christians.  So I took up his offer, I went into his place and he was weird; his partner had just returned from Israel. Get this he’s Gentile and he loves the Jewish people so much that he went there for a year and worked.  You know how much money he got for it?  Nothing, I mean I always thought that there was something wrong with Gentiles but now I knew that they were mashuga, that’s a Hebrew word crazy.  And so not only that he’s reading his Bible all the time rather than doing business.  What kind of businessman was this?  And then they had Bible studies.  And I used to wreck them, I thought I was smart, I was stupid.

Then one day he returned from Israel one year the one I thought was mashuga, real crazy.  He walks into my office and he says “Sid, do you know according to the Jewish scriptures you are an abomination to God?  It is hard for me to stop from laughing but I said “What do you know about the Jewish scriptures?”  I’m Jewish, I was Bar Mitzvah!”  He said “Well, turn to the Torah Deuteronomy the 18th chapter.  And I turned to it and he said, “Read that.”  And I started to reading in the 9th verse “When thou art come into the land which the Lord thy God hath giveth thee thou shalt learn not to do after the abominations of those nations.”  And I said “Well, I’m not doing after those abominations.”  Keep reading.  “There shall not be found among you anyone that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire.” What about abortion. “Or who useth divination.”  That’s fortune telling “Or an observer of the times” that’s astrology.  “Or an enchanter” someone who puts hexes on people and meditates.  “Or a witch” and I knew what that one was, “Or a consulter of mediums, or a wizard or a necromancer.”  That’s someone that does séances or communicates with the dead.  God says for all that do these things are an abomination.  Listen even these New Age meditation courses that I was taking they were loaded with priests and nuns.  I’ll tell you what we’re out of time we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast.


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